Monday, January 23, 2017


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On 16.01.2017, the 9th meeting of GST Council took place where the Centre and states reached a consensus on sharing powers for control over tax payers under GST, which will now be rolled out from July 1. The consensus was reached after the Centre almost surrendered to the demands of states.   The following major decisions were taken at the 9th meeting of all-powerful GST Council:-

1.Under the proposed tax regime, 90% of all assessees with a turnover of Rs 1.5 crore or less will be assessed for scrutiny and audit by state authorities, the remaining 10% by the Centre.
2.Assesses with a turnover  above Rs 1.5 crore, the Centre and states will assess with a 50:50 ratio. 
3.Each assessee would be assessed only by one authority
4.The power to levy and collect the I-GST lies with the central government, but states will also be cross-empowered in the same ratio as above through a special provision in the law.
5.Any I-GST disputes among states will be resolved by the Centre.
6.The Centre also ceded ground on taxation rights over the sea. Territorial waters extending to 12 nautical miles fall under control of the union government, but as per agreement in the meeting, states will be empowered to collect tax on any economic activity in this zone. 

The above decision of the GST Council is a big blow to the existence of the CBEC.  Since, a large portion of the assessee base will go with the states, the employee of CBEC will face greater obstacles in career headway.  With this decision, it will be very difficult for the CBEC to carry on existing posts in the new GST regime.  The indifference and inactiveness of the Board towards the career advancement of Group-B officers is not new.  During the Cadre Restructuring in CBEC, 7th CPC and thereafter, we faced a similar situation when the Board made certain commitments and later forgotten.    

Whenever, we went to the Board or Ministry and told them our concerns about GST, we were assured better career prospects in GST era and we were told not to protest since all grievances/suggestions of the AICEIA will be taken care of.  But at this present juncture, we feel betrayed.  The lack of unity and understanding among the Associations of Central Excise Department also played a key role in it. 

Dear comrades, we will not achieve anything till we fight tooth and nail, this is reality.  We will have to fight without any fear.  When our career is at stake, no option left.    We have nothing to lose and little time in our hand, we should start preparing for final fight so that we may survive with dignity.  We are assessing the impact of the decision and finding the avenues where we can get benefited.  Moreover, we are also assessing whether going on strike will yield result or not.  All options are open.   All office bearers and members across the country are requested to stay prepared for the call of AICEIA.  Meanwhile, in case, any member has anything to suggest, please send us on our email id-

Saturday, December 31, 2016

AICEIA wishes a very Happy New Year

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas is the season for peace, joy and fellowship with family and friends. May the Yuletide spirit fill your heart and home with an abundance of mercy, contentment, laughter and harmony.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

AICEIA's Annual Lecture Series on "Participatory Governance" was started on 25.01.2014 at Nagpur by Com. Ajit Kumar K G and Com. Annamneedi Satish, the then Secretary General President of AICEIA. The idea of Annual Lecture Series could not be implemented without the outstanding work of Com. Ashish Biswas, the then Treasurer & Office Secretary, who single handedly made all arrangements for the first Annual Lecture in Nagpur. He came to Nagpur from Raipur and camped there for a few days in order to make necessary arrangements. The present body salutes its predecessors for the great launch of AICEIA's Annual Lecture Series.

The Annual Lecture Series of AICEIA, which is an annual event invites prominent people to drive debate on significant issues related to the staff and employees of the country. The lecture series is an important event which encourages all Central Government Workforce to enter into dialogue – often about difficult issues – in order to address the challenges we face.

Previous speakers of AICEIA's Annual Lecture include outstanding speaker and great leaders like Com. Manimohan Ramankutty and Com. Arun Zachariah. This year, the 3rd lecture of AICEIA's Annual Lecture Series was held at Shillong and Com. Tirthankar Pyne, former Secretary General of AICEIA delivered a great speech.  Please watch it and share it:-