Friday, July 22, 2011

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It was after the vigourous efforts of our Liaison Secretary Com. Shibaji Ch.Nayak that we got an appointment from Shri Rama Chandra Kuntia, Rajya Sabha M.P from Orissa, a very important functionary of the INTUC.When we had met him in April earlier this year at his residence in Delhi, Com. Kousik Roy and Com.Nayak, and of course Com.Arun Zachariah, our then President, had made a very effective and convincing presentation of our case before Shri Khuntia,and handed over to him copies of all related correspondence and documents. The MP not only gave us a patient hearing for nearly an hour, but also sought several clarifications on the matter,and even noted down some points on his pad. He had assured us then that he will certainly take up the issue with the Finance Minister, and the post above is obviously consequent to that. We need to follow up the matter now in all seriousness.

The Hon'ble M.P.Sri.Rama Chandra Kuntia has raised the issue of notional fixation of Inspectors from 1.1.96 in Rajya Sabha on 24th March 2011.
Sir, I would like to mention one thing here about the system of Customs. In the Department of Customs and Excise, the inspectors are very important. They are collecting the money. As I am informed, the Customs inspectors were getting their salaries and allowances on par with the CBI inspectors and other inspectors. Their salaries and allowances were reduced in the Fourth and the Fifth Pay Commissions. Now, in the Sixth Pay Commission, considering their plight, the Government has been very kind enough to bring them on parity; but, they have to get their notional promotions from 1996. They are very much in an aggrieved situation. They are very unhappy. The hon. Finance Minister should consider their case for giving them the notional promotion as it has been given to all other 16 services in this country.

Now his letter dated 7.4.2011 on the same subject is forwarded by Hon'ble F.M.

reference Mr. Vigneswar Raju & Asst. Secretary General Ajit Kumar K.G.