Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uniform Allowance revised! ! ! !

Posted by Secretary General on 9/30/2010 03:48:00 PM with 24 comments

As discussed with our Association at Chairman's chamber on 23rd September 2010, CBEC issued clarificatory order on uniform allowance, however our association is not satisfied with the order and shall pursue for further revision.


balu said...

The Association had in its wisdom blocked the comments for a certain period. Later on due to some pressure from various quarters, it has been allowed now. However, it seems that instead of fruitful debate and discussion, there are only accusations.. I am not for that..

Since this is the first comment for this post i would like to frame a question for the viewers to post their comment if they wish to..

Does the Inspectors/superintendents of Central Excise & Customs require to wear Uniform compulsorily? What is your individual take on that?

If you feel that it is necessary, are you satisfied with the present enhancement of rates..?

If we can find answers for the above questions, by abiding by the principles of democracy, I wish that the Association can take forward the majority view and fight for that..

Hope this would get some strong views/responses..


balu said...

By the way, I am against the policy of wearing of uniform just for the sake of it when it is actually not required. If it is required for Customs or field formations, then certainly it can be restricted to those places alone..

BL Meena said...

Dear friends
Good evening

I fully agree with Shri Balu's comments No. 2 and appeal all of you to vote in favour of this aspect.
Similarly all of us should be ready to deny for protocol services and also be ready to butcot some of our colleauges who are serving manythings like... in guise of so called protocol service.This action should be initiated on TOP PRIORITY for self-respect of our own cadre.

As regards uniform in Customs Field Formation, there may be no hesitation, but allowances should be at par with the other uniformed services.
There should be no place for any type of protocol in our organisation. The reasons and effects of the same all of us know very well.

Our comrade Mr Roy should also clarify the reasons for delay in posting of this news on blog as this is already available on blog of "aiceiarajasthan". Whether he was not aware about such development & result OR he has some hidden agenda ? If yes,please imagine about efforts by our leaders and status/results thereof on our many genuine demands specificallin the present crucial period/turning point of our future.
With regards
BL Meena, Inspr, Jaipur.

harizon said...

Uniform should be abolished as it is amateur nature .

Otherwise allowances should be enhanced at reasonable rate . And Equipment allowances (i.e; for new set ) should be granted for each and every year. And the same should be put on regularly .

murugu1971 said...

Dear comrades,

First of all the uniform is not necessary at this present scenario as the tobacco, gold control, etc. were abolished very long back. Especially after 1991 the licence Raj was done away and certificate era has begun. The approach of the government towards the assessee has been changed. At present physically challenged persons are recruited for inspector cadre. Imagine how pathetic it is. More over There is no uniformity of wearing uniform in our department. If at all necessary to wear uniform, it should be common for all, right from Sepoy to Board Chairman like Police Department. We need not compromise for having the powers of search, seizure and arrest because CBI & Income Tax are having all these powers but they have no uniform. Please understand wearing uniform is not a power given to us but it is a burden thrust upon us. So think twice. It is my opinion the uniform needs to be scraped or it should be uniform to all cadres from sepoy to Board Chairman.

rajaguru said...

We have double standards. That's why we talk repeatedly about enhancement of uniform allowance. We do not want to wear the uniform but interested in substantial amount of uniform allowance. We are also happy to be in uniform, not for revenue related matters, but for protocol purposes to please the bosses.

First of all, there is no basis for wearing the uniform in the absence of written guidelines to that effect. Secondly, it is prescribed only upto the level of Deputy commissioners and not for the officers above that level. In other departments, uniform is prescribed upto the top level officer. Further, there is no relevance for uniform in the liberalised era.

Uniform benefits only the senior officers as they are comfortable when uniformed officers escort them. Let us have self respect and denounce protocol work forthwith.

We will reject uniform allowance even if it is one lakh rupees. It is unfortunate that we are demanding higher allowance for the uniform, which is not contributing to the pride of our cadre.

Singh said...

A lot of insulting words are being said about uniform without understanding significance of each item of the uniform. Uniform is to remain with the cadre and cannot be scrapped. Our uniform ranks above Inspector Police as it has no subordination strip. Long back, our Association has fought for removal of subordination strip and increasing no. of stars to three.
Instead of scrapping uniform, there should be regulations and specific order about uniform and equipment as per rank and cadre. I request all not to degrade or disrespect uniform. CIC has nowhere stated to scrap uniform.

balu said...

Dear Mr.Singh,

I too agree that the CIC did not say that uniform is to be scrapped.. You are correct to the extent that we should not insult it as long as we are using it..

