Monday, October 17, 2011

Supreme Court SLP update

Posted by Secretary General on 10/17/2011 01:45:00 PM with 6 comments

 SLP filed by the Union of India before the Supreme Court  challenging  the judgment vide which the Madras High Court had allowed grant of GP of Rs 5400/- to ACP recipient Inspectors after 4 years  was heard  this morning. The Secretary General, AICEIA  Advisor Shri Arun Zachariah, and the Asstt. Secretary General attended the hearing.
 The Supreme Court prima facie observed that since Career Progression scheme has been brought in to grant relief to stagnating cadres, the Government’s case does not appear strong. However, the Assistant Solicitor General pleaded that the issue will have huge financial implications and requires detailed hearing. Thereupon Court granted leave but refused the Government’s plea to stay implementation of the subject Madras High Court judgment. The Appellant of Madras High Court Appeal is thus entitled to get the Benefit immediately. 


satya singh said...

Our comrades hav successfully conveyed the issue to the Hon'ble Supreme Court. We should be proudfull to hav such comrades.
Congratulations to all.

Vikas_A said...

Is it possible for the Board to implement the judgment of High Court in a one off case without making it a policy?

kumar shiv pujan said...

excellent decision taken by the cbec board member for opening the ban on ICT. Now we will work with more efficiency in our language friendly region.shiv pujan kumar.tamilnadu central excise inspector.

zaib mohd said...

Gr- pay 5400 issue - Sincere efforts of the Association is highly appreciated.
Mohd. Shahid, Varanasi

Deshpande N.R. said...

What will be the next course of action for others, other than the petitioner. Should we write to our respective admins to fix our pay in the grade of 5400 (i.e, those who have have completed 4 years after ACP). Please advise.

npajankar said...

N.Pajankar, Supdt.
Exscellent efforts made by the petitioner as well as Association is highly appreciated. It is seen that the relief has been given to the petitioner as earlier given in the case of anomaly in ACP pay fixation of 1992 Inspector Batch. Once again, CBEC will issue a circular saying that the benefit of relief grantaed by the SC is applicable to appealent only as was given the case of 1992 Batch inspector. Whether each and every individuals should go to HC/SC & spent money/time for their legitimate rights?