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Urgent Action Required

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

We need Organization and Organization needs us too

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F. No. AICEIA/Admin/2017/51                                                     Date:27.08.2017                              

The Vice-President/Joint Secretary,
East/West/Central/North/South Zones,
All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association.
The President/General Secretary,
All Branches & Circles,
All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association.


          Sub: Execution of Basic Work in Order to Strengthen the Organization: Formation of Branch & Circle Committee and Submission of Details of Deduction of Membership Fee & DDO Certificates: Reg.

Please refer to the subject mentioned above.

2.      It is a settled principle of Organization that its strength depends largely upon two factors:- first upon the number of members and secondly, upon the caliber and character of its leaders.

3.     In this regard, the undersigned feels that serious steps need to be taken in respect of first factor, if the Association is to be strengthened and the scope is ample, as a large number of officers have joined the Department in the last couple of years and it is learnt that most of them are not members of this Association. If these officers are brought under the umbrella of Association, it will add to the strength of the Association. As such, all the Presidents/General Secretaries are earnestly requested to launch a massive membership drive in their respective Branches & Circles  to induct the new but highly energetic and efficient officers in the Association. The Zonal In-charges are requested to supervise the membership drive in their respective Zones.

4.    Since, the jurisdiction of a Branch/Circle normally happens to be very large, regular interaction with all the members may not be possible; however, the Presidents/General Secretaries are requested to undertake tours and hold meetings with members at regular intervals, even in the remotest locations in their respective Branches/Circles to strengthen the grass root level Organization. This exercise will not only ensure sense of belongingness and confidence among the Cadre, but will definitely help in strengthening Organization.

5.         During the last CEC, it was unanimously decided that all the Presidents/General Secretaries will submit the details like “total sanctioned strength”, “total working strength”, “total membership”, “status of DDO Certificates”, “date of last election with number of members participated” etc. in their respective Branches & Circles with the undersigned by 30.04.2017 and clearance of dues and submission of DDO certificates etc. was to be completed by 15.05.2017, so that necessary & timely steps may be taken to strengthen Organization but, till date, only a few Branches & Circles like Rajkot, Kolkata, Chennai, Kerala, Coimbatore, Patna, Mumbai, Vapi and Raipur have complied with the decision/resolution. Further, the Zonal In-charges have also shown not much interest & desired attention in getting compliance at Branch & Circle level of their Zones.   The office bearer, who was entrusted with this work has also not paid desired attention towards the task of strengthening of organization at grass root level.  Due to which,  immediate steps needs to be taken.  Further, at this juncture, the undersigned must appreciate Com. Rabish Chandra, Vice President (South Zone) for his commendable job in strengthening the organization in South Zone.

6.         It is also learnt that several Branches & Circles have not been following the procedures as laid down in the Constitution of AICEIA especially in Article 4 (1) and some Presidents/General Secretaries, without any membership at the concerned Branches/Circles, are representing AICEIA before the administration either through personal visits or through letters which has been viewed seriously. Some branches like Meerut, Lucknow etc are also involved in writing letters  directly to the Board and even higher establishments.  Some of these branches/circles are running in a situation where either no deductions have been materialized or the required portions have not been deposited with the AICEIA.  Even no member has been enrolled for years. This is a sorry state of affairs culminating in violation of the provisions of Article 7 (1) & (2) of the Constitution of AICEIA and shows the indifferent attitude towards the Association. It is to clarify that new Branches/Circles may be created only as per the procedure laid down under Article 17 of the Constitution of AICEIA. Branches/Circles like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Meerut, Lucknow etc. are directed to adhere to the procedures as laid down in the Constitution of AICEIA failing which the undersigned will be bound to take necessary steps.

7.         Keeping in view the above situation, the undersigned, in exercise of the powers vested in him by the Constitution of AICEIA feels it necessary to nominate Observers on zonal basis to strengthen organization at grass root level and to supervise the functioning of the activities of the Association. As such; in exercise of the powers vested in the undersigned by virtue of Article 24 read with Article 25 & 28 of the Constitution of AICEIA, the Office-Bearers of All India Body are hereby nominated for the aforesaid purpose in terms of following scheme:-

Sr. No.
Name of AIB Office-Bearer (Shri/s) & contact numbers
Zones Allocated
Anubhuti Chatterjee, Asst. Secretary General
East & South
Rananjay Pratap Singh, Liaison Secretary
West, North & Central

8.         Moreover, it is to clarify that in terms of the provisions of Article 9 of the Constitution of AICEIA, not to talk of Office-Bearer, if the Membership Fee has not been deducted for one year, no one can remain even an ordinary member of the AICEIA, hence, such persons are requested to withdraw themselves immediately from the organizational posts & get their names removed from the official letter heads. 

9.         Last but not the least; it is expedient to mention that many of the ex-Office-Bearers who have got promotion to the next grade as also others who are no more Office-Bearers in terms of the provisions of Article 9 & 10 respectively of the Constitution of AICEIA are still continuing in the Whatsapp Groups of AICEIA, which are impliedly meant for the Office-Bearers for Cadre of Inspectors only.  Although, the bonding & association with our ex-comrades, which has been developed over the years may not be ended and the same shall continue as their guidance, support & co-operation is invaluable and much needed for the Association.  But the reorganization of Association is also the need of the hour.  Hence, it is requested that all ex-comrades should withdraw themselves from the Whatsapp Groups of AICEIA.   

