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A fortnight has passed after the issuance of the pay up gradation order and the initial euphoria has given way to airing of doubts, lamentations and accusations. These broadly fall into three categories.

i) What would be the pay fixation of a person joining as direct recruit subsequent to 01.01.2006? Pay fixation of a person promoted as inspector after 01.01.2006? Pay fixation of an inspector in service on 31.12.2005?
ii) Seniors are not benefited by this pay up gradation order and hence there is no need for any hype.
iii) The Association went wrong in withdrawing the strike without getting any assurance on the other demands in the strike agenda.

I would like briefly muse on these three points.

The pay fixation of direct recruit Inspector who joined on or after 01.01.2006 is free from doubt. The initial pay in pay band would Rs. 12540/- and the gross basic pay would be Rs. 17140/-. As regards the other two cases, two views exist. The first one is that the person who was on service as inspector on 31.12.2005 would be fixed in the revised pay band, on electing for revised pay structure on 01.01.2006, at a stage corresponding to his pre-revised basic pay as on 31.12.2005 multiplied by 1.86 and rounded off to Rs. 10/- plus the grade pay of Rs. 4600/- and a person who was promoted as Inspector after 01.01.2006 would get his pay fixed after adding an increment of 3% of his pay in pay band plus the grade pay of the feeder post to the pay in pay band and the grade pay of Rs. 4600/-. The second view is that the pay in pay band so fixed in both these cases shall not go below Rs. 12540/- There is no point in Association giving a clarification; we have to seek it from the authority competent to clarify. In this regard, it may also be worth mentioning that some of the individuals who were promoted as Inspector between 01.01.2006 and 01.09.2008 opted for the revised pay structure on the date of their promotion foregoing their arrears and got the pay fixed corresponding to the stage Rs. 6500/- in the pre revised scale. When the cadre of Inspectors do not have a pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500 after 01.01.2006, is not these individual’s pay to be re-fixed as on their date of promotion to a stage corresponding to Rs. 7450/-? If that be the case, can a senior draw a lesser pay?

Coming to the senior’s benefit – to cry that the seniors are not benefited is nothing but a myopic view. First of all the grade pay has restored the parity with analogous cadre, our dignity, our status. Leave that apart because status without pay may not be universally acceptable. Let’s examine whether this order would benefit the seniors. What are our major out standing pay related demands. Notional fixation on 6500-10500 scale with effect from 01.01.1996 and Rs. 5400/- grade pay to ACP recipient Inspectors. You may recall that the initial pay in the pay band of revised pay structure corresponded to the pay plus dearness pay plus DA in the pre-revised scale and the grade pay was the fitment weightage. When a new recruit Inspector had to start his pay in revised pay band at the stage of Rs. 9300/-, the pre-revised pay scale of Inspector was effectively down graded to Rs. 5000-8000. Without even restoring the pay scale to 6500-10500, what logical possibility is there for granting notional fixation of the scale 6500-10500 from 01.01.1996? This up-gradation is absolutely essential in pursuing that demand. As regards the second demand of Rs. 5400/-; prior to this up-gradation only a section of the Inspectors were drawing grade pay of Rs. 4800/- on ACP. Now every Inspector would receive Rs. 4800/- on ACP. Hence I wish to state that despite non-availability of immediate financial benefits to seniors, this up-gradation would benefit them in the long run.

Finally the allegation that strike was withdrawn without obtaining all the demands – If you follow the actions and persuasions done by this Association during the last one year, you would be able to understand that the strike was not simply called on a one fine moment. Step by step, the grade pay issue was brought to the negotiation table. After several rounds of discussion, when finally the issue reached a stalemate, which could not be resolved except through a strike, notice was served. The other points were included in the charted so as to draw attention to it. In the matter of calling strike and calling off strike, I submit that the members should show the magnanimity of giving sufficient lee way to the leadership who would be assessing the situation and it may not be possible to share everything that is happening due to strategic reasons. Strike is similar to the game of brinkmanship used in the diplomatic circles. Only the persons in the first line of action can take the decision.

Before parting, I wish to say that the success in the grade pay issue is only because of our unity and let’s all be proud of that. This is a morale booster for all our future endeavors. We will work together to achieve that.



vivek said...

And when is the next endeavor going to start...... After the ACP inspectors get promoted to Superintendents!

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Comrade Arun
Your letter is posted in

You are going to see a surprise from Hyderabad Inspectors shortly(positive)

Kuldeep Singh said...

