Thursday, February 5, 2009

Structure of Anomaly Committee

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Thursday, February 5, 2009
Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations:
The DoP&T has been released an order... Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

JCA Section



Dated the 12th January, 2009 Subject:- Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations: In accordance with the instructions contained in this Department's OM of even number dated 12th January 2009, it has been decided to set up, as indicated below, the Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) consisting of representatives of the Official Side and the Staff Side to settle any anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations:-

1. Secretary, Chairman Deptt. of Pers. & Trg.
2. Member (Staff) Rly. Board.
3. Secretary, Deptt. of Telecommunication.
4. Secretary, Deptt. of Posts.
5. Financial Adviser (Defence) Ministry of Defence.
6. Joint Secretary, (Pers) Ministry of Finance.
7. Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Personnel & Trg.
8. Deputy Secretary (JCA), Deptt. of Personnel & Trg.

1. Shri. U.M. Pruohit
2. Shri. M.Raghavaiah
3. Shri. Rakhal Das Gupta
4. Shri. R.P.Bhatnagar
5. Shri. Guman Singh
6. Shri. C.Srikumar
7. Shri. S.K.Vyas
8. Shri. Ch.Sankara Rao
9. Shri. K.S.Murty
10. Shri. R.Srinivasan
11. Shri. K.K.N.Kutty
12. Shri. S.G.Mishra

The working of the Committee would be in terms of the conditions laid down in this Department's OM dated 12th January 2009 mentioned above.

Sd/-(Dinesh Kapil
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India


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Dear Comrades,

The meeting of the National Executive of the Confederation was held at New Delhi on 15th of January, 2009 to review the preparation for an indefinite strike action scheduled to commence from 20th January, 2009. The meeting heard the Secretaries of the affiliated Associations/Federations and Unions as also the secretaries of the Co-ordination Committees. The Comrades who were deputed to attend the State level Conventions also made their observations at the meeting. Most of the Speakers expressed the need for further time to reach out the membership in far-flung areas. The meeting concluded that intensive mobilization and campaign programmes needed to carry out the strike action successfully with full participation of the membership. It was therefore decided not to commence the strike action from 20th January, 2009 but defer the same to a future date and carry out an intensified campaign amongst the mass of the employees. All affiliates will advise their State leadership to visit all branches and hold meetings to explain the Charter of Demands, educate and mobilize their employees for the eventual strike action. Campaign material circulated by the Confederation (CHQ) (available at its website: will be translated into vernacular and circulate amongst the members. The said campaign should be concluded by 15.02.2009. The National Executive will meet again in February to take further decision in the matter.
The representatives of the Confederation were to meet the Hon'ble Prime Minister on 15th of January 2009 in a delegation with Com.Basudeb Acharya, MP to seek his intervention in bringing about a settlement of the Charter of Demands. This meeting could not take place due to the preoccupation of the Hon'ble Prime Minister. The meeting was scheduled to take place on 22 January 2009. Unfortunately Prime Minister got admitted in hospital and he had undergone a successful by pass surgery which is well known to you and now Confederation is waiting for good moment when a right person can be approached.


We went to Chandigarh on 16th of January, 2009 to meet Hon’ble Minister of State (Expenditure), Sri Pawan Kumar Bansal on 17.01.09 we had submitted representations mainly on the following issues:
1. The anomaly in the pay scale consequent to the merger of 3 pay scales by the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 thereby placing the feeder cadre of Senior Tax Assistant and the promotional cadre of Inspector in the same grade pay.
2. The denial of notional fixation with effect from 01.01.1996 in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500/-. The scale was granted on 21.04.04 in order to restore historical parity of pay scales with Inspectors of CBI & IB.
in addition to these two issues we have narrated certain other issues like A.C.P etc which requires clearance from the Ministry of Expenditure.
We requested Hon’ble Minister to consider our representations favorably and to issue necessary directions as deemed fit.
As desired by Hon’ble Minister of State (Expenditure), we met him again in Delhi and submitted all the papers in support of our representation; fortunately Hon’ble Minister appreciated our presentation on the spot and assured us of examination on the issues. After our presentation, Hon’ble Minister expressed his willingness to hear us once again if required. In the whole process we appreciate the role played by General Secretary, office Bearers and the members of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Chandigar Circle. The leaders and members of Chandigarh Circle and that of the All India Association are keeping constant watch on the day-to-day developments.
Another set of office bearers under the leadership of our All India President is likely to meet Hon’ble M.P. Dr. E.M.Sudarshana Nachiappan, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personal, Public Grievances, Law and Justice, on 31st of January , 2009 at Thiruvadanai, some 90 kms away from Madurai to discuss over the above stated issues. The above stated appointment was arranged by Trichy Branch and this unit is putting its every effort to make this appointment a success. Hon’ble M.P. Dr. E.M.Sudarshana Nachiappan in his inaugural address at our XVth Conventionat Daman assured us to extend all possible help on the issues, which are directly affecting Inspectors of Central Excise; hence, our leadership rightly decided to approach the Hon’ble M.P. to resolve the issues pending for consideration in relation to revised pay rules. In this connection, we would like to mention that ITEF and ITGOA are supporting our every move and expressed their willingness to attend the meeting with Hon’ble M.P. Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan on 31st of January , 2009 at Thiruvadanai. Our leaders in Trichy and Madurai are arranging the meeting. We have started our discussion with Preventive Service Federation and with the Superintendent of Central Excise and other related organization under the Department of Revenue.

We have mentioned in our Circular 01/09 dated 10.01.2009 regarding the proposal of the high power committee and its feasibility. It is understood that they have proposed for the creation of 1400 posts of Sr. Superintendent Jr. time scale who would be placed in senior time scale after completion of 4 years. The Sr. Superintendents would be heading the audit groups and would act as Departmental Representatives before the adjudicating authorities and Commissioner (Appeals )
We are now given to understand that the Committee has given its report to the Board. We have not been given a copy of the report. To our information, the Committee has not suggested any merger of cadres and that it has suggested for creation of 1400 posts of a new cadre Senior Superintendents (JTS & STS) with grade pay of Rs. 5400/ 6600 and that this cadre would not integrate with IRS (C & CE). The promotion to the cadre of Assistant Commissioner (IRS) would continue in the existing manner.

We have raised the following points and submitted to Joint Sect. (Admn.) that:
1. The creation of the cadre of Senior Superintendent without any provision for integration with IRS (C& CE) at a level higher that that of Deputy Commissioner would not bring in a solution for the stagnation of executive cadres in Central Excise.
2. The report does not provide for a proper criterion for promotion to the proposed cadre of Senior Superintendent.
3. The proposal that a person promoted to the grade of Senior Superintendent (JTS) and then to Senior Superintendent (STS) would stand in line for promotion as Assistant Commissioner (IRS) carrying a pay scale equivalent to that of the SS (JTS) makes the promotion to SS a mere mockery.
4. In any case the proposed number of 1400 posts is too insufficient to remove the stagnation.
5. The report doesn’t propose for bringing in a unified cadre in CBEC even though the technical decision to merge the cadres was taken by the Board as early as in 1996.

On restructuring, we have submitted our proposal to two separate study groups, which we shall publish in our official blog shortly.

Comradely Yours

All Office Bearers of AICEIA
(for wide circulation of inputs to the Members of
all Circles/Branches)