Friday, December 28, 2012


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                Wishing all the members of AICEIA, their family and friends, a very happy, prosperous, peaceful, healthy and successful New Year. A new committee has been formed at the XVIIth AICEIA Convention in Patna with the support of delegates from all across the country. The responses and resolutions from each and every Circle were a guiding force to the newly formed comittee and work has already started in the decided direction, immediately after the Convention. A letter has already been sent to the Finance Minister of the country with a copy to the Revenue Secretary to intervene into issues like Cadre Restructuring and Stagnation. A meeting was convened by DG (HRD) to discuss the existing welfare measures, suggest new measures and ways and means to make the cadre aware of such Welfare Schemes. Very soon we will be submitting the amended Constitution and the Resolutions taken in our Patna Convention to the Board. Several messages have been received by me and other office bearers from members hailing from different parts of the country. I take this opportunity to thank each and every member of AICEIA for their support and look forward for suggestions, discussions and communications from one and all. As is agreed by all, we are standing at a crucial junction with issues like Stagnation, Upgradation, Cadre Restructuring, GST, regional disparity, ICT, base cadre seniority, and many others. We have also decided to actively pursue the legal battle for notional fixation w.e.f 1.1.1996 and grant of GP of 5400. Most of these issues have been thoroughly discussed and minuted in our convention. Perhaps some issues which required more deliberations could not be done, mainly due to time constraints. Each and every member is requested to share and communicate their views and opinions through their zonal/circle committees. Let us all resolve together to stay united and bring to the fore even those who are not yet members of AICEIA. Many of our esteemed delegates have vowed to bring in more DDO certificates and collect more funds both of which are vital for the strength of our organisation. In this regard the Constitution of AICEIA has been amended to increase the membership fee from Rs. 40/- to Rs. 60/- per month w.e.f. 1.4.2013. A stronger organisation would strenghten our morale and send stronger signals in the corridors of North Block and other such places of power that are time and again turning a deaf ear to many of our grievances and genuine demands. Our predecessors have done an excellent job in forming this organization and strengthening it. They have started a journey and we have to continue it gathering more force, more momentum and more vigour; this in spite of reports that the members are understandably de-motivated and their morale is at an all time low. It should be our combined endeavour to motivate all and our efforts should solely be towards the benefit of the cadre in general. I strongly believe that the darkest hour is just before dawn. Once again wishing one and all A Very Happy New Year. 
--A.Satish, President, AICEIA

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meeting of RSA office-bearers convened by DGHRD, Brief Update on Other Issues

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The Director General, HRD convened a meeting of  office bearers of all recognised  Associatons of  Officers and Staff in the CBEC on 21.12.2012 at New Delhi. Agenda was "Customs and Central Excise Welfare Fund". Secretary General and Organising Secretary represented the AICEIA in the meeting and put forward suggestions as per resolutions passed in the Patna Convention.
Information gathered is that the revised CBEC Restructuring Proposals are with the DoP&T, and that the Board is shortly expected to make a presentation to the Finance Minister on the revised  proposals in the next few days. However, no verifiable details of the revised proposals are forthcoming.
JAC met at New Delhi and reviewed progress of the combined protest movement, and deliberated on the future course of action. Circular in this respect will shortly be issued accordingly by the JAC.
A detailed Circular covering all important proceedings and decisions of  the Patna Convention of the AICEIA shall be issued very soon and placed on this blog. Delay  is regretted.Kindly bear with us for this.

Ajit Kumar KG
Secretary General

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Message from outgoing President

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Farewell, AICEIA !

As I bid adieu  after a long and wonderful journey as part of the AICEIA, I am overwhelmed with mixed feelings. The elation of getting the first  promotion in my career after putting in more than two decades of service is matched only by the satisfaction of seeing that the  Association is in very safe hands of an able new Central Committee.  Partings are always painful, and so is mine with this Association. However, it is only because I am no longer an Inspector that I am technically not a member of the AICEIA, but the fact of the matter is that my heart and soul will always be with you all, and remote though is the possibility that such occasion will ever arise, it’s my solemn promise to you that I am just one call away if the cadre ever needs any service from me !

