Monday, April 28, 2014

A Word of Caution

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It has been brought to our notice that certain outfits  impersonating as Branches/Circles/Units of the All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association are using the emblem, recognition details and other distinctive information/insignia of our Association and using them fraudulently on letterheads to correspond with the CBEC/ Ministry/ Govt. masquerading as representing/being  the AICEIA or Regional Units of the AICEIA. It is also reported that a few individuals/groups of individuals having no connection whatsoever with the AICEIA have  been collecting money/ contributions/membership subscriptions from Inspectors of Central Excise of a few Commissionerates. While  normally we would have ignored such devious elements with the contempt they deserve, at this crucial time for the cadre we have no option but to warn such elements that if such activities do not stop forthwith, AICEIA would not hesitate to lodge complaints in appropriate fora, and also initiate action as per law for fraud and impersonation. Confusion created by spreading of malicious rumours and submission of representations to the Board/ Ministry or other authorities  by persons not authorised to do so, often containing  false and misleading information will not be tolerated any longer, especially in view of the enormous damage  done earlier  by such unscrupulous elements' unauthorised activities.

Attention of all concerned  is also invited to Board's Instructions stating that all communication with the CBEC or Ministry by Staff Associations have to be necessarily done only by their National Bodies and that it is mandatory that any correspondence from their regional/local  formations/units have to be routed through the National Hqrs of the concerned Association for those to be  even considered. Violation of this will invite disciplinary action against the offending individuals/units  of the AICEIA, and the Board will also be requested not to entertain those and to take necessary action against those making such communication flouting Government regulations.

We exhort all Inspectors of Central Excise all across the country to unite and strengthen the hands of the AICEIA to ensure bringing in an era of equity among us first, and conditions where we can work with self-respect and dignity,  and be assured of just and reasonable  career advancement prospects for each one of us.  Kindly do not give credence to rumours being spread with malicious intent, and do not give in to threats or inducements of any kind from any quarters, and indulge in any acts which would sow seeds of mistrust and disunity within the cadre, and would cause only detriment to overall interests of the fraternity in the longer run.  

    A. Satish                                                                                           Ajit Kumar K G
    President                                                                                      Secretary General

Friday, April 25, 2014

Update from Delhi

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Meeting with Revenue Secretary

Office bearers of the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association met the Revenue Secretary today and apprised him of our apprehensions  that regional disparities in promotions of Inspectors to Superintendents of Central Excise  may not be adequately addressed in the CR, and requested him to ensure that this issue must be  equitably resolved during CR implementation, as has been repeatedly promised to us by those at the helm of affairs of the CBEC successively over the past many years. He gave a patient hearing to us and has assured to look into the matter immediately. We have also impressed upon the Revenue Secretary the crying need to bring in All India Seniority for Inspectors of Central Excise. He has agreed to do the needful in the matter soon. All other major issues concerning the cadre including the abysmal promotion prospects available to us were also brought to the notice of the RS.  

Meeting with Member(P&V)

This afternoon AICEIA office bearers  attended a meeting chaired by the Member( P & V) .  The DG HRD, Joint Secretary (Admn.), CBEC, and other senior officials were also present in the meeting.  

It was informed by the Member(P&V) that the  Board in its meeting on 09.04.2014 has accorded its approval to a proposal to unify all 15 Seniority Lists of Inspectors of Central Excise, and that a Committee has been constituted to study the issue and give its recommendations very soon on the modalities to be adopted to give effect to it. On our enquiry as to who would be covered in this, it was informed that only prospective effect can be given to it. When we pointed out that it was mandated legally also that at least beginning the first batch of Inspectors recruited by drawing an All India Merit List have to be assigned All India Seniority, the Member’s response was that the Board’s view  was divergent. We have registered our strong protest over this and reiterated our position. We have also requested the Member that this Association’s views on the matter must be considered by the said  Committee and the CBEC, before a final call is taken.

We also met some other Board officials, and it is learnt that the CR proposals as originally submitted to the Cabinet by CBEC, and accepted accordingly  has now been submitted for final approval of the Finance Minister, and the Board expects that in the next few days the subject  Notifications on the new formations and personnel allocations  can be issued, once the FM grants his approval. It is also understood that the promotions would be effected on the basis of existing Recruitment Rules, and plans to bring down Residency Period for promotions from Inspector to Superintendent from the extant eight years to two years, as a one-time measure, have been shelved.

Meeting of All India Office Bearers of the Association

A meeting of AICEIA's national office bearers was held at New Delhi on 24th April 2014 to review the developments in the period following the CEC meet at Mumbai, and to decide future course of action in light of the same. The line of representations  to be made to the Board/Ministry were discussed and finalised.
It was also decided to hold a Convention of the Association in June 2014 to elect a new body of office bearers. The Kerala Circle has offered to host it. Accordingly it was decided to hold the next Convention of the Association on 27th and 28th of June 2014 at Trivandrum. All Circles/Branches/Units  where elections are due are advised to immediately conduct elections, and finalise delegates representing each formation in the Convention. All dues must be cleared forthwith and DDO Certificates of all formations must be submitted immediately by all units to ensure smooth conduct of the Convention, and avoid denial of any voting rights to delegates.Travel arrangements may also  be made at the earliest by delegates. Notice for the Convention shall be issued shortly.
( Ajit Kumar K G)
Secretary General