Dear Comrades,
Please see the CAT order No. OA 180of 2006 dated 20.11.2009 of the Cuttak Bench of CAT. Copy available at
The decision is regarding our demand of scale of 6500-10500 w.e.f 01.01.1996.

Unknown said...

atleast we have started and let us celebrate whatever little it may be. beginning are pointer to the future pawan kumar

Jeevan said...

Thanks for the clarification. Long live our Association. My best wishes for achieving our other goals.

Unknown said...

the article has very clearly brought out the benefits of upgradation to 4600/-; but the pay of persons joing as Inspector before 2006 say for in 2005 remains a mystery whether it will be 7450*1.86+gp or 17140 or 6500*1.86+gp on 1.1.06. Similarly the case of inspectors promtoted as Inspectors after 1.1.06 is

karthi said...

Dear comrade, I fully endorse your views. We will stand by you, go ahead.

chokka@blr said...

Dear President,

The post is a well articulated one. Many of the members who are raising a big hue and cry before understanding what has been achieved is very bad on their part. Before making allegations/ complaints let them do a small bit of homework and understand as to what is that they are arguing about.

The best part of your post is this:
"In the matter of calling strike and calling off strike, I submit that the members should show the magnanimity of giving sufficient lee way to the leadership who would be assessing the situation and it may not be possible to share everything that is happening due to strategic reasons. Strike is similar to the game of brinkmanship used in the diplomatic circles. Only the persons in the first line of action can take the decision.",

You may edit the post and highlight that for easy viewing by the members.

with regards,

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

for all viewers
source cengokerala

vengat said...

comrade zacariah, the issue of grade pay of 5400/- to acp inspectors governed by acp99 scheme, may not be applicable for new macp inspectors as they shall be granted only next grade pay.


One obstacle has been cleared.

Now remains the serious issue of promotion.. It is heard that the recommendations of the High Power Committee constituted for cadre review has recommended that all inspectors of central excise/preventive officers of customs who are in senior to the junior most supdt anywhere in India(by applying the length of service principle) be upgraded as supdt..if that happens, the issue of GP of 5400 will automatically solved.

Other serious issue is the grant of parity with effect from 1996..If we can get the Cuttack CAT decision dated 20-11-2009 implemented, that will solve this thorny issue also..

All the best..

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear comrade K.P.Rao
I will respond to your comments after knowing all the details.
My grievance is only that my hyderabad office bearers are just sleeping after their election. I wanted them to either do some thing or quit, as the GS had been saying so now and then. In my view since I had come to Central Excise in 93 all the office bearers (whether in hyd or at centre) have done a wonderful job so far. I am coming to know the difference of opinions only now . In any case things are to be put in the right track.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear Comrade Ramamurthy
As per the clarification issued the grade pay of 5400/- is to be given only after promotion as supdt. Even if they make everybody supdt. now, again the count of 4 years begins from the date of promotion. The Inspectors who have completed 4 years after receiving ACP have already completed 4 years in 7500/- as on 1.1.2006 but are still required to wait another 4 years which is not justified. In any case after 91 Inspectors will be getting 2nd ACP(5400) by next year or so. So our struggle has to continue.

Secretary General said...

Com Vigneshwar Raju,

We appreciate the spirit you have for our organisation, we have respect for our former president except his repeatetive tendency of telling lies,
The only states he manges to keep with him is only Andhra pradesh and superficially Maharashtra, when we have visited we saw a lot of good intelligent guys in Mumbai who are not aware what was going on Hyderabad, try to understand a man who has no support in his own home turf how he could win others with his superfluous ideas; see we love him personally and we believe that it could have been better if he could keep himself as a good worker of our Association, we got very very good talented leaders like Tirthankar Pyne, R.Manimohon, Chandramouli, N. Venkatakrishnan, N.Balraj, Arun Zaqchariah, Shibaji Nayek, Shankar Rao, Virender Thakur, Manoj Kumar, Ashoka Narayanan etc but most of them were never in the top brass of the association, time has come to mark the Person who prefers only specified post and not the association, I myself engaged with the Association for the last 13years and a direct recruit of 1993 got the scope to work as Secretary General only in the month of December 2008, the rest Nine months experience as acting Secy general with our former president was simply horrible, it is not only me, my former secy general was about to forgo his promotion but improper action and inapt ability to handle the situation of our former president compelled him to relinquish his charge to me, never mind I am righting in a open forum for the fact that our colleague should know about the divisive factors and the reason behind properly. The states our former president mentioning who had not participated in the vote is totally false as none of the states participated in vote as there was no contest at all, Former president spat venom in the name of Kousik roy though I repeat I won't have any personal animity against him; he conducted several group meetings upto 04.00 A.M. in the morning of 11th of December 2008 and understood defeat is inevitable, I appreciate his stand not to fill up nomination form, and immediately after declaration of result he left the convention place and started spreading all these bull sheets he had written above; however I have no reservation in coming to hyderabad and answer each every question only thing is that I have received a threat call that I should not enter Andhra and Maharashtra. if you want more detail call Manimohan, Call Pyne or Zacharah.