However, as on today, what is the requirement (not basis) for wearing Uniform? Is there any purpose for doing so, except in the case of Customs Formations..

CBI, IT, DRI Officers also have the power of seizure and arrest, whereas they function without Uniform.. It is in this background that i had requested to continue this debate..

Please give the reasoning for continuing the uniform in the present context, and more so when we are likely to move into GST..which is supposed to be people/manufacturer/trader friendly enactment.

will you please come forward..?

BL Meena said...

Dear Comrade Shri Singh
I agree with yr views on uniform, but will you describe the actual benefit of uniform to us ?
In my opinion degnity of uniform should be welcomed, but our uniform is being benefited by the IRS officers & only for the IRS officers. The degnity & respect are not being maintained by most of our colleauges while performing protocol duty of the IRS officers. Moreover being a uniformed officer we even our office bearers are unable to submit our favourable & genuine views before IRS officers properly/forcefully.
On the other hand know very well that what types services are being performed by our some colleauges in guise of protcol due to the unifor.
However further line of action should be decided immediately discussing all aspects of this issue.
With regards
BL Meena, Inspr, Jaipur

Gurwinder Singh said...

I disagree with my friend Sh.Singh.It is not a question of significance or number of stars or strips.Amount of uniform is also immaterial.But what is more significant is that uniform has to be in commensurate with the functions and duties to be performed by the Inspectors/Superintendents.You do not not move out of the office for PBC/transit checks or lay nakas,which have, by and large, become a thing of past.When approach is assesse friendly and of mutual trust,the use of uniform is obnoxious reminiscence of the Licence Raj era.What powers do you boast of now?,Whatever you have,the same are also exercised by others such as IT,CBI,DRI without being in uniform as pointed out rightly above by Sh.Balu.
I can recall that about two years back also,the AICEIA demanded the abolition of uniform from Central Excise and service Tax on this demand the Board sought views from field formations from accross the country.Regretfully,most of the field formations(Divisions and Ranges)of the Ludhiana Commissionerate, in a just to dispose off pendency like manner sent same sterio typed computer copied reply same view that for a revenue officer uniform is necessity and linked it with collection of revenue,without understanding that this pertains to their dignity and honour.
My respectable friend Sh.Singh must realise honestly how many times in past one year has he put on uniform?For that matter how many in the Central Excise & Service Tax wear uniform for official purpose?Rather it has become a symbol of slavery.Ironically,are not we presented as show pieces in uniforms on visits of senior officers or during inspections?
Therefore,the uniform must be done away forthwith.

rajaguru said...

Dear Shri. Gurwinder Singh,
You had made a wonderful analysis. If uniform is relevant and prestigious, why not Board Chairman report to FM in full uniform as is being done by the Defence Chiefs? Our cadre will have respect and liberate from the clutches of slavery, if only uniform is scrapped as the uniform is associated with the protocol work.

rajesh said...

dear all
it is pity to see that we are outsmarting ourself in receiving the grant but reluctant to wear them except while in customs formation, god save us ...what a hypocrisy

Gurwinder Singh said...

Dear rajesh,
You have not gone through above comments carefully.I have already mentioned that amount of uniform allowance is immaterial.When we demand abolition of uniform it automatically implies that the allowance will also be discontimued.But as long as uniform is there officially,why should we refuse it? None in the so foolish to expect paltry uniform allowance in case of uniform is done away with.

manoj said...

There is no question of thinking about uniform allowances howsoever big and attractive.. we all know that for inspectors and superintendents uniform is another tool of getting harrrassed and showing their worth by the IRS. we all kno it very well. why cant we unite and fight unitedly to scrap it for once and forever immediatley. it has no relevance as regards our duties are concerned. it is relevant only for IRS in getting themesleves served by three star uniformed personnel. this is is the only reason. also, if GST is the future of this deptt., no state deptt GST (Presently Sales Tax) has uniform for its officers .... then how can CBEC force the CGST officers for wearng uniform..

rajaguru said...

There should be only one stand. We will not wear uniform as there are no written instructions/guidelines to that effect. We will be bold enough to disobey the unofficial instructions of the local bosses, as such instructions are illegal.

If we are blessed with self respect, we will refuse to take the uniform allowance atleast from today. It is after all Rs. 2000/- thrown on us to retain as slaves of IRS officers. If we cannot sacrifice this paltry sum of Rs. 2000/-, how we can protect the glory of our cadre?

