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Observance of Black Badge Protest on 2nd September

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As decided in the Co-Ordination Meeting held on 26.07.2015 in New Delhi, a notice has been served yesterday to the Chairman, CBEC by the AICEIA regarding observance of Black Badge Protest by its members, in support of the Confederation's call of a day strike on 02.09.2015.

The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has given this Strike call on 02.09.2015 for its 11 points Charter of Demands.  The Charter of Demands is as under:-

 1.  Urgent measures for containing price-rise through universalisation of public distribution system and banning speculative trade in commodity market.

2.  (a) Containing unemployment through concrete measures for employment generation.

    (b) No ban on creation of new posts. Fill up all vacant posts.

3. (a) Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or

    exemption and stringent punitive measure for violation for labour laws.

     Withdraw the anti-worker Labour Law Amendments

    (b) No labour reforms which are inimical to the interest of the workers.

4. (a) Universal social security cover for all workers

    (b) Scrap PFRDA Act and re-introduce the defined benefit statutory pension scheme.
5.  (a) Fix minimum wage with provisions of indexation.

    (b) Effect wage revision of the Central Government Employees from 01.01.2014 accepting memorandum of the staff side JCM; ensure 5-year wage revision in future; grant interim relief and merger of 100% of DA; Include Gramin Dak Sevaks within the ambit of 7th CPC. Settle all anomalies of 6th CPC.

6. (a) Stoppage of disinvestment in Central/State PSUs. Stoppage of contractrization in permanent perennial work and payment of same wage and benefits for contract workers as regular workers for same and similar work.

     (b) No outsourcing, contractrization, privatization of governmental functions; withdraw the proposed move to close down the printing presses, the publications, form stores and stationery departments and medical stores Depots; regularize the existing daily-rated/casual and contract workers and absorption of trained apprentices.

7. Removal of all ceilings on payment and eligibility of bonus, provident fund; increase the quantum of gratuity.

8. (a) Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days from the date of submitting applications; and immediate ratification of ILO Convention C 87 and C 98.

(b) Revive the JCM functioning at all level as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of the demands of the Central Government Employees.

9. (a) Against FDI in Railways, Insurance and Defence.

    (b) No Privatization, PPP or FDI in Railways, Defence Establishment and no corporatization of Postal services.

10. Remove arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointment.

11. Ensure five promotions in the serve career.

All AICEIA Branch and Circle General Secretaries are required to immediately serve Notice to respective Chief Commissioners or Commissioners, and start campaigning forthwith for making this  Black Badge Wearing Program a grand success.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meerut Cirlce: Newly recognized Circle of AICEIA

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Inspectors' Association of Meerut Zone has been registered as a new Circle of AICEIA under Article 17 of the Constitution of the AICEIA.  The new committee has been formed purely on temporary basis, which has to start membership and complete it within one month.  After the copeletion of membership drive, fresh convention has to be called to elect the representatives of the circle.

The following office bearers have been unanimously elected to serve the members of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, Meerut Zone for the period of one month:-

S. No.
Name of the Officer-Bearer
Post Held
Abhijat Srivastava
Arjit Mishra
Vice President-I
Rajan Choudhary
Vice President-II
L. S. Rana
Vice President-III
Yogesh Kumar Gambhir
Vice President-IV
Sanjeev Kumar Vishwakarma
General Secretary
Manoj Kumar
Joint Secretary-I
Alok Kumar Shukla
Joint Secretary-II
Prakhar Dwivedi
Joint Secretary-III
Sumit Varshney

Meerut Circle has to follow all the relevant articles of the constitution in order to remain recognized. 

We congratulate the newly elected office bearers of AICEIA, Meerut Circle.

Yours fraternally,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ref. No. AICEIA/ADMIN/2015/09                                                                             Dated 06.08.2015

Notice for Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting at Ahmedabad
on 25th & 26th of September, 2015

            Notice is hereby issued for the meeting of the Central Executive Committee of  All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association to be held on 25th & 26th of September, 2015 at Ahmedabad.

            The Meeting shall commence at 10:00 AM sharp on 25.09.2015 and conclude by 05:00 PM on 26.09.2015.

1.      Presidential Address
2.      Reading and Confirmation of the minutes of CEC Meeting held at Kolkata on 13th & 14th February 2015.
3.      Tabling of Action Taken Report (ATR) by the Secretary General.
4.      Discussion on ATR.
5.      Fixing of Date and Venue of the next Meeting of the CEC of AICEIA.
6.      Any other items with the permission of the Chair

            The Venue of the Central Executive Committee Meeting shall be informed very soon, once it is confirmed by the Ahmedabad Branch of AICEIA.

