Saturday, July 9, 2011

Posted by Secretary General on 7/09/2011 09:34:00 PM with 4 comments
      We are extremely sorry that we were unable to update our blog for quite some time, in this material period we were too busy with a host of interactions and meetings, we once again beg apology from our members as we could not manage time to publish the detail developments of XVIth convention.
       We have attended the panel discussion on G.S.T. organised by the Directorate Employees organisation of State Government employees, West Bengal. The discussion reflected that :

  • the proposed Goods and Service Tax( GST) will be introduced any time during next financial year, and the tax rate can be set between 16 to 20 percent. 
  • Effective indirect tax rate shall steeply decline under GST.
  • as tax rate going to decline the tax base will increase
  • No. of Assessees shall increase upto 6 times of present strength.
  • This would translate into higher buoyancy of tax- collection
  • with the increase of tax base and collection of revenue no. of officials are bound to increase under this regime.
  • GST shall not hamper the state autonomy in collection of revenue, rather that will make it transparent and help better yield of revenue in the State as well as in Centre.

on 27th and 28th of June we had serious discussion with the Customs Preventive Service Federation and Our C.Ex. Superintendent Association on the issue of 
  1. Change of ratio 
  2. Removal of stagnation

Superintendent Association was not agreed to submit any joint representation in this regard. Nevertheless, we have submitted one join representation with the Customs Preventive Service Federation on the change of ratio issue on 29th June, 2011.
Chairman, gave us  appointment on 11th with CPSFand on 15th to discuss over the issues.
We are earnestly trying to meet FM very soon in this regard.


Rakesh said...

It's been very nice that some people from the Inspector Cadre are taking responsibility and doing their best to give the comrades a better future prospects. However, if you people can raise the issue of ICT ban, which is creating the biggest problem for the newly recruited incumbents, who has been posted too far from their hometown; that would be the biggest boon for us. Hope that this issue will be raised in the coming meetings and some good news will be evolving very soon

Ajay said...

no information on 5400/- status since long. kindly inform whether govt. filed appeal or not.

Shibaji Nayak said...

Good development on GST issue. Regarding change in existing ratio of 6:1:2, I am to state that recently in counter to a petition filed in Hon'ble SC on the issue of change of ration, Board has agreed to revise the RR for Gr'A' on the basis of continuous officiation in three feeder cadres which was the scenario prior to introduction of ratio (prior to 1987). If this is so then we should stick to this and pursue the matter with the Chairman so that the RR should be modified before CR is implemented.

Kumar said...

Whether the ratio is 15:1:2.? If this ratio is accepted, it should be implemented before CR. Further,it appears that 1200 posts of A.Cs is already vacant which is not yet filled.
Please inform whether Caveat is filed in Supreme Court regarding G.P.5400 by the association?