Monday, April 26, 2010

Meeting with MOS

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on 22nd April, 2010 Secretary General, President, Vice President (East & South) and some other circle secretaries and Branch Secretaries along with former Secretary General Sri R.Manimohan went to Delhi to meet the Hon'ble Minister Of State ( Revenue), unfortunately we could not meet him on that date and briefed our three points to the OSD to the Hon'ble Minister, on 23rd morning we were able to meet the Minister, Minister recommended our revised Payscale representation to Secretary Expenditure and assured us about the issue of stagnation will be solved shortly and Hon'ble minister has already discussed the point with the Chairman C.B.E.C. Meeting with the Hon'ble minister was very positive and now persuasion may take an important role towards solution of the pending issues.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

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All the circles and branches whose D.D.O certificates have not been submitted yet are requested to send their DDO Certificates along with their subscription due to the All India Association within 60 days of publication of this copy of recogniton renewal . We would like to reiterate that as par CCS RSA Rule (1993) local associations can not function without being a part of the All Inida Association, hence all the local Associations who are collecting subscription from Inspectors are supposed to be part of the AICEIA( in whatever name it may be);we would like to request these Associations to change their name as par our constitution within 60 days . It is worthy to mention that Inspectors as on date have a single organisation through out India.

Many thanks to all of you.


Renewal of Recognition sanctioned

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

More News

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Dear friends,
Our Association got an appointment with the MOS(REVENUE) , we congratulate Coimbatore branch and Com. Anil Kumar Sundaram for constant persuation in this regard. We would like to request all of you to send your stagnation report forthwith. As of now we have received detailed report of Maharastra and Tamilnadu, we request other Branch and circle secretaries to send us the required report immediately.

Monday, April 12, 2010


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ITEM NO.117                    COURT NO.7             SECTION IX
              S U P R E M E      C O U R T   O F    I N D I A
                              RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS
CIVIL APPEAL NO(s). 1198 OF 2005
R.S. POTDAR & ORS.                                     Appellant (s)
UNION OF INDIA & ORS.                                  Respondent(s)
(With appln(s) for impleadment)
Date: 30/03/2010    This Appeal was called on for hearing today.
For Appellant(s)        Mr.   A.K. Ganguly, Sr. Adv.
                        Mr.   Jana Kalyan Das, Sr. Adv.
                        Mr.   S.K.Das, Adv.
                        Mr.   Avijeet Bhujabal, Adv.
                        Mr.   S.Burma, Adv.for
                        Mr.   Parmanand Gaur,Adv.
For Respondent(s)       Mr. Ashok Bhan, Adv.
                        Mr. Shalinder Saini, Adv.for
                        Mr. B.K. Prasad, Adv.
                        Mr. Lakshmi Raman Singh,Adv.
                        Mr. Jitendra Mohan Sharma ,Adv
                        Mr. Sandeep Malik, Adv.
                        Mr. Sibo Sankar Mishra, Adv.
            UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following
                                O R D E R
            We are informed that the Central Government has
     initiated the exercise for re-examining the existing ratio
     of 6:1:2 amongst feeder cadres for promotion to Group 'A'.
              In view of this, list this matter on 20th July, 2010.
(Parveen Kr. Chawla)   ( Indu Satija )
Court Master         Court Master

Friday, April 9, 2010


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Association got a phone Call from ADG (HRM)’s office to attend a meeting on 09.04.2010 at 3.30 P.M. which is conducted as part of the ongoing consultation programme with the cadre Associations on restructuring. ADG desired to have a formal submission from our Association. Secretary General, Liason Secretary and General Secretary,Delhi Circle attended the meeting. Association made a oral submission before ADG HRM and put forward a written submission too. At the out set Office Bearers mentioned about the last meeting with ADG on 18th of March, 2010. Association’s moot point of discussion was to

· Do away with the impact of regional imbalances in promotion among the seniority zones in Central Excise.

De-layering where functional distinction between Inspectors and Superintendents does not exist.

Redefining the ratio for promotion to the post of Assistant Commissioner based on the cadre strength of the feeder cadres.

Divisions to be headed by Joint Commissioner

Increase of approximately 3000 posts in cadre of Assistant/Deputy Commissioner.

Reducing the percentage of direct recruitment to 25% in Group A Entry Level

Promotion of Superintendents directly to the Senior Time Scale post of Deputy Commissioner.

Pay scale of Inspector and superintendent after restructuring.

The meeting held with positive discussions, it was committed to us that Inspector who have completed 12 to 15 years of service shall get their first promotion and second promotion within 25 to 30years of service. It was discussed at length how Board is trying to create more than 100% increase in the grade of Assistant Commissioner and nearly 60% increase in the strength of Superintendent. It is also mentioned that the additional post of Assistant Commissioner will be one time promotion from the feeder cadre. Office bearers discussed about issue of changing the ratio of promotion. It was intimated to us that Board has already approached to Supreme Court on this issue and HRM has no role on it. However it is understood that Board is trying to finalise its proposal by 30th of April, 2010. Association discussed about the pay scale of Inspector and Superintendent as of now which has a marginal difference.
We would like to request all the circles to collect the year wise stagnation DATA and forward it to us through mail (
Detail follows.

Good Morning

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Dear Friends,
We got a call from DG HRd's office, want to consult with the Associations on the ensuing restructuring and this probably be the final consultation from Board, regarding injunction given by Kolkata High Court, Association is of the view that justice should prevail, as of now Association got no scope to involve themselves with the case, we have just requested our Board and concerned Chief Commissioner to expedite the case and resolve the issue at the earliest and help this most stagnating cadre of this country to come out of this situation.