Monday, September 27, 2010

Confederation of Central Government Employees General Secretary Mr.K.K.N.Kutty has written in hiswebsite regarding the discussions on various issues taken up by the Staff Side in second meeting of the MACP Committee, which was held on 15th September, 2010. We have reproduced the full content of the post and given below for your information...

The 2nd meeting of the MACP Committee was held on 15th September, 2010. The meeting was chaired by the Joint Secretary (Estt.) Department of Personnel and Training. We give hereunder a brief resume of the discussions on various issues taken up by the Staff Side.

1. Item No. 1, 9 and 29,46: The demand was to provide for Grade Pay of the next promotional post under MACP as was given in the old ACP Scheme. This has not been agreed to.

2. Item No.3. Option for each individual employee either to retain the old ACP scheme or to switch over to MACP. It was only agreed by the DOPT that they may consider giving option to the Department and not to the individual employee to retrain old ACP Scheme in respect of either the entire establishment of that Department or for a specific category or cadre of the employees of that Department. They also added that they may instruct the Administrative department to undertake restructuring of the cadres in consultation with the Staff Side which would secure quicker promotion.

3. Item No. 8. Anomaly in respect of Junior Engineers of CPWD. The Official side agreed that CPWD may ask for option to retain the old ACP in respect of Junior Engineers which will be considered.

4. Item No. 2, 10 and 48. The Scheme of MACP to be implemented with effect from 1.1.2006. Not agreed to.

5. Item No. 7.Grant of financial up-gradation under ACP between 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008 in respect of employees who have opted the revised Pay Band Grade Pay System with effect from 1.1.2006. Agreed to.

6. Item No. 4 and 26. Applicability of MACP scheme to Group D employees placed in the grade pay of Rs. 1800 in PB1. along with the benefit of 3% increment in each stage of up-gradation. Covered by the clarification already issued by the Department of personnel ( See their website)

7. Item No. 5 and 23. Counting of 50% of service rendered by a casual labourer with temporary status for reckoning the 10, 20 and 30 years of service for the purpose of MACP. They will examine the court ruling in this regard according which the entire casual service should count for the purpose of MACP.

8. Item No. 6. Supervised staff placed in higher grade pay than their supervisor. The item has been transferred to the National Anomaly Committee for discussion.

9. Item No.11 and 47. In the Railways and some other departments, promotion continues to be given in the merged pay scales, since these have not been functionally merged. It was demanded that in such promotion increment at the rate of 3% may be granted. The Official side has agreed to consider such cases, if taken up by the respective departments.

10. Item No. 15, 22, 39 and 51.These would be considered in the Anomaly Committee of Railways.

11. Item No. 12, 30 and 49. Those selected under LDCE/GBCE schemes may be treated as directly recruited personnel as was done in the case of old ACP scheme. The Official side agreed to look into it.

12. Item Nos. 13, 16. 24 , 50 and 58. It was pointed out that under old ACP scheme in case of anemployee who were reverted from higher post to lower post at this request ( to enable him to get transfer to another recruiting unit) the service rendered by him in the higher post was counted for the benefit of ACP. This should be extended to the MACP as well. The Official side agreed to issue necessary clarification in this regard.

13. Item No.14. A departmental employee who has been appointed to a higher grade by virtue of his being selected in a Direct Recruitment Examination the ten, twenty and thirty years of service for the purpose of MACP to be reckoned from the date of such appointment. Necessary clarificatory order has been issued by the DOPT. ( Please see their website)

14. Item No. 16. The service rendered by an employee who had resigned may be counted if he is given re-employment for the purpose of MACP. The Official side wanted this item to be processed separately.

15. Item No. 17. The service rendered prior to removal or dismissal should count if he is reinstated on appeal or by Courts. The Official side stated that the past service will be considered if so ordered by the Court or the Appellate Authorities.

16. Item No. 36. The service rendered in a State Government/Statutory body /PSU before appointment in the Central Govt. to be counted for MACP. Not agreed to.

