Saturday, November 7, 2009

Notice for Strike (scanned copy)

Posted by Secretary General on 11/07/2009 04:38:00 PM with 9 comments


Kuldeep Singh said...

Dear Comrades,
The time has come when we have to show our strength & unity against the unjustice done to our cadre.
I hope all the members of the Association and the members of other fellow unions will make the Govt. listen to our legitimate demands.
I wish a big success to the strike and a positive outcome of the same.



Please invite our brothers in the Superintendent Fraternity to join strike. Eagerly awaiting the 26/11/2009 call.

S.S. Meena said...



heartly well comes the decision of one day strike on 26.11.2009 but
even if we do not get success by one day token strike, then the strike should be called for indefinate period (i.e. upto the acceptance of our demands).

Unknown said...

i think we should continue our strike till our demands are met

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

Comments made on ITEF, as seen on the following blog's Homepage ::

***This is the third time in less than a year that ITEF has called strike. In earlier occassions they postponed/deferred the strike in the last moment without achieving any concrete assurance from Govt. So the members are requested to wait and watch upto 25th Nov. The leaders will desperately try to withdraw the strike as they know their incapability of holding a nationwide strike. Merely a meeting with the chairman of CBDT and verbal assurance of favourable consideration may be a face saver to the leaders to "postpone" the strike. There is only hope left that Customs and Central Excise Associations are with them this time.

I hope that this is not TRUE..

It shows that the Income Tax employees have more faith in AICEIA from ITEF.

So, the "SRIKE" should be upto the acceptance of our demands.

Unknown said...

Dear Arun and Kaushik ji,

I really appreciate the strike action to be intiated on 26th Nov. we the direct recruit after 01.01.2006 are in very bad situation, but the issue is to be resovled soon.

Unknown said...

it is requested that the strike should not be called off in any circumstances except if our demands are met

Life said...

Respected Kaushik,
I think you had already gone through the comment posted by sh Ramamoorthy dated 06.11.09, where he had given a link of G connect, that case looks similar to ours in asking GP of 4600 corresponding to earlier scale of 7450....

When MHA has given GP of 4600 to the officer of Grade 6500-9000 by upgrading the pay scale to 7450-..., what is the problem with the Finance Ministry.
Also when govt/Ministry is not considering our legal demand, it is time to move to Legal forum, by filing the suit.

sahlamte said...

Yes, ob-course the new recruits are the most affected by the GP issue.
However,the Inspectors who are below 10 years old in the dept. and those who got ACP after 01-01-06 are also affected.
The Inspectors who will get retire very soon are also affected, because they'll be much more benefited if they get retired with a Grade Pay of 4600.
There is no question of PRE and POST 01-01-06. All the Inspectors are affected in one or the other way.
It is a question of 'DIGNITY' for all the Inspectors.