Monday, October 31, 2011


Posted by Secretary General on 10/31/2011 07:14:00 AM with 5 comments
JS(D.O.P&T) completed his presentation on 25.10.11. We have learnt that DOPT perhaps has asked CBEC to give permanent functional justification of  promotional posts of AC+DC approved by Expenditure (temporarily). D.O.P&T raised its query on the issue of review of promotional quota after every 5 years. Further it is gathered that Board is all set to answer these questions. It is expected that the issue would be resolved amicably within the stipulated time frame.
The file containing removal of anomaly on the issue of juniors drawing more pay than seniors has gone past expenditure.
on 19th October AICEIA had a serious discussion with Secretary General of Superintendent's Association on the rectification of pay scale and its arrears issue, At the outset the demand for notional effect from 01.01.1996 was ruled out by Superintendents' Association; AICEIA tried to convince them that to bring all the organisations of Revenue Department together we should remain flexible . When Superintendent Association under the leadership of Ravi Malik expressed their inability to change the issue from 01.01.1986 to 01.01.1996 then AICEIA asked them about joint agitation programme to the tune of Strike action.It was narrated to the Superintendents that AICEIA has already made some VVIP references sucessfully, the need of the our is to take some programme and a joint representation to F.M. in this regard. Though arrear from 01.01.1186 is not achievable yet, for the dream of togetherness and to transform the agitation in a sucessful negotiation AICEIA was agreed to the proposal. AICEIA is all set to go for any kind of agitation to the extent of Strike if Superintendents' Association is able to take a strong stand. We hope your sensible comment shall enlighten the wise leadership of this Cadre ( INspector & Superintendent). Till date no positive reply has been received. All are requested to pursue the matter with Superintendents' Association wherever possible. At this point of time no court case no VVIP reference could help us except a vigorous organisational action programme . Any suggestion in this regard is deeply solicited.  


பெசொவி said...

I fully agree with the decision of going for agitational programmes either jointly with the Supdt's Association or on our own.

United we win, Divided we fall!

Long Live AICEIA

S Venkatesan
Trichy Branch.

anil said...

"Jab Tak Bacha Rota nahi Hai Tab Tak Maa Doodh Nahi Pilati hai"So my own Sagestion we are go Strike with unit.

Nair said...

Sir, I agree with your opinion. It futile and not practical for any Govt to re-fix the pay from Jan-86 and hence it is sensible to settle the issue from 1996 with a give and take policy. Any attempt to pressurise to get it from 1986 is definitely going to back fire and as a result we would be only waiting like a newly hatched chichen for the breast milk of its mother.

sansri said...

The inputs by way of rti and the reply and the note sheets obtained reveals that notional effect from 1.1.1996 is achievable with arrears from 21.04.2004.
This is that stand taken by the association at the Bangalore CEC. This is not only practical but also consistent with our stand. Let us not deviate.

npajankar said...

When the pay scale hass been revised for post as Inspr. or Supdt, then why Ministry of Finance/CBEC is impressing upon the pay structure to the post is applicable from 21.04.2004 i.e. date of implementation of new pay scale. The SC's decision for parity in pay scale with CBI was retrospective from 1.1.1986 and not from 21.04.2004 as CBEC impressing upon the issue. Therefore, the CBEC's stand to make applicable the pay from 21.04.2004 is baseless and aganist their own staff.