Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letter to the Chairman, CBEC regarding delay in DPC

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F. No. AICEIA/CBEC/CR/2014/29                                                    Date: 18.11.2014                               

The Chairman,
Central Board of Excise & Customs,
North Block,
New Delhi-110 001.

Subject: - Fixation of single unified date of promotion across all Cadre Controlling Zones - request reg.

          Please refer to our letters dated 28.10.2014 and even no. 28 dated 07.11.2014, vide which we had requested to fix a single unified date of promotion of Inspectors to the grade of the Superintendents of Central Excise across the zones under CBEC and directions in this regard may please be issued to all Cadre Controlling Authorities so that nobody suffers the loss of All India Seniority due to different date of DPC. 
        In absence of single unified date, the DPC process in many zones is not as smooth as the previous unified date of 30th September, 2014.    Sir, still many Cadre Controlling Zones of Central Excise have not conducted DPC for promotion of Inspectors to the grade of the Superintendents against the vacancies created due to promotion from the grade of the Superintendent, Central Excise to the grade of Assistant Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs vide Office Order No. 192/2014 dated 22.10.2014 issued by CBEC.  The Inspectors in these zones are in great fear of loss of Seniority and their poor future prospects, as they are facing great regional disparity due to recent Cadre Restructuring.
          Hence, in view of the above, it is once again requested to order all the Cadre Controlling Zones of the Central Excise to conduct DPC without further delay and it is also requested to order to fix a cut-off date for deciding the seniority of all the officers who are going to be promoted or have been promoted to the grade of the Superintendents of Central Excise due to above mentioned Office Order.
           Thanking you.                                                      
                                                                                                              Yours faithfully,
Abhishek Kamal
                                                                                                             Secretary General


Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Abhishek, Thank you v much for your efforts for conducting DPC to the grade of Supdt. If possible, kindly mention your contact no on blog so that we can talk you in a need or for some consultation. Thanks again. Sandeep Sood Inspector C.E. Chandigarh. 09872881919