1.      Each Branch/Circle is hereby requested to submit details of their accounts, which may kindly be sent to the Secretary General/President by e-mail by 31.08.2015 in order to enable incorporation of the same in the Action Taken Report to be presented by the Secretary General.

2.      Confirmation of attendance and details of arrival and departure of All India Office Bearers and all CEC Members (Name, Mobile No., Post held in Circle/Branch/Unit) who shall be attending the said meeting may please be made by the concerned Branch/Circle Secretary to the following Members latest by 31.08.2015:-

        i.   Com. Manoj Kumar Singh, Email-, Mobile- 09904713348
      ii.    Com. Shailendra Kumar, Email-, Mobile- 09327521946
3.  All Circles/Branches/Units desirous of participating in the meeting of the CEC are required to email latest by 31.08.2015 at, and, the information in the appended format for proper maintenance and updating of records and accounts.  Please realize that this is of utmost importance and an absolute precondition for effective participation in the Meeting.

4.  All Office Bearers of the Central Committee of AICEIA are required to send by  31.08.2015 at above e-mail ids a comprehensive account of all major initiatives, meetings and tours undertaken by them including drives to enhance membership and strengthen organization at the grassroots level, and all significant engagements with the Departmental Authorities, Sister Organizations, Confederation etc. during 15.02.2015 to 31.07.2015.

5.  Any Circle/Branch/Unit desirous of sponsoring any resolution in the meeting may send a draft of the same with brief explanatory notes to the President and Secretary General latest by 31.08.2015.

                                    (Abhishek Kamal)
Secretary General
1.      The President, All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association for favour of information.
2.      All members of the Central Executive Committee of AICEIA
3.      President and General Secretary, All Branches/Circles/Units of the AICEIA.

Secretary General

Information in respect of Circle/Branch/Unit of participating in Meeting of Central Executive Committee (CEC) at Ahmedabad
on 25th & 26th of September, 2015

 [ Annexure Of Notice dated 06.08.2015]
To be mailed latest by 31.08.2015 at, and
Name of the Circle/Branch/Unit

Full Postal Address for Correspondence

Website/Blogspot/Facebook Page/Email id of Circle/Branch/Unit


Cell No.



Cell No.


Area  and  formations covered by the Unit
[State(s) and/or Zones(s) ; Commissionerate(s)etc.]

Date since when present Committee has been in office

Date when last Elections held

Due date for next Elections

If due date elapsed, reasons for delay in holding elections, and date by when elections will be positively conducted

Total Working Strength of Inspectors of Central Excise on 31.07.2015 in the Formations claimed to be represented by the Unit

Total Membership  on 31.07.2015 in the Formations claimed to be represented by the Unit

Details of DDO Certificates submitted by the Unit


Period to which it pertains

No. of members in respect of whom DDO Certificates  not submitted


During  FY   2014-15

New members enrolled

Membership Admission fee collected from them

Amount remitted to  All India Body  on above account:

Amount received as subscription from members

Amount remitted to All India Body as its share on above account

Any expenses incurred on behalf of All India Body (With full details )


During  February 2015 to July 2015

No. of new members enrolled

Membership Admission fee collected from them

Amount remitted to  All India Body  on above account

Amount received as subscription from members

Amount remitted to All India Body as its share  on above account

Any expenses incurred on behalf of All India Body (With full details )

Note – A list of all office bearers of the Circle/ Branch/ Unit along with their Cell Nos. & email Ids. may also be appended to this format duly filled in.

Circle/ Branch/ Unit:-
Name & Signature

Co-Ordination Meeting and other update from Delhi

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A C0-Ordination meeting of all Office Bearers of the national body of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association was held in New Delhi on 26.07.2015.  Com. Anupam Neeraj, President chaired the meeting.  The main agenda of the meeting was to review the recent developments like JAC, Stagnation, All India Seniority,  7th CPC, GST Victimization of Office Bearers, ICT, Ensuing CEC Meeting, Strike Call given by COC and other organizational matters.  The details (Minutes of the Meeting) are, as under:-