17. Item No. 37 and 38. Counting the probation period for the purpose of MACP. This is counted as per the scheme

18. Item No. 42. Application of MACP to a surplus hand redeployed to lower post. This is covered under the scheme.

19. Item No. 18 and 54. A person de-categorised on medical grounds to be treated as a fresh appointee. It was not agreed to .

20. Item No. 41. The service rendered in higher grade who have been redeployed in the lower post on medical de-categorised on medical grounds may be counted under the MACP. The official side agreed to reiterate Railway Board's order issued in the year 2005.

21. Item No. 19, 33 and 53. Stepping up benefit to seniors when the juniors get higher pay on account of financial up-gradation. The Supreme Court has given such an order. The Official side will examine this issue and the copy of the Supreme Court's order may be furnished to them.

22. Item No.20. The Account Assistants in the Railways when appointed on qualifying the Appendix II Examination may be treated as a fresh appointee and his past service in the lower post be ignored. The Railway Board to process this case separately.

23. Item No. 21.27 and 28. The Bench mark of good for entitlement to MACP benefit in cases where promotion to the higher posts is on the basis of seniority cum fitness may be done away with. Agreed to examine and issue necessary clarification.

24. Item No. 24, 40 and 45. Counting of Training period. The induction training period would be counted.

25. Item No. 25. The incentive may be given as applicable to the grade pay granted under MACP. This may be considered by the Railways.

26. Item No.31. Extension of MACP to Staff Car Drivers and other Drivers etc. The orders have been issued separately.

27. Item No.34. Pay fixation on promotion subsequent to the grant of MACP with an increment. This was not accepted.

28. Item No. 35. Notional classification for Central Government employees Insurance scheme for those with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200 to be treated as Group B and covered by the scheme for Group B. Not accepted.

29. Item No.43. There are several illustrations given relating to Railway employees. These were not discussed and each case was asked to be processed separately.

30. Item No. 55. There are no provisions for grant of certain privileges/incentive on grant of MACP as was there in the old ACP scheme. The Item may be considered by the Railway administration.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, we could not place this letter on our website immediately after the meeting. We regret for the same.

With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.K.N. Kutty
Secretary Genera


BL Meena said...

Dear Friends

This news is already availble on blog of Central Government Employee then what is the purpose of posting the same in this blog ?

Please ask our comrade Mr Roy as to whether he achieved any of the our genuine demand during his tenure on the post of SG, which is likely to be completed in December, 2010 ?

During CEC meetings held at Jaipur & Indore, he promised that requisite clarifications on the little issues of fixation of Pay according to pre-revised PS 7450 wef. 01.01.2006 & MACP, but the efforts/results are before us.

In such situation can we image to fulfil our other important & genuine demands. This is a turning point for future of our cadre therefore, strict/hard action such as INDEFINITE DHARNA/HUNGER STRIKE should be taken unitedly if central executive committee is serious about future & self respect of the cadre.

BL Meena, Inspr, Jaipur

rajaguru said...

Two things are certain:
1. There would be litigations galore.
2. There would be move to form General category Executive Officers association (for Inspectors and Superintendents).

Kuldeep Singh said...

Will any body clarify the point number 5(Item No.7)Grant of Financial upgradation under ACP between 1.1.2006 to 31.08.08.................with effect from 01.01.2006.Agreed to?
I have got my ACP on 12.05.2007 after completion of 12 years. Will it be made effective from 01.01.2006?

Balaji said...

No. Mr Kuldeep. There will be no change in your case. Here is the query for which the reply at Point No 5 is given. "In Para 9 of the DOPT OM dated 19.5.2009, it had been provided that earlier ACP scheme will continue to operate for the period from 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008. However, this is not being allowed to officials who have opted for revised Pay Band and Grade Pay with effect from 1.1.2006. In some offices, it is being insisted that financial upgradation under the earlier ACP would be granted only in the pre-revised pay scales and they will have to opt for the revised pay scales only from the date they are granted the financial upgradation under earlier ACP. It was demanded that earlier ACP benefit may be given also to those officials who have come over to the Revised Pay Band and Grade Pay with effect from 1.1.2006".