Let us shed the desire for allowance for uniform, for which none of the stakeholders (individual officers, superior officers, subordinate officers, assessees and general public) have any regard.

BL Meena said...

Dear Friends
From the above critical analysis in r/o importance & necesisty the majority may be in favour of aboliation the uniform therfore, our Association should take effective action accordingly.



rajesh said...

i fully agree with rajguru in this regard

rajesh said...

those who have self respect should reject uniform allowance and save thyself from slavery

JD said...

Blah Blah Blah...
This is the status of the AICEIA.
They have started posting news on everything other than issues hurting the Central Excise Inspectors.

Look, that can say something only if there is some result to show. Right now, everything is a big ZERO. So all they do is post irrelevant news or backbite the ICESTEA.

Why is there no news on Cadre Restructuring or the pay anomaly for the 1992 batch or stagnations or even the dept position on the wearing of uniforms.

My monthly susbcription to the Association is a waste. The least these blokes could do is post some updates on the issues hurting the cadre. That way I get something worth for the money I dole out to the association every month. The local associations units are numb and non-responsive. In some places, local leaders are sulking because they feel that may not get any benefit in the restructuring. It is a natural reaction, but can this be a reason for becoming non-responsive?
Perhaps this is the general way the AICEIA is now functioning i.e NON RESPONSIVE AND THICK SKINNED. Nothing that we all say will ever get a response.

I pray to GOD that atleast I get promotion soon after 19 years as an Inspector. Would like to see the back of AICEIA as soon as possible.

And those who feel I am selfish and harsh, I have one question to ask: What better reaction to expect from an individual who is to see a promotion after 19 years and whose parent association is in a virtual coma.

A hopeful Inspector 1991 batch

Vinod said...

We have to make the CBEC realize that uniform is a relic of bygone licence raj era and it has no place in the present liberalized scenario.I fully agree with comrade Rajaguru who says "why not Board Chairman report to FM in full uniform as is being done by the Defence Chiefs? Our cadre will have respect and liberate from the clutches of slavery, if only uniform is scrapped as the uniform is associated with the protocol work". But, some members of our own cadre (Insptr & Supdt) are the culprits, as they bend over backwards to do all sorts of protocol and other works to get favourable placements. This should stop. For this the association should insist that norms in transfer and postings is followed to the 'T' without zero deviation. Let us fight for scrapping uniform, not accept it, however high be the quantum of the Equipment Allowance.

Ex-Sgt.P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear JD
You are very correct. Your contribution to AICEIA is going waste. Do you know the contribution collected from you has not reached to AICEIA. you please ask your local leader what happened to your contribution collected on the name on AICEIA. you will become member of any association only your Membership form/DDO Certificate along with your subscription reaches the concerned association for which you are contributing. Please ask your so called leaders, where your contribution has gone. I am going to get your membership form as well as DDO certificate under RTI act, then I will answer your comment.

harizon said...


shantha said...

It is for this reason just a cm less in height people aredisqualified for promotion as Inspector whereas tall and hefty but nothing in mind are Inspectors and superintendents. What a pathetic condition of the department when the technology is flying high in a rocket. Even LKG children think of rockets and submarines only and not riding bicycles as done by the central excise department.

Sharad Tripathi said...

Dear Friends,
Recently an order for wearing uniform has been issued in Bhopal Commissionerate. I, as the General Secretary wrote to the Commissioner that the Association feels that the Administration is using the uniform as a tool for giving warnings to the sub-ordinates. We take pride in wearing uniform but compulsion of wearing uniform is treated amongst the Members as a tool of repression. The Association is unable to understand that just by wearing uniform while doing table work, what new the Department would achieve. Besides the Central Excise Department there may be hardly any organization which is not a ‘law and order’ enforcement agency but having uniform. Many of the wings of the Government of India, such as DRI, CBI, DGCEI, ED, Income Tax, IB etc., who are not having uniform, are also performing their duties with a great success.There are many other issues which need attention of the Administration in stead of compelling the members to wear uniform and issuing warnings of disciplinary action. In my opinion in the era of upcoming GST there would be no place for uniform. Dignity of the uniform would be maintained if the same is used sparingly as per requirement

I further raised another issue that Inspectors are Group ‘B’ executive officers since 2004, but even then they are being posted in control room and forced to work in undignified manner. The Association has on several occasions requested the Administration to clarify that why only Inspectors are posted to control room when the work is merely of a telephone attendant.I request you all to discuss this issue in diffrent forums.

Sharad Tripathi Bhopal