Saturday, October 29, 2011

Transfer policy for Physically Challenged Government Employees

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A suggestion has been made that physically handicapped candidates appointed under the Government  should preferably be posted in their native places or at least in their  native district.  The matter has been examined carefully by DOPT and following decision was taken vide OfficeMemorandum NO. A-B 14017/41/90-Estt (RR) dated 10.05.1990
It may not be possible or desirable to lay down that physically handicapped employees belonging to Group-A or Group-B who have all India transfer liability should be posted near their native places.   However, in the case of  holders of Group-C or Group-D posts who have been recruited on regional basis and who are physically handicapped, such persons may be given posting, as far as possible,  subject to administrative constraints, near their  native places within the region.
Requests from physically handicapped employees for transfer to or near their native places may also be given preference.
However, the representations made by various Group A and Group B Officers were later considered by Government and it was decided the same benefit extended to Group C and Group D physically challenged employees will also be applicable to Group A and Group B officers.  This decision was communicated by DOPT in the office memorandum No: AB 14017/16/2002-Estt.(RR) 13.03.2002.  The decision is as follows
It is further clarified that the guideline contained in para 2 of this Department’s O.M. dated 10.5.1990 that requests from physically handicapped employees for transfer  to or near their native places may also be given preference, covers physically handicapped employees in Groups A, B, C and D.

We would like to place a few D.O.P&T circulars for your ready reference:

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