If the Departmental Screeing Commitee is considering an Officer's case for grant of MACP / ACP from the a date ANTERIOR to the date of Meeting of DSC, then What should be the date of VIGILANCE Clearance? Will it be -
a. the date of Meeting of DSC, or
b. the date from which the officer is getting MACP/ ACP i.e., the date on which the officer is completing 10/ 12 years of regular service.

vengat said...

dear comrades
our association should take up the case of old acp for inspectors cadre since as per the latest clarification we will be entitled for 5400 in pay band 3 only as 3 rd macp. hence, instead we should ask our department to take up our cadre for continuation in old acp in line with decision 2 for item 3. this will enable our cadre secure 5400 in pb3 after 24 years with pay fixation benefit. if we continue with macp after 4 years of promotion or on completing 20 years officers will be placed in 5400 in pay band 2. after 20 years from that date we will be placed in 5400 in pay band 3 with out fixation benefits.

P.Vigneshwar Raju General Secretary said...




harizon said...


harizon said...

"BL Meena said..
Dear Friends

This news is already availble on blog of Central Government Employee then what is the purpose of posting the same in this blog ?"
Like this so many less important matters are being published.
Say , DA order, Ad-hoc Bonus. As if it was not ever been available
and the Employees has passed the patience-less time to get it .

There is a burning matter – i.e; clumsy and cloudness picture is not being cleared for promotion from Inspector to Superintendent at Kolkata Zone.

If the Roster is properly maintained , then what is the problem to show and to seat for the calculation and to rectify the Roster, if necessary to mitigate the matter with the petitioners.

rajesh said...

dear all
as pointed out earlier by horizon, yes a very very cloudy picture indeed ..all shorts are stance being taken with the sole purpose not to pass on the benefit to reserve category officers,, hoped the general association will step in to solve the plight of reserved category officers but they are not rendering any help, the sc/st cell approached the commissioner and chief commissioner and pointed out the anamoly in roaster, but the picture will be clear only when the promotion order will be at hand... Even the kolkata zone is reluctant to obey the orders of kolkata high court,,, they are taking so much of time only to deprive and oppress the reserved category officers. YOU CANNOT GET JUSTICE EVEN YOU HAVE COURTS ORDER ...


rajesh said...


RAM said...

Well said rajesh.

But i feel there is no need for forming one more associstion as said by Rajaguru as it already exists in the name of AICEIA headed by ROY and others.

Tell me, if any body can, what is the importance given by the Association to their members belonging to SC/ST category officers and whether they fight forthe cause of them.

murali said...

please realize that aiceia, as a true association representing all categories of memebers, refused to implead itself in the case and waited for the High Court's orders. This fact is ample proof that this association does not have any bias towards any members, though the aiceia was requested to implead only for speedy finalisation of the case. It is a natural tendency of any effected individual to seek legal remedies. Now that a habit of going to the court has been induced, each and every matter will be taken to judicial fora.The immediate casualty will be the cadre restructuring process.

harizon said...

All the General Caste people are not against the law whatever they may feel in mind . I think , a small portion of peoples are controlling the all matter and some reserve category peoples are also involved either knowingly or otherwise .

Mr. Ram I am giving two points from where you as well as others will able to understand the situation .

While the Interim order dated 2.3.10 passed , the date of submission was fixed for 3 weeks and consideration of date of effect was mention 10th February,1995 twice .

