Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Thanks for your effort to got the ICT Ban lifted. Although it was a long pending demand for all , specially for new direct recruit Inspectors, but as per our expectation it is nothing but a lolly-pop. The terms and conditions specially the condition no (ii)-reg loss of seniority on ict, defeats the basic objective at all. I dont know whether the policy maker have consulted our association, used there mind or not but it is not to the expectations. The letter has been issued hurriedly as a lolly-pop so that they can implement the cader restructuring without any objection which is going to favour only group-A not to group B(Gazetted/non-gazetted). Bye the what they want to do they did..... but we should put our objection as soon as possible.

rohit sharma said...

inspectors from 2003 and 2004 batches will have to lose atleast 6-7 years of their seniority.

S.K. Mahendra Varman said...

The following lines of the said order is confusing, "However such transferred officer will retain his/her eligibility of the parent Commissionerate for his/ her promotion in the next higher grade etc., On transfer he will not be considered for promotion in the old Commissionerate."

Does anyone have explanation for that?

abhijatindia said...

can anybody tell me this order is also applying on spouse ground requests that they should complete their probation period