Friday, September 24, 2010

Meeting with Chairman

Posted by Secretary General on 9/24/2010 09:27:00 AM with 8 comments

On 23rd September 2010 Chairman took a meeting with the Association. In the meeting we have pointed out :

  1. The ongoing cadre restructuring exercise and its effect
  2. Notional fixation of pay of Inspectors of Central Excise in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 with effect from 01.01.1996.
  3. Fixation of minimum pay corresponding to pre-revised scale of Rs. 7450-11500 consequent to up-gradation ordered on 13.11.2009.
  4. Anomaly in pay of 1992 batch Inspectors who received ACP prior to 20.04.2004.
  5. Lifting of ban on ICT
  6. JCM s should be conducted at the Board level and at local level at regular intervals.
  7. Abolition of control room duty.
  8. The 1% incentive on incremental revenue should be utilized for providing facilities and infrastructure for lower level staffs also.
  9. Departmental Clarification on MACP.

  10. Protocol duty performed by Inspectors to various higher officials and VVIP’s.
  11. Non-functioning of the departmental anomaly committee
  12. uniform allowance and its relevance.
Chairman gave us a very patient hearing and the meeting went on for one and half hour, Joint Secretary Sri Aabhay Singh and General Secretary Delhi Circle Sri H.S.Bajaj were there along with other office bearers. Detail of the meeting will be published through a circular within a short while.


Unknown said...

Meeting with chairman, a progress in deliberations.

Best of luck to office bearers.We are behind you.


Unknown said...

Despite scorching criticism, aiceia had allowed the blog for posting the comments. Such a matured approach is a rare phenomenon. Great. Now, it becomes the responsibility of all of us to reciprocate by posting decent contents.

As regards the agenda, I emphasise the point that the Association can still fight for actual fixation, instead of notional fixation. Further, the plea for abolition of uniform is irrelevant in the context of the order of the Central Information Commissioner to the effect that there are no written instructions/guidelines for insisting on uniform. There are a few officers in Tamil Nadu who refuse to wear uniform even at the time of Inspection by Commissioners. This is happening for about two decades. That being the case, it is not understandable why the Association should request for abolition of uniform when there is no prescription at all.

Association may simply give a letter to the admn and advise the members to avoid uniform. I request that the Association should spell this stand.

Unknown said...

and we must also show equal enthusiasm towards rejecting the uniform allowance

Condemn Binayak Sen said...

I have been watching the blog for quite some time and noticed the anxiety among members for first promotion. But, is there any difference between Inspector & Superintendent in the eyes of administration? Is there any financial benefit? Not any:
1. IRS officials treat both in the same manner.
2. Superintendent gets Rs 200/- enhancement in grade pay per month which is offset by Bonus payable to Inspectors.
3. A lot of responsibilities are thrust upon Superintendents without any administrative powers.

Believe me, you will be more frustrated on becoming Superintendent. I have been posted as Superintendent in a range with one Inspector only who has has recently been promoted from the cadre of Data Entry Operator. As he knows nothing, the entire work and responsibility rests upon me. My range is having more than 1000 ST assessee and over fifty C. Ex. assessee out of which five are major assessee. The Inspector is quite happy as he is doing nothing because he cannot do anything.

Anonymous said...

PS: Please read it as 1992 instead of 1882 in my previous comment.

Anonymous said...


jitender said...

You are absolutely right dear NK. In our department any tom and herry can become an inspector without any qualification and creteria. This is only department in which i have come across people like Data entry operators being exalted to the post of inspectors in due course of time without going through the gruelling exam of SSC. Even no one has tried to nip this problem in the bud. This type of move should be defeated by both Inspectors' and Superintendents' association at national level as per the course of legal action available.

arangavenu said...

Dear NK,
Don't blame all DEOs. DEOs in our commissionerate are quite efficient to handle section/range independently. So, do'nt blame all.

Then Dear SG, Kindly publish the deliberations of the meeting with chairman immediately. all are eagerly waiting.