After passing the said order , two Association Leader appeared open session of Group-B Association at Kolkata. And one of them declared there that they are going to appeal for Stay vacation ( Horizon says-keep in mind it was instead of submission of Affidavit which was fixed for 3 weeks only) . And appealed to Superintendent association in which they forbid to oppose by the SC/ST Superintendent as they are member of the said Supdt. Association.
Thereafter passing a many days the affidavit has been submitted with effect from 1997-98 only.
There intention also very clear from a fact that while it was refused to obey the procedure of promotion as per R.K.Sabarwala case , with the help of a circular dated 31st January,2005 clerifying the effect of OM No.36028/17/2001 Esst.dated 11th July,2002, then they started to giving the promotion w.e.f 11.7.2002 . But it is reflected at many where that more than 400 Inspectors got promotion as Superintendent in Kolkata Zone in 2002-03 (w.e.f 11.7.2002) whereas only 20 Sc people got promotion on Reserve Quota in the said year . (Reference:- Sl. No. 473 to 879 of seniority List circulated under C.No.II(34)4-ET/CON/A-3/Kol-I/2008/1876-1900B dated 15.1.10/28 Jan 2010)

As fur as I know that SC/ST peoples are not being entertained now . Why ?

All Sectional head is higher officer but all work/calculation is done by lower staff .So , I think Higher Officer having no intention to deprive or to go against the law .
As I know , work of promotional matter done by ministerial staff. But to ignore the order or to make clumsy of Roster willingly by them ,it is impossible if they are guided by some other way .

As per discussion , if the Roster/DPC work is done on Saturday & Sunday (i.e; on 25.9.10 & 26.9.10) , two Sc/St people (who highlighted the defect of Roster and Review DPC held in 2004) would be called and their phone No. have been taken . Work has been done on the said day but they have not been called at all . Why this playing of hide-and-seek.

I think, the matter can be solved , if well wisher /impartial members from Superintendent, Inspector and reserve category people seat together and make Fresh Roster /Promotion order as per existing rule.

BL Meena said...

Dear Friends

Our uniform allowance has been doubled by the Ministry, but it is our unfortunate the our SG Mr Roy is unaware about result of our such genuine demand as HE NOT POSTED IT IN FORM OF HIS SO CALLED VICTORY ON THE BLOD.
The details or order may be peruse on aiceiarajasthan blog.

Now you can imagine efforts on our demands and status & fate of the same on the basis of FAITH on Mr Roy & Co.

Be active yourself for safeguard our own future.

With Regards
B.L. Meena, Inspr, Jaipur

RAM said...

Dear Murali

with due regards and regrets it is to be informed just becuase the Association has not implead itself in the Kolkatta Case it can not be inferred that it is neutral.

Not Insisting to implement an order or OM is also as equal to favouring a particular segment.

If the Association is unbiased it should act to the benefit of all members.

OK LEAVE it. As suggested by Rajaguru things can happen.

RAM said...

Dear Meena

be cool there is no use in shouting our views. They will post the clarification regarding the Child Care leave or increase of DA to pensioners

wait and watch

rajesh said...

dear all
finally the promotion order have been published by kolkata zone, only 29 sc members and few ST members got promoted afresh, out of which 4 SC vacancies aroused for 2010-2011 till september. The Dpc came out with a fantastic formula with a fine touch which resulted in promotion of only 25 candidates from below whereas more than 62 candidates would have got the promotion. We must render thanks to DPC Committee for creating more confusion and anomaly with the sole purpose to deprive the SC/ST Officers. YES, when in most of the zones committees are being formed regarding DPC taking members from all spheres including representatives from SC/ST Cell, Kolkata zone plays hide and seek game with the SC/ST Cell as they first appointed two members from that cell and took their mobile numbers but did not call them at all on Saturday and Sunday, on whose direction is anybody's guess, what the authority is trying is prove ?? they are above law and give a damn ??
even this 25 candidates would not have got the promotion if the general association wouldn't have intervened timely,
i request the general association to look into this personally to sort out the anomaly. A anomaly committee must be formed taking representatives from all arena to avoid further litigation, WE TOO DO NOT WANT ANY LITIGATION UNNECESSARILY,, WE ARE NOT COURT HAPPY,, WHY WE WILL HAVE TO MOVE THE COURT EVERY TIME ????

harizon said...