1.   Joint Action Committee:-

AICEIA is always committed towards bringing all the Associations working under CBEC, together on common issues.  Even we held many meetings with other sister organizations for fighting together.   Although we have not so good experiences of past, we tried again and again to create a common platform to work together for common causes. The first condition for JAC formation led down was, it will not take-up the Cadre specific issues as the difference of interests of the different Cadres have been the prime reasons for losing this Platform in past. Realising the need of the hour eleven Recognised Associations in CBEC attended the meeting at Kolkata on 28.06.2015 to form the JAC and also to chalk out the charter of demands which were in consensus, these demands are as below:-
a.            The CBEC should consult the member of associations/federations before submitting the views of the
                CBEC to the 7th CPC. A meeting of all the associations/federations must be convened by Board in this
                regard, immediately.

b.            Timely DPCs should be ensured and all the vacancies in all the cadres should be filled up immediately for                 smooth and seamless functioning of the department.

c.             Vacancies available at higher levels for the want of eligible candidates may be downgraded under GFR 254 and                 filled up with officers from lower grades.

d.            The units with a turnover of more than Rs 10 lakhs should not be given to the states and the CBEC should                 consult with the staff associations/federations before making any organisational changes with reference to                 implementation of GST. Proper training should be imparted to all officers concerned for               implementation of GST.

e.            All recruitment rules should be finalised in consultations with the associations/federations  concerned on                 immediately.

f.             Minimum Five functional promotions must be granted in the career of an employee entering the department.

g.            MACP anomalies must be removed immediately without any further delay.

h.            Time bound disposal of vigilance cases should be ensured.

i.              Immediate provision of essential infrastructure and office space to all officers as per the prescribed norms.

j.             Employee Grievance Redressal Mechanism is to be put in place at Central as well as zonal level for on the spot                 Redressal of staff grievances.

k.            The 1% incremental incentive amount should percolate down to the welfare of all cadres in the department in                 proportion to their strength.

l.              Implementation of the comprehensive health insurance scheme at the earliest.  Accordingly it was decided that                 the Convener shall submit a representation to Chairman, CBEC copy to Secretary ( Revenue) along with the                 charter of demands with a request to provide immediate audience to all office bearers of constituent   Associations of JAC. In the meeting it was decided that Convener should be appointed from  IRS (Indirect Taxes)        OA and                 Joint Conveners should be two each from Customs & Excise side. Accordingly, following panel was          formed:-
                 A. CONVENER: Shri Lokanath Mishra, Secretary General of IRS (Indirect Taxes) Officers Association.
                1. Shri Ravi Malik, Secretary General, AIACEGEO
                2. Shri Asim Pramanick, President,  AICESTMOA
                3. Shri Ashis Chakrabarty, Secretary General, All India Customs Gr-C Officers'  Federation.
                4. Shri Venugopal Nair, President , All India Customs Preventive Service Federation.

                The charter of demand was signed by the office bearers of all the organisation. On the basis of the charter one appointment was given by the Chairman, CBEC on 23.07.2015 where the issues were discussed and the Chairman assured the delegation of timely and proper Redressal of the issues.

2.   Stagnation and All India Seniority:-

As we know that the cadre of Inspector of Central Excise is the most stagnated cadre in Central Government department.  For removal of stagnation, we approached every nook and corner of the north block including CBEC to Ministry to Judiciary.  Till date we have not achieved the desired result except repeated assurances.  The Secretary General apprised the Central Committee Members about the work done by the National Body in this regard at different forum.  Com. Anupam Neeraj, President apprised the House about the meeting fixed with Sh. Jayant Sinha,  Hon'ble Minister of State (Finance) on different issues pertaining to the cadre on 27.07.2015.  The House discussed the points, which should be the part of the memorandum given to the Hon'ble Minister.  The matters pending before the Court were also discussed during the meeting.


3. 7th Central Pay Commission:-

The Secretary General apprised the Central Committee Members about all the meetings with the 7th CPC including the last meeting held on 17th June 2015.  We put our demands effectively, which are as follow-

