Monday, November 17, 2014

Important Organizational Issues

Posted by Secretary General on 11/17/2014 12:35:00 PM with No comments

Dear Comrades,
       It has been brought to our notice that some of the previous Office Bearers of regional units of AICEIA, despite being promoted as Superintendents, frequently write letter to the  administration  in their respective Circle/Branch/Units on behalf of AICEIA. It is not only immoral but  illegal also. Such activities create confusion and weaken Association. As per the Article 10(3) and 10(5) of the Constitution of AICEIA, the membership of a member of the Association shall be terminated on  "on becoming the member of any other Association/Federation" and "Promotion" respectively. Hence, they have no right either to write such letters or attend meetings posing as the Office Bearers of AICEIA .  If any Unit/Branch/Circle face such situation again, report to us so that we can take suitable action on time.

       Comrades, please refer to our blog dated 17.05.2014.  Sh. Ajit Kumar KG, the then Secretary General visualize things well in advance and wrote about some ensuing welcome changes in the cadre and mentioned many ways to strengthen our Association. He clearly advised the regional leadership of the Association to ensure that there will be no vacuum in the Association.  Now, his anticipation is realty. Due to en masse promotions of our members across the country,  many posts of the Association get vacated in many Units/Branches/Circles.  Very few Office Bearers left in some Units/Branches/Circles and so it is difficult to carry out the day to day function of the Association.  It is, therefore, necessary to  fill the vacant posts of the Office Bearers at those places  so that no member (even posted at the remotest location of the country) has to suffer.  Election must be held immediately, wherever election is due.  If any post of Office Bearer is vacant, conduct a General Body Meeting/Executive Committee Meeting/Convention and take appropriate decision as per the Constitution of AICEIA.  You are requested to conduct these exercise at the earliest and necessarily before 25th December, 2014. Further, it is also necessary to keep us inform about all the steps of this exercise or problem (if any) faced in carrying out the exercise.  By this way, we will provide necessary help on time. This matter is of prime importance as the CEC Meeting is to be conducted very soon, which all the Units/Branches/Circles have to attend.

       An early action is highly solicited.

Yours fraternally,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General