Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Posted by Secretary General on 8/02/2011 11:35:00 AM with 4 comments

On inter Commissionerate Transfer issue, Board has sent the file to Law Ministry, only after having an instruction from Law ministry Board will be able o proceed further. Our team is constantly persuading the issue .

On the 5400 GP case.We have instructed the lawyer to file a fresh caveat prior to the expiry of the caveat petition we have already filed. The lawyer has done the same and send the copy of the caveat for our records. 

He has confirmed that the department has filed the petition on 24.06.2011 and the SLP has been assigned a dairy no. . However, the registry has returned the SLP after noting the following defects. " AN AFFIDAVIT OF THE PETITIONER IN SUPPORT OF THE PETITION/APPEAL/APPLICATION HAS NOT BEEN FILED, PROPERLY ATTESTED AND IDENTIFIED." 

The department has 28 days to represent the SLP after curing the defects. Apparently that time is already over. Now they would have to get the delay in representing the SLP condoned before the SLP is listed before a bench for condoning delay in appeal and admission. Once the represented SLP is accepted by the registry our lawyer would be getting the copy and we would be having roughly two weeks from then to engage a senior counsel to oppose the admission. We expect this in this month.


ajay kumar said...

Dear Comrades,
First of all let me thank you for the initiative taken by you all on behalf of the Inspectors fraternity.I am serving as Inspector for more than 16 years now, and still have got no promotion. We must press hard to ensure a fair deal to us. If our demands regarding timely promotions/upgradations are not fully met then we should be prepared to go on strike. Also the period of ACP should be reduced to 8 years instead of 10 as 8 years is minimum qualifying service for consideration for promotion/DPC.50% of the vacancies of Astt. Commrs.should be filled from the Superintendent Cadre and the vacancies created due to retirement of the promtee ACs/DCs should be filled from Supdt. cadre only.
Ajay Kumar

abhishek said...

thnxs for the efforts shown to open ict.....our efforts will be fruitful when we get it......

prem said...

this will be really a milestone achievement of our association if ict will be open . thanks aicei for pursue the matter vigorously.

S.S. Meena said...

all members are hopefull to get the decision in their favour from the Hon'ble Apex Court. Association is requested to engage a good counsel in the case and keep a track on day to day development and update the same on the blog of association.