Friday, July 29, 2011

Minutes of the meeting held with Board on 11th of July 2011

Posted by Secretary General on 7/29/2011 01:24:00 PM with 3 comments
After a long interval of about more than three years we were fortunate to get minutes of a meeting held by Board on 11th of July 2011. A no. of points raised by our Association were not placed along with the points sponsored by our Association, rather some of the points inadvertently placed along with the points extended by other Associations Any way , we are now uploading the gist of the minutes.


prem said...

what is the gist of decision with respect to lifting of ban of ict it is not visible why? can anyone clarify?

sansri said...

Kindly circulate the points sponsored by the association. also take up with the cbec as regards incomplete minutes. why is the notional issue not figuring.

balu said...

The association was informed of the judgement passed by the Ernakulam Bench on 16.5.2011 and the reference made to DOP &T in this regard.

Also the judgement of the Ernakulam Bench can be accessed from the link provided in the blog of Ministerial Association.