With best wishes and hope that together we can and we will make our Association stronger than ever,
                                                                      Fraternally yours,
                                                                        (Abhishek Kamal)
Secretary General

Copy submitted to:
(1)  The President/Working President, AICEIA for favour of information please;
(2)  The ASG/Liaison Secretary, AICEIA for favour of information & necessary action please ;
(3)  The Vice-President/Joint Secretary (All), AICEIA for favour of information and to assist the nominated AIB Office-Bearers in the work allocated;
(4)  The President/General Secretary (All), AICEIA for favour of information and with a request to extend co-operation to the nominated AIB Office-Bearers in the work allocated; and,
(5)  Official Blog of AICEIA.
(Abhishek Kamal)

Secretary General

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Updates of the meeting dated 18.08.2017

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A meeting was convened at Kalpvriksha, North Block, New Delhi under the chairmanship of the Member (Admin.), CBEC with associations of CBEC on 18.08.2017.  From staff side, Jt. Secretary (Admin.), Commissioner (Co-ordination), Director (Ad-IIB), officers from DGHRD, Ad-III & IV etc. were present.  AICEIA was represented by the undersigned along with Com. Anubhuti Chaterjee, ASG and Com. R. P. Singh, Liaison Secretary.

Before the commencement of the meeting, we had got some inputs that the department has not mentioned all our points in their list of discussion.  We told our apprehension and submitted a letter giving the full details of our points and requested them to bring it on record.

Further, due to paucity of time and keeping in view the big numbers of Associations, the Member (Admin.) requested all the associations to present only 3-4 main agenda points despite the fact that all the associations had many agenda points to discuss.  In the meeting, we presented almost all the points except the points which were already covered by other associations.  Since we had much grave issues in our hand, the Member (Admin.) called us again to discuss the points at 3 PM in his chamber.  In the next meeting, Commissioner (Co-ordination) and the Director (Ad-IIB) were also present.  Meeting was held in very amiable atmosphere and the Member (Admin.) directed the concerned authorities for immediate redressal of the grievances of AICEIA.

The brief of points discussed during the meeting are, as under:-

1. Decimal Presence of Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Field Formation:-
Under this point, we discussed the wrongful conduct of DPC in Vadodara, Adhoc status of Inspectors of Kolkata zone since 2013, MACP issue of Kolkata, Seniority issue of Kanpur/Meerut/Lucknow, JCM issue in Meerut Zone, derogatory remarks by senior officer in respect of Group-B officers in Meerut Zone  etc. were discussed.  On the matter of Vadodara and Adhoc issue of Kolkata, the Member (A) directed the concerned for immediate redressal.  Further, the seniority issue of Kanpur/Meerut/Lucknow need to be raised with complete details and relevant factual position. 
2. Career Prospect of Inspector of Central Excise:-
Under this, we raised the reports of various committee and their non-implementation, which had the capacity to enhance the career prospects of the Inspectors. All India Seniority was also discussed but no commitment made from the chair but told that something has to be done to increase career prospects.  Further, in light of the certain objections and apprehensions of some branches/circles of AICEIA, we sought clarifications from the Board in respect of their letter F. No. C-18012/19/2012-Ad.IIB dated 03.08.2017.  Due to lack of clarity, different zones are interpreting it different way.  As a result, many zones are not accepting ICT applications and some zones are getting confused about the benefits given to ICT applicants.  To avoid this situation, an early clarification was asked.
One report of the "Stagnation Committee" (Stagnation in Promotion from Group "B" to Group "A") has recently been published.  In this context, we requested the Member (A) to take our views and relevant facts on this matter to which we are also one of the stakeholders and he accepted it.
3. Pay Prospect of Inspector of Central Excise:-
A number of times the horizontal pay parity with counterpart in other departments was disturbed and restored. The recent disturbance was made after 7th CPC where on the basis of wrong postulates the long standing pay parity with Inspector of CBI was disturbed. While in most of the countries employees of Revenue Department enjoy better pay prospects in comparison to counterparts in other Departments, here we are pushed down from parity every time.
There is urgent need for restoration of parity which was disturbed in 7th CPC on the basis of wrong facts.  The matter was discussed with Board, and they have very little role to play so the same will be raised in with the Anomaly Committee of the 7th CPC.

The following points were also discussed and the Member (Admin.) asked the concerned Authorities to go through the written submission over these points and then necessary steps will be taken on priority basis:-

4. Review of the practices which have outlived it’s utility and continuing in the name of Tradition:-
The matter related to Uniform, Protocol and Control Room were raised and discussed.
5. Delayed DPC/ DSC for promotion and MACP
6. Extension of the benefit of 1% incremental scheme to Group-B Officers
7. Proper Office accommodation and logistics support for optimum utilization of officers
8. Posting of Officers on loan / rotation basis to the Directorates/ Outside Agencies / Government       Departments
9. Provisioning of seats in Private Hospitals in Non-CGHS Cities

10. Issuance of general circular in respect of judicial decisions in Service Matters

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