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Cadre restructuring going to be Central Excise Superintendent & Inspectors’ nightmare, we depended on Chairman and ex- ADG HRD and present Member ( P&V) but now every one of them denying what ever they have promised till date.  To add more spices to it now it has came back once again from DOP&T with query on the increase in entry level gr. ‘A’ post. D.O.P&T categorically told to our office bearers that the increase in no.of post  proposed by CBEC may experience a sea change at the time of finalization. We can well assume that the assurances given by F.M. to ADG ( HRM) may not fetch any betterment for this poor cadre. However, we are trying to finalise a meeting with F.M.soon and after that  we are planning for parliament rally followed by fasting unto death. All the office bearers and zonal and unit representatives should start widespread campaign on the subject matter.
              The minimum fixation on 4600/- grade pay issue the file is lying with IFU . we met the under Secretary twice tomorrow we are going to meet him again.


Sinjan said...

I fail to understand why are we not taking the following course of action:

1. Stop writting the "findings" portion of Adjudication Orders on behalf of the Gr. A cadres,
2. Stop providing vehicles to Gr. A officers from residence to office and back
3. Stop providing other undue advantages presently being provided by the AE units

Shibaji Nayak said...

The discussions those had with the office bearers by the highest level officers starting from the Chairman to the ADG (HRM) relating to CR, are the reminiscent of the discussions held by a group of Ministers (nominated by the PM) with the members of the Civil Society. No better things could be expected from these higher officials. Always it was like that. We are to be united and fight for the cause. Thanks for this sensible expression. We are with you. We shall fight unitedly to achieve our cause.

Send a message of solidarity to the citizens of Mumbai after the unfortunate blast today evening.

n s dev said...

united we win, divided we fall.

it is time that all associations come together for realizing the just demand of inspector cadre.

1. time bound promotion (or atleast payscale of higher post).

2. parity in promotion within the department ( Cus & CeX) and with sister department (Income Tax).

3. Notional fixation from 01.01.96

jai hind

N S Dev

member said...

nothing to worry, our SG is at work

prabhucg said...

As per DOPT norms all the central Government Departments should review the working of of each Department for the last five years and constitute a committee to study the changed scenerio and re structure the cader of that department. Accordingly CBEC has also constituted a CR committee and after studying the various aspects viz., present staff strength vis-a-vis revenue realised have made their recommnedation to the DOPT. If DOPT raises some query the CBEC should immidiately answer all those queries based on their study and appeal to DOPT to give their consent for CR forthwith without further delay.

sam said...

why not consider a limited departmental competitive examination (LDCE), either, for filling up entire number or atleast a major part of the posts classified in Gr. A right from the entry rung of AC up to atleast Commissioner's grade from amongst all the Inspectors and equivalent with certain minimum years' service (e. g. 8/10 years, Superintendents and equivalent and all the group 'A' officers.

2. Such a scheme shall strengthen the organization considerably as merit and hard work shall matter instead of sycophancy, explitation, mediocracy and the old british policy of divide between the rulers and the ruled.

3. It also needs to be examined as to who are the staunch opponents of such an unbiased proposal. Infact, everywhere one finds incumbents occupying high offices (Gr. A) in the organization solely by virtue of seniority and satisfactory ACRs/APARs acquired through dubious means and such senior functionaries are found incapable of providing any sort of supervision, guidance as they themselves are least acquinted with the law and HRD.

b.j.dongre said...


Balathabail Sudhir Acharya said...

It is ironic that the article was posted on the blog at the same time that a seminar on Sevoththam was going on at Mysore. I remember when I googled "Sevoththam" during 2007, I had chanced upon an article written by a retired IAS officer, wherein he had stated that "considering the magnitude (of staff) and scope of (work in) CBEC, while IAS officers would require over five years to implement Sevoththam in all offices under CBEC, as long as the Board is with IRS, it may remain a far-fetched dream".
Sevoththam is ISO certification of offices of the Central Government. This involves assurance of quality output from staff and machinery (infrastructure). When a private firm goes for ISO Certification, one of the key steps is Change Management. This involves the following steps:
1. Enhance the quality of Inputs and Capital assets to ensure High Quality of final products and/or services.
2. Identify officers who cannot be motivated to produce enhanced results and send them out with benefits.
3. Identify cadres that cannot be motivated and abolish them by either promoting existing staff to the next higher cadre that can be motivated, or retrenching them to sister-concerns that are not vying for ISO certification.
4. Motivate the remaining officers in the remaining cadres through perks, benefits and promise of performance-based career-growth.

Under CBEC, Superintendents and Inspectors form the major chunk of officers and the pillar of the Department, being the medium between the Department and the Assessees. Trying to implement Sevoththam with a demotivated and disgruntled base would be like trying to construct a Gopura on weak pillars of straw.
Hence, if they cannot motivate Group 'B' officers, they might as well abolish Group 'B' and Group 'C' posts in CBEC, since career-growth of Group 'C' officers is dependent on the career-growth of Group 'B' Officers. Let the department function with only Group 'A' and Group 'D' staff.

Deshpande N.R. said...

Well said Sudhir, I fully agree

partha pratim roy said...

I think an infinite "pen down" strike unitedly by the Superintendents and Inspectors of Central Excise will be a timely measure so that the functioning of the Department will be affected , to show our dissent against such insensitive attitude of the concerned in the forthcoming restructuring. Provided we stand united in such strike and is fully prepared to what may happen for such action. The Association leaders may give a serious thought in this regard.

balu said...

After a long time comments have started flowing in.. Whether it is by choice or by default is anybody's guess..

But one thing is clear, the patience of the Officers has ran out. It is time to act rather than just making comments and waiting for things to happen on its own..

Also, one must know and ask as to what do we need exactly rather than agreeing for compromise or short term goal.. The longterm goal and selfless approach is the need of the hour..

Mr.Sudir Acharya, has highlighted one important issue.. Nevertheless, it is only a general issue and does not concern the welfare of the cadre directly..i.e., to say the stagnation issues..

Hope all the concerned are watching...

with due regards
Balu, Bangalore

Kumar said...

Well said Shri Sudhir Acharya.
It appears that 1200 post of A.Cs (all over India)are lying vacant and not filled up.In most of the Commissionerates 1 or 2 ACs post is vacant and it is under additional charge.
In the association's site, there is no information regarding filing of Caveat in S.C.regarding G.P.5400/-. Please inform whether Caveat is filed in Supreme Court and the current status. What is the last date of filing of appeal by the department?