·       Accord Pay-Parity between Superintendent of Central Excise and the Dy. SP,  CBI i.e. to place the Superintendent of Central Excise in the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400 in PB-3.
·       To evaluate the Manpower requirement at short intervals
·      To conduct periodic Cadre Reviews
·      To strengthen the Audit & Anti Evasion mechanism considering that the entire tax control has been shifted from physical control to production based control to audit based control
·      Training and incentives to staff to enable Computerization of the department in a full-fledged manner
·      Abolition of Control Room duty and Uniform for Central Excise and Service Tax
·      Reasonable Uniform allowance for maintaining Uniform in Customs
·      To notify new recruitment rules for Central Excise Inspectors as Group ‘B’ non-gazetted officers
·      Payment of Rummaging Allowance on par with Inspectors of Customs
·      Payment of Local Travel Expenses (Petrol Allowance) on par with Inspectors of Income Tax
·      Payment of Risk Allowance
·      Parity with the CBI Inspectors w.e.f. 01.01.1996
·       Same entry pay level for both the direct and promote officers

Apart from the above, we also asked Hon'ble Commission to recommend five MACPS, MACPS on the Pay Scale of next Promotional Posts, abolition of NPS etc. Hon'ble Chairman agreed for at least four MACPS & MACP on next promotional post but not agreed on abolition of NPS.  Hon'ble Chairman also not agreed to adding new allowance to other departments.  However, he told that allowances will be enhanced to some extent.  The 7th CPC will submit its recommendation in the month of August 2015. 

4.  Goods & Service Tax:-

          The Goods and Service Tax is expected from April 2016 and the Association is also gearing up for safeguarding its members' right in the new regime of indirect taxation.  The GST report of Com. Rajashish Dutta discussed at length and areas were identified in which the Association has to work for safeguarding the rights of its members.


5.  Victimization of Office Bearers of Kerala Circle

6.   ICT & Fixation of Seniority on the Supreme Court Judgment on N R Parmar:-

The issue of ICT (Inter Zonal Transfer) was also discussed during the meeting. The Cadre Controlling Authorities under various zones are following divergent policies owing to which the deserving candidates, whose request was considered as genuine, are unable to get the requisite benefit of transfer. Com. Arun Kumar A, Working President also briefed where the administration of Kerala Zone has delayed the relief of officers applied and granted ICT. Issue has been taken to the court by the department and cited the reason of staff shortage for not granting relief. This is when officers are given on loan as well as deputation all the while.  Further, many Cadre Controlling Authorities have not yet finalized the Seniority List of Inspectors in light of Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment in the case of N R Parmar v/s. Union of India despite Board's clear-cut guidelines.  A letter on both issues were written to the Board and the same were discussed in many meetings with them.  Now, it has come to our notice that they are going to direct the field formations for dealing with the matter on priority basis.  It was also decided to direct all the Circles/Branches/Units of AICEIA to take up the matter of fixation of seniority, based on N R Parmar Judgment, with their CCAs.  However, some information have been sought by the House about the matter related to ICT of Kerala Zone from Com. Arun Kumar A and he assured to  send it.

7.   Organizational Issues:-

i.   Issues related to the Office bearers, who  not discharging their duties
ii.  Situation at AICEIA, Hyderabad Branch
iii. Ways and initiative to increase the membership of the Association
iv. Participation in Strike Called by the COC
v. CEC Meeting at Ahmedabad
vi.  Review of the Work of the Committee set up in CEC Meeting Kolkata
vii. Filling the vacant post of the Joint Secretary (North Zone)
viii. Meeting with Sh. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State (Finance)
ix. Grooming of the next-in-line

x. Other Issues, which were discussed upon:-

                a.  Delay in Vigilance Proceedings

                b. Compassionate Appointment

                c. Benefit from 1% incremental scheme

                d. Health Insurance Scheme to be launched by CBEC

                e. Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System

                f.   Allowances in the form of Mobile phones and charges

                g.  Scope of going to media when it comes to strike

                h.  Access for association to video conferencing systems installed by the department.


The Co-Ordination Meeting was concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Com. Anupam Neeraj, President.

Details of Meeting with Sh. Jayant Sinha Minister of State for Finance, held on 27.07.2015

A meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State (Finance) held on 27.07.2015 at his residence in New Delhi.  The Association apprised him about the negligence of CBEC towards this largest working cadre of Indirect Tax Administration.  We presented our well prepared memorandum and discussed the issues like acute stagnation, regional disparity in promotion, post-CR problems, Non-submission of the report of Study Group on Stagnation and non-implementation of reports of previous Committees, Irrelevancy of Uniform, Control Room, poor infrastructure facilities (even when we implemented Sevottam), our apprehension in GST regime etc.

Hon'ble Minister gave us ample time to discuss all the issues and was convinced on many issues.  He assured us that the cadre will get its due rights & benefits.