I want to share a few stray thoughts with you as I lay down office and hand over the baton to the new team AICEIA. Any Association derives all its strength from the cadre it represents. Active involvement of the rank and file of the organization in all its programmes,  a regular and meaningful two- way communication from the All India office bearers right to the grassroots level formations, a continuous membership drive to include all Inspectors of Central Excise in the AICEIA fold, enhancing  the  legal, intellectual and financial resources of this collective, and mobilization of all members across the length and breadth of this country to give  this robust  organization an even mightier shape are endeavours which I am sure the coming days will be witness to.
I exhort all members and especially the regional office bearers to extend wholehearted support to the Central Committee as they begin their tenure with the very difficult task of trying to ensure that this cadre gets its due after being denied what is right fully its for decades now. Cadre restructuring of the CBEC, our demand for upgradation of all Inspectors who have completed 8 years of service, problems in allowing Transfers of Inspectors from one Cadre Control Zone to another,  welfare of the cadre being more on paper than in practice, widening  regional disparities in promotions,  gross  continuing injustice of the Central Excise stream vis-à-vis the Customs side are all burning issues which  the new Committee will have to grapple with and try to get resolved as early as possible.  The Association needs effective and competent leadership at all levels. I don’t feel that it lacking today. What is vital however is the active participation and cooperation of all members in all Association activities and programmes, and a lot needs to be done in this direction. That alone can nurture and sustain any staff association.  It is worth remembering that any lethargy in participating in Association activities would be detrimental to their own interests in future.

 I am certain that more and more younger Inspectors will not only  play an active role in the days to come but will soon assume leadership of the Association and ensure a glorious future for the cadre. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every Inspector of Central Excise across the country, the CEC and Convention Delegates,  my comrades in the  outgoing  Committee,  the new Committee which has taken charge and finally and more importantly all the former leaders who had struggled to have a platform like this, for all the love they have showered me with  during my tenure as President of this magnificent Association. It has indeed been a privilege which I shall cherish forever.

Farewell. Best Wishes. Always!

K P Manoj 

XVIIth Convention of the AICEIA at Patna

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The XVIIth Convention of the AICEIA was held at Patna on the 16th and 17th of December 2012.

The following office bearers were elected by the Convention

President : A.Satish (Kolkata)
Working President : Samir K Sinha (Patna)
Secretary General : Ajit Kumar K G (Bhilai)
Asst. Secretary General : E  Samy (Madurai)
Liaison Secretary : Shishir K Agnihotri (Mumbai)
Organising Secretary : H S Bajaj (Delhi)
Vice President(North) : Abhay Singh (Jaipur)
Joint Secretary(North) : A I Abbasi (Lucknow)
Vice President (West) :  Sanjay Srinivasan (Pune)
Joint Secretary (West) :  Dilip Pandya (Rajkot)
Vice President (Central) : Kumar Shivam (Ranchi)
Joint Secretary (Central) : Vinod Sharma (Indore)
Vice President (East) : Pradip Bannerjee ( Kolkata)
Joint Secretary ( East) : Sukanta Kumar Raut (Bhubaneshwar)
Vice President (South) : C G Prabhu (Bengaluru)
Joint Secretary ( South) : C J Thomas ( Calicut)
Ashish Biswas( Bhilai) is the new Treasurer of the AICEIA.

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Convention at Patna : URGENT

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The host unit for the XVIIth Convention of the AICEIA at Patna has informed that confirmations of attendance and travel programmes of delegates have not yet been communicated to them so far by some units. Kindly do so immediately by e-mail to since it is required to book accommodation and make other arrangements. If this information is not made available to the host unit forthwith, they will find it very difficult to find sufficient number of rooms etc. if  delegates arrive without informing well in advance, which could cause extreme inconvenience.
All units are also advised to bring  DDO Certificates and clear all dues payable to the All India body without fail  positively as has already been communicated repeatedly earlier.

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General

Monday, December 3, 2012

Newly elected Circle Committee of Mumbai Circle of AICEIA

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AICEIA congratulates each and every single Inspector of Central Excise of Mumbai Zone I & Zone II on the successful completion of elections to the Circle Committee of Mumbai. Best Wishes to the newly elected office bearers of AICEIA Mumbai Circle.

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General

Invitation from the Hosts - Patna Convention of the AICEIA

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