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The All India Central Excise Inspectors Association like to thank Sri Virender Singh Thakur the real hero of our All India Association of recent period for his priceless effort to keep the Chandigarh circle intact, this association wish to congratulate Malkit Singh, Monoj Nayyar and their team for being stead fast for the cause of the Assocation
The All India Central Excise Inspectors Association like to thank Sri DHARAMVEER SINGH AND SRI H.S.BAJAJ and their team for their priceless struggle for creation of a committed committee in Delhi; the All India Association expects and extends all co-operation to Delhi Circle Committee.


பெசொவி said...

Long live our unity!

I just want to know whether Chief Controller of Accounts of CBEC may be approached to give a clear-cut instruction to the PAO's regarding granting of grade pay of 4800 to the ACP Inspectors who got ACP between 1.1.96 to 31.8.08

Thank you

JoinedAfter01012006 said...
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JoinedAfter01012006 said...

I think that our Association is not able to put the demands strongly before the Administration.

We, the Direct Recruit Inspectors who joined on or after 01.01.2006 are worst affected by this Pay Commission.

We are ready for STRIKE.

There must be a STRIKE because we have a valid cause behind this.

Dear Association Office Bearers,,
I dont understand the cause behind delaying the matter.


So, kindly inform us about the decision alongwith date (preferably in the month of Nov'09) of "INDEFINITE STRIKE".


JoinedAfter01012006 said...

Its late in the night and I dont have sleep in my eyes.

And the Govt./Asso. is having a sound sleep.

A request to our Association

"Jaago Association Jaago"

Q ki

"Agar aap STRIKE nahi kar rahe hai to aap so rahe hai"

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

"Subah hoti hai, Shaam hoti hai, Umar yu hi tamaam hoti hai"

""Jaago Association Jaago""

Unknown said...

it appears that association is not taking the issue so seriously we the direct recruits are the most suffered one financially as well as statuslly. We all have been degraded. We want justice and justice.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

Jagdish bro,
what is your e-mail id ??
i wanna chat with you.

Unknown said...

i think the"devide and rule" concept of the english has worked with the Association as inspectors appointed before 01-01-2006 has not been so much affected as inspecors appointed after01-01-2006 that's why they are not so serious in this matter.
So i request to association bearer to do some like stike otherwise our future generation will remember you in other sense.
pl. do sir.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

Dear Office Bearers(ala- appointed before 01-01-2006)

Are you listening ??

I hope that this is not like the Quote mentioned below-

"Bhains k aage Been bajaana"

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear Comrades
It is not true that post 2006 and pre 2006 are different. Both are equally effected. Its not the difference between the timeline but it is money line that is keeping some of the people quite. For example in Hyderabad the Assn. is not bothered at all. Here every thing matters is only posting. When posting season comes our shameless office bearers run around officers for their good posting or to avoid posting to remote place. Even the elections are fought on these lines. No body is bothered about pay,welfare,dignity of Inspectors. I request all the Inspectors to visit my blog '' and offer their comments.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...



JoinedAfter01012006 said...

My mail id is :-

"interested and affected" (post 01.01.2006) can contact me.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

Still no reply from AICEIA.

We are waiting

Unknown said...

Dear Association camrads
where all are you?
no reply so far from your side
we new appointees are so frustrated from this " late latiffii" that are forced to go to court.
but before it i want to convey my frustation to you that "yaa to kaam karo yaa phir pad chhoddo"

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear Comrade post 010106
Eventhough I am no way involved in AICEIA I appreciate the efforts put by the office bearers of aiceia. It is not fair to comment on their efforts. You know that our Dept. as well as Ministry is somehow has nagitive attitude towards Inspectors. As a matter of fact if AICEIA wanted to neglect post 010106 Inspectors it was very easy to accept the proposal offered by them. Kindly read the following update:

"Wednesday, August 26, 2009
In continuation of the meeting chaired by the Secretary (Revenue) on 23.07.2009, a meeting was called by the JS (Per) of Expenditure Ministry. The President and SG attended the meeting. Representatives of the ITEF and Customs Preventive Federation also attended. In the course of the meeting, the Expenditure Authorities conceded that it is not possible to merge the cadres of STA and Inspector due to functional distinction. However they were not ready to commit on the upgradation to Rs. 4600/- and instead they suggested some alternate measures like 2-3- 4 additional increments/ higher start in the pay band/ putting 80% of Inspectors in Rs. 4600/- and the rest in Rs. 4200/- who will move to Rs. 4600/- after 4 years/ clarification that promotion from STA to Inspector would entail FR 22 fixations. We categorically stated that none of the suggestions would solve the problem faces by the cadre. They even suggested that all the Inspectors presently on the rolls can be granted Rs. 4600/- and the subsequent entrant would be in Rs. 4200/- . When we stood to our stand the meeting was prorogued by the JS (P) stating that they would report to the RS and after that the decision would be communicated.

Met the US IFU to pursue the representation against the Dy Controller of Accounts letter regarding Grade Pay on receipt of ACP under the 99 scheme. We breifed him and requested to expedite the matter.

Met Member (P&V) and registered our protest in permitting ICT on spouse joining ground on without loss of seniority principle and expending the order to promotional posts also. The Member agreed to have a relook.

However, we shall continue our agitation program till we receive a positive communication from the Government."

Therefore I feel all the members should support our office bearers to achieve the goal.

MADHUKAR said...