Monday, February 28, 2011

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The Secretary General
All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association

Sub.: Transfer of Com. Amitabh Vijayavargiya

Respected Comrade Kousik Roy,
    I am writing now to express the heartfelt gratitude of the Bhopal Circle of the AICEIA to the Central Executive Committee of the AICEIA for the support and solidarity shown with this Circle in the matter of the transfer of our Circle President Comrade Amitabh Vijayavargiya, ordered in the first week of December, from Indore to Gwalior.
    The subject Transfer Orders were issued under circumstances very difficult to overcome. It was only after the strong and sustained protest movement conducted at the Zonal level by this Circle, as ably advised by you and Com.Arun Zacharia, our National President on a day-to-day basis, and ultimately your taking up the issue directly with the Chairman CBEC, that even after relieving of the concerned officer for Gwalior, his Transfer Order was suitably modified to accommodate Com.Vijayavargiya at Ujjain, a station not very far from Indore,and thus causing relatively less disturbance to him in mid-session, as also enabling smooth functioning of the Association at the Branch and Circle levels.
        The Executive Committee of the Bhopal Circle of the AICEIA once again thanks you and the President, as also the CEC of the AICEIA for earnestly taking up this cause and promptly providing this Circle with all necessary guidance in the matter, which consequentially saw the issue being largely resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned.
                                                                                            With Kind Regards,

                                                                                                         Ajit Kumar K G                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                       Assistant Secretary General          
Bhilai dated 28.02.2011                                                                     AICEIA,  & Secretary Bhopal Circle

Friday, February 25, 2011


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       The Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs, Indore vide Establishment Order No. 80/2010 dated 02.12.2010 ordered for transfer of Shri. Amitabh Vijayavargia, President, All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Indore Branch and Central Executive Committee member of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association from Indore to Gwalior which is 500 kms away. Owing to some organizational action programme the order was not effected since long, unfortunately when most of the office bearers of that circle was out of town the release order issued. The Central Executive committee in its meeting at New Delhi decided to go for sustained organizational action programme against this high handedness of the Government. Immediately we issued necessary submission to our chairman that had published in our blog. As a result of this his transfer order is now modified and he is brought back to Ujjain which is within 30 kms distance from Indore.
Secretary General along with the representatives of Chandigarh, New Delhi and West Bengal Participated in the Parliament rally held on 23rd of February 2011. We are happy to become a part of hundreds of thousand Employees of  Central & State Government, Bank & P.S.U’s and labourers. We thank the units participated in the rally.
 On 22nd February Office bearers met Chairman CBEC as decided in the New Delhi CEC submitted the letter on ICT, requested Chairman to issue necessary order forthwith.
Chairman informed the Association Leadership that the restructuring file gone past CBEC and the file is now in Expenditure. From the discussion it appears that the restructuring may not take much of time for completion. It was understood that the in-citu promotion scheme is not yet finalized by the Board, the committee constituted by the Board is still busy in doing the fine tuning of the scheme, within a short while it will go to D.O.P&T directly from C.B.E.C.
 M.Subhramanian case for Rs. 5400/- grade pay issue for Acp recipient Inspectors, leadership pursued vigorously to track the file , from the  Ministry of law it was traced out that the file went to Central Agency Section of Supreme Court and from there it was ascertained that the file is lying with Additional Solicitor General ( New Delhi)., in all probability the file is going for S.L.P. The Association met Additional Solicitor general and briefed the subject. A.S.G. supposed to be the final authority to comment on the file. After the meeting leadership felt that there is no point in becoming hopeless in this regard. Let us hope for the best.     
The minimum fixation for the revised pay band of Rs. 4600/- file went to Expenditure and Board is pursuing for the fixation and not for the upgradation, the file went to Expenditure for the 3rd time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Initiative from Bhubaneswar

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30th Annual Convention of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Bhubaneswar circle was held on 19th February 2011 at Bhubaneswar. Hon’ble M. P. (RS) Shri Ramchandra Khuntia (belonging to Indian National Congress, National Vice President of INTUC, State Secretary of INTUC, Odisha) attended the inaugural session of the convention as Chief Guest. In the Secretary’s report I highlighted the national issues relating to Pay Scale on par with the Inspectors of CBI and notional fixation w.e.f. 01.01.1996 and the acute stagnation of the cadre of Inspector of Central Excise. Knowing the same, Hon’ble M. P. in his speech assured that the issues raised by the Secretary are genuine and he assured that he will take up the issue with the Finance Minister. After the inaugural meeting, Hon’ble M. P. asked me to come down the Delhi along with the Secretary General and the President and to submit a memorandum to him. He will forward the said memorandum to the Finance Minister. More importantly he stressed that he will seek help of certain other M. P.s in this regard. Then he framed a time plan that after sending the memorandum, he will seek a meeting time with the F. M. preferably when the F. M. would be having the data or reply with him to the issues mentioned in the memorandum. He will take the leaders of the Association with him to have discussion in the meeting with the F. M.

Comradely yours,

Shibaji Ch. Nayak
Liaison Secretary of AICEIA,
General Secretary of Odisha Circle of AICEIA

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Circular 01-11

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                                                                                        Dated: 14.02.2011
                                           CIRCULAR- 01/11
Dear Comrades,

The 4th CEC of AICEIA concluded at new Delhi on 5th of February, 2011. Barring a few, almost all units participated in this CEC. This CEC was attended by all the branches of Andhra Pradesh, Patna Circle and North Eastern Circle, Allahabad and Pune expressed their regret for their absence in the CEC owing to some very personal reason.

