The aims and objectives of the Association are:- 

   To render efficient service to the Country by organizing the work force in the cadre of Inspectors in the CBEC;

   Upliftment of the members, and to devise ways and means to enlighten and guide them in law and procedure;

   To organise and to unite the Inspectors borne on the establishment of Central Excise department, and to develop among them spirit of solidarity and brotherhood;

   To safeguard and promote the rights, interests and privileges of the members of the Association;

   To redress the grievances (including harassment and victimisation) of the members and to adopt constitutional measures to secure fair service conditions;

   To foster the spirit of cooperation among the members in furtherance of the interests;

   To promote general welfare of the members and to endeavor for their social, economic and cultural progress;

   To strive for intellectual improvement of the members;

   To ensure through peaceful and constitutional means the correct implementation of government policies affecting the cadre in general and the members in particular;

   To suggest to the administration proposals to improve the functioning of the Commissionerates in particular and the Department in General;

   To publish a journal;

   To promote participation of members in cultural and sports activities.

   To confederate, if necessary, with organisations having similar aims and objectives.

--History shall be updated soon--