Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grade pay of 5400/- to ACP Inspectors-Recovery stayed by the Tribunal

Posted by Secretary General on 4/08/2009 12:08:00 PM with 13 comments
Dear Friends, , it was decided by the Association to adopt a twin pronged strategyIn the matter of grade pay of Rs.5400/- and accordingly we have represented the board for a review of the instructions which is pending. Simultaneously, we have filed an OA 151/2009 in CAT (Ernakulam Bench) through Mr. Ashok Narayanan ( Ex. Working President of our all India Association.) a recently promoted Superintendent. The Tribunal has stayed the recovery of the higher amount already sanctioned. We request all the Circle Secretary and office Bearers to collect a copy of the O.A. and start initiating the process in their cadre controlling Commissionerate.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Posted by Secretary General on 4/01/2009 10:15:00 AM with 26 comments
Friends, you are aware that our Chandigarh Circle is doing a splendid job, on 2nd of March, 2009 on behalf of All India Association, Chandigarh Circle took the task to meet the Minister of State for Finance (Expenditure) once again at Chandigarh; necessary support had been provided by our All India Leadership to transform the dialogue into a fairly successful one. All India Association salutes the comrades of Chandigarh circle as well as Chandigarh Branch for this impressive job.
Immediately after the meeting the Minister of State for Finance (Expenditure) had a meeting with the Secretary (Expenditure) and Joint Secretary (Expenditure) to short out the grievances listed out by our All India Association.
On 14th of March the available office bearers of All India Association met at Chennai right after completion of a brief discussion with the members of the Karnataka Circle on 'The ACES scheme and role of Inspectors'. The All India Association decided to go All out to achieve our target, it was also decided that we should refresh our link with the other fraternal organizations in the Department of Revenue.
On 16th of March we met Joint Secretary (ADMN) and the Deputy Secretary Ad-IIA to enquire about the present position of our demands. It was understood that the Association has to maintain this vigorous persuasion.
On 17th of March met General Secretary of CSS and CSSS and it was ascertained that the Minister of State for Finance (Expenditure) is very much concerned about the points extended by the ALL India Central Excise Inspectors Association. We have interacted with the Deputy Secretary Ad-IV A for the forthcoming restructuring.
On 18th March met close associates of Hon’ble Finance Minister to keep the pressure on.
On 31st of March from some confidential sources it was understood that the recommended file is now lying with director (IC) and the Ministers office asked for a detailed report on the progress of the file from the director (IC). As soon as we get that detail we would try publishing it in our Blogger.
In the mean time we have spoken to Secretary General of Confederation and Secretary General of ITEF Mr. Ashok Sholanki on the pending issues. It was discussed at length with both of them and finally it appeared to al the leadership that a stringent action in the form of a strike action is very much necessary.
We congratulate each and every member and office bearers who are working as a single team to achieve our goal. Hope we shall fight with every odd in near future. Friends, there is no reason for despair, we don’t know about the upshot but we shall fight till the end and request you to be prepared to face any situation to do away with this discerning effort of the Government of India.
So keep yourself updated and help the organisation to fight.