Unknown said...

Inspectors will gain nothing.
Say what you want.
I am of the 1992 batch in Pune. Here in the West zone, the stagnation is horrible. No promotion for atleast 22 years. In other zones, it is not the case where Inspectors of 1995 or later have got promoted in the general category and are now senior to us. In the west zone, those under reservation have got promoted upto the 1996 batch and are now our seniors.
Such a shame and sham.
To make matters worse, they will end up getting GP of 5400 soon, while we rot at 4800.
And what about the pay anamoly affecting the 1992 batch.
So in all this there is no jubiliation for me and the Inspectors cadre in the west zone.

So for those celebrating...long live the jubiliation.

And for the West Zone Inspectors, Good luck!!! Hope we see some good days soon.

partha pratim roy said...

struggle for pay scales/ pay fixation etc is all right... i want the top brass of our association to take up the cause of STAGNATION on topmost priority and call for agitation immediately.. otherwise a large part of our inspectors cadre will remain frustated...

N. SHANKAR said...

whatever the decision of the association. we have full support.
we trust your decision.
carry on.

Unknown said...

Whether it is true that the High Power Committee constituted for cadre review has recommended that all inspectors of central excise/preventive officers of customs who are senior to the junior most supdt anywhere in India(by applying the length of service principle) be upgraded as supdt.
Can any one please provide details of the recommendations of the high power committee?

Unknown said...
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cceeoachd said...

Arun,Koushik and your team is different from the others because you let your actions speak rather than than your words.The recent success has raised the level of aspirations of our cadre and everybody wants his share of pie.This all shows people trust you and your actions. the cadre must appreciate that the leaders at the helm of the affairs must be under no pressure to plan their strategies.They should be independent in taking strategic decisions.Go ahead. Wish you good luck
Virender Thakur



One thing is certain..We are not going to achieve anything..

You want to know why ..

WE LACK UNITY.....just read the above comments from the start...

God help us..because you fools wont

பெசொவி said...

I just want to tell one thing:
Some people are telling that the granting of Grade Pay of 4600 to our cadre is not due to the efforts of our Association, Had the Govt. not given the Grade Pay of 4600 to Inspector of C.Ex., the same people would have made a hue and cry over the issue.
What a pity!

Everybody knows this association and the new office bearers are doing their level best to achieve our goals.
We must know that in spite of V Pay Commission's Recommendations of pay scale equal to CBI Inspectors, we could get the same only prospectively from April, 2004.
Whereas, the grade pay of 4600 has been received within one year of implementation of VI CPC and that too retrospectively from 01.01.2006.

Whatsoever, whosoever speaks ill of you, Comrade Kousikji, we stand united behind you, carry on with our endeavour to achieve the goals.

Jeevan said...

Dear Kousik Royji & Arunji, I strongly support whatever you are doing. Let the earlier AICEIA president tell and say what he wants. Now just because we have achieved one milestone in our struggle, he is lambasting his ideas. This is natural. When there is victory, all want a share of the pie. But just imagine in case we were still struggling and did not have victory, would he be supporting and going for a second Associaton?
My sincerely advise is please do not make another association. Gather all your strength and unity into this very association. In case it's not possible to give a post to the persons trying for second association, then at least they should give outside support to the present AICEIA.
Hope tranquility & peace descends on everyone.
Long live AICEIA. Keep up the good work Arunji & Kousikji and everyone fighting for our cause. AICEIA Zindabad.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...


Unknown said...

