Tuesday, November 18, 2014

F. No. AICEIA/CBEC/CR/2014/30                                                    Date: 18.11.2014                               

The Chairman,
Central Board of Excise & Customs,
North Block,
New Delhi-110 001.

Subject: - Inordinate delays in deciding Disciplinary/Vigilance Inquiries – reg.

          At the very outset, we wish to make it clear that we do not support any officer who willingly violates the rules/regulations and indulge in corruption.  However, wherever disciplinary proceedings initiated by the department, it is imperative that the proceedings are carried out in an expeditious manner as  delay effects moral of the officer and the performance of the department as well.  Moreover, timely completion of Departmental/Vigilance proceedings is in the best interest of the both officer and the department.
        From  time  to  time,  the Government of  India has  issued executive  instructions  to  further  streamline  the  procedure  for Disciplinary/Vigilance  Inquiries  in conformity  with  judgments  of  the  High/Supreme  Court.  Nevertheless,  there continue  to  be  instances  of  inordinate  delay  in  the  disposal  of  such  disciplinary inquiries.  At present, hundreds of Disciplinary/Vigilance Inquiries are lying pending in different Cadre Controlling Zones of Central Excise, which needs urgent disposal in accordance with the guidelines/norms/rules framed by CBEC, DoPT and CVC.  Time norms specified by CVC for conclusion of disciplinary proceedings must be followed in letter and spirit.
           Sir, your kind attention is invited to Central Vigilance Commission letter No. 000/VGL/18 dated 10.08.2004 regarding adherence to time limits in processing of disciplinary cases wherein it has been mentioned that "Delay in decision-making by authorities in processing of vigilance cases would also be construed as misconduct under the relevant Conduct Rules and would be liable to attract penal action.  All administrative authorities are requested to take note and strictly adhere to the prescribed schedule of time-limits in dealing with disciplinary cases.”

           We take this opportunity to request your good self to order to review the position of all pending cases of Vigilance angle and Non vigilance angle and direct all the concerned authorities to dispose off the cases in time bound manner that too taking logical, acceptable and warranted decision in the matter.
              In view of the foregoing, I take this opportunity to request your good-self to  sensitize the Disciplinary Proceedings machinery so that it has a human face with the employees.  The role of the vigilance department should not be reduce but to enhance the       level of the managerial efficiency, skill and effectiveness in the organization.    It is also          requested to order all the Cadre Controlling Authorities in Central Excise to complete the Disciplinary/Vigilance proceedings in time bound manner in accordance with various guidelines issued by the Government of India.
             Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General


Unknown said...

i am appreciating your letter which will minimise the mental agony of the deprived officers because most of the officers under disciplinary action, as far as my concern, are innocent.The fate of Senior Inspectors, who are served for this department for more than three decades, who are in the verge of retirement have missed the opportunity of cadre restructing offer.
yours comradely,