It was seen somewhere
I) Your boss is OK.
i) If you don’t agree with it then follow said Sl.No.1.

We are unable to raise the voice against Boss.
The Defence staff have also no voice but some times they have to raise the gun against the boss for his arbitrary .

rajesh said...

dear all
does anyone have the idea how the dpc cell from kolkata zone calculated and derived at a figure anywhere near 25 reserved candidate and given the much awaited promotion when 44 got elevated in the ladder earlier,, its seems to be a calculated move to deprive another 19 candidates or more in the pipeline,,, whether anyone raising any voice against this anarchy... what about the general association who always extended their helping hands at the time of need???? CAN ANYONE CLARIFY ???????

harizon said...


harizon said...

Thank you rajesh
kind attention for all
Strange to say that motivated person knows how to befog the situation. If you donot want to go Court, they will compelled you to go there in which they enjoy by all aspect .

harizon said...

Some stranges are --
For the sake of argument, suppose the review DPC of 9th september,2004 which have been passed as order earlier ,is ok, although so many disputed are there .
Now regarding order no. 127/2010 dated 30.9.10issued for Kolkata zone .

harizon said...

i) Name has been listed in the said order for the year from 2005-06,2006-07 and so on separately. But no date of effect from which date they got promotion has not been mentioned . But at the end -date of effect from 30.9.10 for 32 candidates and from 1.10.10 for 2 candidates has been mentioned . Is it promotion order .

harizon said...

ii) in 2005-06,promotion shown for 44 candidates where 1 to 11 got shown regular promotion for GC.
then sl. no.12 to 31 --shown sc people as ad-hoc promotion. to 34 shown ad-hoc promotion for ST.
Again 35 to 44 has been shown as regular promotion for GC.
keep in mind that reserve people kept as ad-hoc among the regular promotee of GC--i think this is sandwitch for safety .

harizon said...

from supdt.'s seniority list(published as on 01.01.2010), it has been ascertained that out of 63 promotion in 2005-06, 11 candidate got promotion on reserve quota who were adjusted in the 2002-03 or 2003-04 as per review dpc's order passed on 10.09.2010. This vacancy should be at least same as it were earlier(i.e; in 2005-06).

Note, 63 post/vacancy reduced to 44 ti minimize the consideration zone.
Again, say the post/vacancy is only for 44 in 2005-06, in this case 14 inspectors are consideration zone as per seniority list of inspec tor issued on 6.6.2002 as on 01.04.2002.
But here promotion shown as ad-hoc and kept among the GC as chhotto Bhai.

harizon said...

iii) As per said order , sl. no. 1133,1140 & 1181(this sl. No. as per seniority list of Inspector published ibn 6.6.2002 as on 01.4.2002)--the ST people shown as ad-hoc promotee for the year 2005-06.
sl. no. 1382,1383 & 1385(this sl. No. as per seniority list of Inspector published ibn 6.6.2002 as on 01.4.2002)--the ST people shown as ad-hoc promotee for the year 2006-07.
sl. no. 1431,1442 1473,1518 & 1521(this sl. No. as per seniority list of Inspector published ibn 6.6.2002 as on 01.4.2002)--the ST people shown as ad-hoc promotee for the year 2007-08.
The said st people have not been regularised. But 1527,1531 & 1532--the st people got promotion as regular for the year 2008-09 and 1537 for the year 2009-10

harizon said...

iv) As per Establisment order no. 127/2010 dated 30.9.10, one parimal kanti Sarkar (of sl.757 as inspector seniority list dated 6.6.2002)has been shown as regular promotee in 2009-10 as GC. But he has been shown as ad-hoc promotee as SC in 2005-06(vide of said order)
again he has been shown as regular promotee as SC in 2007-08(vide 111 of said order )