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Meeting with Member(P) & Joint Secretary Admn. and J.S.(Pers.) on 17.10.2011

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on 17th Oct. we met Member (P&V), and discussed the  following issues:
    1.   Removal of Stagnation in the cadre of Inspector of Central Excise
    2. Doing away Regional disparities in promotions to the cadre of Supdt. of CE.
3   3.      Aftermath of apex court order dt.3.8.2011….. review of ad-hoc promotions regarding,
4  4.  The manner of fixation of pay of the Inspectors of Central Excise after the revision of Grade pay of Rs.4600/- from Rs. 4200/-,
     5.Status of proposed in-situ promotion scheme.
     6. Issuance of orders to re-instate inter-Commissionerate transfers.

The Joint Secretary (Admin) was also present during the meeting. The Member (P&V) has categorically assured that it will be topmost priority of the Board to provide succor to the stagnating Group B cadres by ensuring that promotions are ensured in the ensuing  Restrucutring exercise, and also that a mechanism would be worked out to address the regional disparities that obtain in promotions from the grade of Inspectors to Superintendents across different zones presently. However, drawing of an All India Seniority List of Inspectors in the near future was ruled out.  When it was pointed out to her that we have been living on these assurances for decades now, she advised us to have a little more patience, and at least wait till the Board unveils what has been planned for the days to come for us. We reiterated that the reason for our cynicism is that time and again it is the rank and file that has been left high and dry, and all that we have got is empty promises.
On the issue of conducting Review DPC’s effective 1997 in the wake of the recent Supreme Court Order on the Ratio case, the CBEC remains adamant on their stand that the Apex Court has not directed to conduct Review DPC’s, and the revised ratio will be given effect to only prospectively. We expressed our strong reservations on the motivated interpretation being resorted to by the Board in a manner that favours the Customs stream and continues to perpetrate the injustice that has been meted out to officers from the Central Excise side. Thus, unfortunately this issue looks headed towards more protracted litigation as of now.  
On in-situ promotions, the Member(P&V) was non-committal and said that  such proposals were fraught with too many incongruities, and she was doubtful that a workable dispensation of in-situ promotions can ever be designed. When it was pointed out by us that   it was a scheme that was mooted by the Board itself, consequent to various organizational programmes undertaken by this Association, she assured that with Re-structuring on the anvil, career prospects of Gr B officers will definitely see a marked improvement.
The Member(P&V) was fully in agreement with this Association’s stand that the Ban on Inter Commissionerate transfers needs to be lifted immediately and also that a clarification needs to be issued  at the earliest; (on the lines of that issued by CBDT) to  enable stepping up of pay of senior Inspectors to the level that their juniors who entered service on or after 01.01.2006  enjoy. It has been categorically assured to us that the Board will do the needful on these two issues expeditiously.
We have intimated in detail the JS(Pers.), Deptt. of Expenditure and requested expeditious action on the  two vital issues concerning our cadre pending in Expenditure,  – (i) clarification on the aforesaid methodology for fixing  pay by stepping it up to bring it at par to that of a junior( Rs.17140/- from 01.01.2006); and(ii) the notional fixation of pay of Inspectors in the Rs.6500/-  scale wef  01.01.96, on which now  the Chairman CBEC has written demi officially to the Secretary (Expenditure) following VIP references to the Finance Minister, purely on this Associations’ efforts.
On the Inter –Commissionerate transfer issue Member(P&V) expressed her willingness to introduce it, subject to approval of the Board and intimated us that the file is lying with D.O.P&T now.
Our efforts of persuasion continue in all matters, at every level, to ensure that the bureaucratic delays can be minimized.    


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CBEC is showing Extra ordinary courage in misinterpreting the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgment, which has clearly instructed to give Promotions in a Fair and justifiable manner and regularize all ad-hoc promotions, given so far accordingly. Instead of repenting for their misdeeds and injustice meted out to Central Excise Officers, for the last 15 years, CBEC is still taking ad-hoc decisions in a hurried manner, without proper application of mind and doing their Home work. I do not understand how they are going to solve the problems of regional imbalances within the same Department and Senior Officers serving under 15 to 20 years Junior Examiners / Appraisers, by proposing 13:2:1 ratio, prospectively. When they are unable to solve the problem by adopting Base Cadre Seniority, and promote all the Officers on par with present Junior Examiners / Appraisers, where is the need for still extending 1 out of 16 promotions to those Junior Officers, prospectively, when they have already enjoyed dis-proportionate Promotions for the last 14 years and sitting on top of the Senior most Officers? Is it a fair solution advocated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court? Is CBEC really interested in finding a long lasting solution?