A good 72 nos of leaders from all over the country attended the meeting from 24 federating units. Sri K.K.N. Kutty Secretary General Confederation of Central Government Employees Asociations and unions attended the meeting as a special invitee.  
 The meeting discussed at length about
·         Review of previous programmes
·         Chennai High Court case on NFSG
·         Cadre Restructuring in the light of 18th January Meeting
·         Effectiveness of In-situ promotions
·         ICT
·         Notional fixation from 1996
·         Pay anomaly of 1992 batch of Direct Recruit Inspectors
·         16th convention of the All India Association, selection of Venue.
·         Parliament rally on 23rd February 2011
·         Anomaly committee meeting on 15th February, 2011.
·         High handedness of authority as well as government in transferring office bearer of the Association.
·         Gangavaram port
·         Different cadre related issues of various zones.
 We are trying to publish the minutes of the meeting at the earliest, name of the contributor for the Rs. 5400/- grade pay could not be published because of some prefixed imperative organizational work.

Decision of the meeting :

  1. All India Association shall respond to the call given by confederation along with other central Trade unions for parliament rally on 23rd of Feb 2011.
  2.  To protest against the unethical transfer of Central India Circle President Mr. Amitabh Vijayavargiya, Association would write to Chairman C.B.E.C first and the units are directed to campaign vigorously against this atrocious act of the Authority; simultaneously Association shall embark on more rigorous organizational action programme.
  3. Association is in favour of the in-situ scheme though some fine tuning may be required,
  4. Association office bearers shall continue till next convention
  5.   Next convention would be held at Karnataka preferably in the month of June; exact venue and date of convention would be decided by the concerned circle committee. A resolution in this regard would be sent to Chairman, C.B.E.C immediately.
  6. As Mr Balraj Assistant Secretary General and Mr. Kundu Working President promoted to the grade of superintendent leaving these two key posts vacant the CEC decided to fill up these posts; accordingly Mr. H.S. Bajaj selected for Working President’s post and Mr. Ajit Kumar K.G. selected for Assistant Secretary General’s post they will continue till next convention.
  7. Association has to pursue with more vigour to reintroduce ICT in CBEC
  8. For 1992 batch pay anomaly case Association shall continue persuading CBEC to issue a generalized order enabling every Inspector of 1992 batch to get the pay anomaly corrected in the light of Hyderabad CAT and Chandigarh CAT judgement. 
       The Central Executive Committee of AICEIA at Banga Sanksriti Sadan, Muktadhara, New Delhi decided on 5th of February 2011, that the Office Bearers of Delhi,Rajasthan and Chandigarh circle and Allahabad, Kanpur and Meerut branch shall take utmost initiative to make the parliament rally successful on 23rd of Feb 2011.
      This parliament rally shall start from Jantar Mantar, New Delhi at 10 ‘O’ clock sharp, units shall have to send the exact no. of comrade’s attending the rally along with their name to the All India Association forthwith. 
     We sincerely hope that we will be able to make up the organisational weakness suffered by our cadre for the past few years and meaningfully proceed on matters concerning the cadre and department.
         I request the recipients of this Circular to kindly circulate it widely so that it reaches every one concerned.


The President,
All office Bearers,
Circle and Branch Secretaries                                     Comradely Yours
For wide circulation  
                                                     ( KOUSIK ROY )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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          Sri S.Dutt Majumder,
          Chairman, Central Board of Excise & Customs,
          Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance,
          North Block, New Delhi.

          Sub: Victimisation of office bearers of Association at Indore – Reg

          I wish to bring to your notice a blatant case of victimisation of an office bearer of this Association in Indore Commissionerate.
          As per the extant transfer policy in Indore Commissionerate, office bearers of the recognized association would be posted at Headquarter Office station. This policy is also in line with the DOP&T instruction in the matter of posting of office bearers of recognized staff associations.
          The Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs, Indore vide Establishment Order No. 80/2010 dated 02.12.2010 ordered for transfer of Shri. Amitabh Vijayavargia, President, All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Indore Branch and Central Executive Committee member of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association from Indore to Gwalior which is 500 kms away. Immediately on issuance of the order, the local association took up the matter with the Commissioner, Indore and Chief Commissioner, Bhopal pointing out that –

i)                   the transfer is in violation of policy in this regard;
ii)                this is a clear case of victimisation of office bearer of a recognized Association;
iii)              the transfer is without bonafides and on extraneous reasons; and
iv)              the transfer is in the middle of the academic year

          Owing to the pendency of the representation, the transfer order was not acted upon and Shri. Amitabh Vijayavargia was not relieved till 03.02.2011. However on 04.02.2011, Shri. Amitabh Vijayavargia was relieved from his postings even prior to the disposal of the representation.

          The Central Executive Committee of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association in its recent meeting at New Delhi on 5th of February resolved to request you to issue urgent instructions to Commissioner, Indore to cancel the transfer order of Shri. Amithab Vijayavarghia  and post him to Indore . It is also resolved to inform you that in case this injustice is allowed to continue, All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association would be forced to launch agitations through out the country.

          In anticipation of a favourable decision, I remain

Dated  09.02.2011                                                                             Yours faithfully

                                                                                              KOUSIK ROY
                                                              SECRETARY GENERAL