Monday, April 27, 2015

March to Parliament

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Dear Comrades,

You all are aware of the "March to Parliament" organized by the Confederation Of Central Govt. Employees And Workers  on 28.04.2015 for genuine demands of Central Government employees i.e. 100% D.A. merger, 25% Interim Relief, Inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC , Date of Effect 1.1.2014 , Scrapping of New Pension Scheme , filing up of vacant  posts, in all Department’s, withdrawal of contractrization  and out sourcing  policy, removal of 5% ceiling on compassionate  appointments, Removal of MACP related  anomalies , Revision of OTA Rates  including some other demands.  The Railway Federations and Defence Federations will also participate in the March to Parliament on 28.04.2015. 

As decided during the CEC Meeting at Kolkata, being a part of the CoC, we must participate in the Parliament March.  It is, therefore, requested to participate in the "March to Parliament" tomorrow. 

Fraternally yours,
Abhishek Kamal

Worst Disaster

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A massive earthquake having magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale, occurred in Nepal, Bihar & UP on 25.04.2015 morning. This devastating earthquake killed thousands in Nepal and India.  The aftershocks of the earthquake are still being felt in both countries on regular interval.  This is the second most devastating earthquake after 1934.

On behalf of the All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association and its members, I express condolences for the victim's families and wish early recovery to the injured.  I believe that with the prompt help and rescue operation by the Government of India, the people residing in Nepal, Bihar, UP and other affected areas will overcome the disaster.  In this hour of distress, we are  with the affected people and families.  I  request all our members to come forward and help the needy, by way of every possible means.

With regards,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Monday, April 6, 2015

Agra Branch: Newly recognized Branch of AICEIA

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The Agra Branch has been registered as the new Branch of AICEIA under Article 17 of the Constitution of the AICEIA.  The following Office Bearers have been unanimously elected on 26.03.2015 to look after the day to day affairs of the AICEIA, Agra Branch:-

S. No.
Name of the Officer-Bearer
Post Held
Rishi Dev Singh
Pankaj Jain
Vice President-I
Rajeev Lochan
Vice President-II
Sushil Kumar Sehgal
General Secretary
Manish Bhatnagar
Joint Secretary-I
Sanjay Kumar
Joint Secretary-II
Bhanu Sharma

Yours fraternally,
(Abhishek Kamal)
Secretary General

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Updates from Delhi

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Com. Anupam Neeraj, President and the undersigned were in Delhi from March 23rd to 25th, 2015 for meetings with the officers of CBEC, DGHRD,   7th CPC and Office Bearers of other Associations. 

During the meeting with the Members (P&V), we submitted the resolutions passed by the Central Executive Committee at Kolkata and discussed all the resolutions in details. We also raised the issue of non-conducting of DPC for promotion to the grade of the Superintendent (CE) in Chennai Zone and Mumbai Zone.  The Member (P&V) called the Cadre Controlling Commissioner of Chennai Zone over telephone and asked the reasons for not conducting the DPC. Further, she told him to expedite the matter (even if they have to file MA in CAT) and conduct the DPC without any delay.  She also assured that the DPC in Mumbai Zone will also be taken up on the priority basis. We asked the outcome of the study conducted by the Study Group on Stagnation and Regional Disparity.  We were told the tenure of the Study Group is over and no further extension was granted to Sh. Prakash Chandra, Consultant.  So, the DGHRD and the ADG, Nacen, Delhi submitted its report to Board and the same is under consideration at the level of Member (P&V).  When approved, the report will be shared with the staff Associations and will be placed on the website.  We also discussed the GST and role of Inspectors in GST regime.  

Later, we met the DGHRD and we were told that the recommendations of the Study Group includes the All India Seniority list of Inspector.  We discussed the matter related to one percent incremental scheme and Health Insurance Scheme.  We told her that the actual benefit should be passed on to our cadre too, who are working day and night to collect revenue. She told that the large amount of share of one percent incremental scheme goes to the vehicles used by the field formations.  She accepted the fact, that this should be checked and any misuse should be brought into the notice.  She told that this year more than 3000 mobile phones are being supplied to field formations from one percent incremental scheme and the same will be increased in coming days.  We discussed the biased draft RR of IRS, and discussed our demands in this regard.  The  RR has already been forwarded by the Board after suitable recommendations to DoPT and we have to keep close watch on the progress so that the cadre should not suffer.  We had detail discussion on all the resolutions of Kolkata CEC and she asked us all the resolutions in individual letters along with the notes and relevant documents.  She assured us that she will also forward our specific demands along with Board's comments to the 7th CPC.  We told the DGHRD about our concern in GST regime and apprised her about our resolution regarding well defined duties & responsibilities of Inspectors' in GST regime. She assured us positive results  as the department is going to face sea change.  She told us  that the DGHRD has not published any study material on GST yet however they are recommending the departmental officers the book - Background Material on GST, published by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and available at-   Further, we asked about the status of our previous correspondences on Abolition of Uniform.  The DGHRD told us that they have recommended the abolition of Uniform from Central Excise and the same is under progress.  Later, we also met Sh. Metta Rama Rao, President, IRS Officers' Association and discussed many issues.

Com. Devendra Kumar, Liaison Secretary was also present during the meetings.  

This time, we met the Under Secretary and Secretary 7th CPC on 24th and 25th of March 2015.  We discussed our specific demands with the 7th CPC.  The 7th CPC asked us about the data related to other cadres of Central Excise also, as only we (from Central Excise) approached the 7th CPC yet (except Gr. A Promotee Officers Association).  Moreover, our department also not approached the 7th CPC yet.  We presented our specific demands and they were convinced that we are having poor pay scale and poor promotional avenues as well.  Hence, the 7th CPC assured us that these facts will be kept on record while submitting the recommendations.  We have been told that we will again be called by the 7th CPC during April, 2015.   

Thanking you,

Yours fraternally,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary  General