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Posted by Secretary General on 11/06/2009 12:29:00 PM with 12 comments
I have seen several posts from a gentleman under a pseudonym complaining that the association is not serious in the grade pay issue. I would request him to read the previous posts of this association before making such irresponsible comments. This is the most important issue being pursued by this association during the last 10 months. As regards the complaint that the association is not going for strike, I request him to read the circular 8/09. The date of the strike is being finalized in consultation with other organizations. It is easy for an armchair commentator to exhort for strike. But a responsible organization can go into it only after going through several steps and weighing the pros and cons. I would like to add that these types of negative remarks are not going to help the situation and would only demoralize the cadres and foster sectarian feelings. I request that gentleman to come out of the pseudonym and call me or the Secretary General for clarifications.



ASHIM said...

I am a direct recruit to this Deptt after 01.01.06 in the cadre of Inspector and appreciate the efforts of the office bearers of the association. I hope their effort will bring the result very soon and our frustrations come to an end.

HSGRAO said...

Dear President please do not approve such comments in future. just reject it. being moderator you have that power

sahlamte said...

Hello, Mr.Arun !
Please do not take those comments seriously. You are the FATHER FIGURED of all the Inspectors of our Dept.through out India.
I am also a new recruit who really appreciate the works taken-up/done by AICEIA from the very beginning.
May be our friend have spoken those things out of frustration. Actually, the negative impacts which we the new recruits suffered after the implementation of 6th CPC Report is really HUMILIATING and DEMORALIZING.
And, it is my greatest hope that the GP issue will be settled in our favour. We've no one else but AICEIA.


The GP issue of Inspector is a very serious one.. They are dillydallying the same..We need to get it resolved before this present administration in CBEC and DoR changes.
Please read this thread in the GConnect discussion forum;post at #10.

This is about a Statistical oficer under Directorate of Economics @ Statistics in the pre-revised GP 4200 moving to GP 4600. The said officer claims to have got it also..Why cant our Delhi collegues check it up..

It is really true that those who have joined after 01-01-2006 are really frustrated with getting something like Rs.15000/- as 60% arrears while even junior TA getting thrice as much..
So it is natural that they might vent their emotions at someplace..



P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear Comrade Arun
Really you are doing a commendable job. You must have seen my reply to the pseudonym comments. Even he was questioning me.There will be some people frustrated but every one is behind you. Not to bother about one or two. Please go ahead the force is behind you.
Long live AICEIA
With regards


Income Tax, central Excise and Customs joint strike on 26th Nov.

partha pratim said...

lets not get diverted to these trivial issues but concentrate to make the strike on Nov 26 a grand success to meet our demands.

AICEIA said...

Andhra and Maharashtra had not yet responded for strike, any body who goes through this blog pl. take initiative.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

Dear Preisdent,
Thanks for your reply.
But,it is a fact that a year has passed and we are still in the same position.
Let me describe my condition.
I am getting approx Rs5000/-less salary from my batchmate who joined just 03 days before me.
As 60% arrear i got around Rs.18,000/- & my batchmate got more than Rs.1,00,000/-
As AICEIA is my association,i found it the best place to convey my frustration.Maybe my way was wrong.But we want Results
I'm sorry if i've hurt any emotions
We fully support AICEIA.

Ex-Sgt.P.Vigneshwar Raju said...


pankaj said...

i think that such adverse comments about the integrity of association need not to be given any consideration

Praveen said...

Dear President,

I have been promoted as Inspector from STA and my basic was Rs.5,300/- in the month of January 2006 in the cadre of STA, i got promotion in the month of july 2008 and my basic was Rs.5,600/- at that time. Hence, i would like to know what will be my basic in the new grade pay of 4,600/- as on july 2008. My email id is pulipatikumar at