Attention of all is invited to the revised fixation of pay in revised scale of 7450-11500, as on 01.01.2006, As per my view the new fixation will be as under, if there is any thing incorrect please correct me.
The OM issued from F. No. 1/1/08-IC dated 13.11.2009, by Shri Alok Saxena, regarding, grant of the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs. 4600/- in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in pre revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006. Following the recommendation of 6th Pay Commission notified by para (ii), Section I in part B and C of the First Schedule to the CCS (RP) Rules 2008, it was decided in para 3 of the above said OM, all the posts, which were in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006 and which were granted normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs. 4200/-in the pay band PB-2, will be granted grade pay of Rs. 4600 in the pay band PB-2 corresponding to the pre-revised scale of Rs. 7450-11500 w.e.f. 01.01.2006. And as per para 4 and 5 of the said OM, the pay of all such Government servants in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 will be re-fixed again in accordance with illustration 4A annexed to CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. On account of above direction the pay of all the Government servants in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006 has to be re-fixed in accordance with instruction given for fixation of pay and payment of arrears in the OM dated 30.08.2008 from F. No. 1/1/08-IC. Para 2 (ii) of the OM dated 30.08.2008 directs as “in case of upgradation of posts and merger of pre-revised pay scales, fixation of pay will done as prescribed in Note 2A and 2B below Rule 7(1) and in the manner prescribed indicated in illustration 4A & 4B respectively of the Explanatory Memorandum to the CCS (RP) Rules 2008. Note 2A states; where a post has been upgraded as a result of the recommendations of the 6th CPC as indicated in Part B or Part C of the first schedule to these Rules, fixation of pay in the applicable pay band will be done in the manner prescribed in accordance with clause (A) (i) and (ii) of Rule 7. The grade pay corresponding to the upgraded scale as indicated in Column 6 of Part B or C will be payable in addition. It is amply clear from above that Rule 7 (i) & (ii) of CCS (RP) Rule, 2008 has to be followed in fixation of pay in cases where scales have been upgraded.

And as per the above said rules the fixation of pay of a Govt. servant drawing basic pay of Rs. 6500 or 6700 as on 01.01.2006 in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500, on account of upgradation to 7450-11500 will be as

1. Existing Scale of Pay Rs. 6500-10500
(Corresponding Grade Pay Rs.4200)
2. Pay band applicable PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800
3. Upgraded to the Scale of Pay Rs. 7450-11500
(Corresponding Grade Pay Rs.4600)
4. Existing Basic Pay as on 01.01.2006 Rs. 6500 or 6700
5. Pay after multiplication by a factor of 1.86 Rs. 12090 or 12462
6. Pay in the Pay Band PB-2 Rs. 12090 or 12470(R/o to Next 10)

7. Pay in the pay band after including benefit Rs. 13860
of Bunching in the pre-revised scale of
Rs. 6500-10500, if admissible
(Due to: Rule 7 (ii): if the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale is more than the amount arrived at as per 7 (i) above, the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised pay band /pay scale; and minimum of revised pay band of pre-revised scale of 7450-11500 is Rs. 13860.)
8. Grade Pay attached to the scale of Rs. 4600
Rs. 7450-11500

9. Revised basic pay –total of pay in the pay Rs. 18460.
band and grade pay

Unknown said...

fixation of pay of a Govt. servant drawing basic pay of Rs. 6900 or 7100 as on 01.01.2006 in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500, on account of upgradation to 7450-11500 will be as

1. Existing Scale of Pay Rs. 6500-10500
(Corresponding Grade Pay Rs.4200)
2. Pay band applicable PB-2 Rs. 9300-34800
3. Upgraded to the Scale of Pay Rs. 7450-11500
(Corresponding Grade Pay Rs.4600)
4. Existing Basic Pay as on 01.01.2006 Rs. 6900 or 7100
5. Pay after multiplication by a factor of 1.86 Rs. 12834 or 13206
6. Pay in the Pay Band PB-2 Rs. 12840 or 13210(R/o off to next 10)

7. Pay in the pay band after including Rs. 14280 (Rs. 14274.5 rounded off)
benefit of Bunching in the pre-revised
scale of Rs. 6500-10500, if admissible
(Due to Proviso to Rule 7 (ii): benefit of bunching will be admissible in this case and hence by allowing benefit of one increment of 3% on 13860.)
8. Grade Pay attached to the scale of Rs. 4600
Rs. 7450-11500
9. Revised basic pay –total of pay in the pay Rs. 18880.
band and grade pay

Following the Rules of CCS (RP) 2008, the model table for fixation will be as under as on 01.01.2006
Basic x1.86 roundup New Basic
6500 12090 12090 13860
6700 12462 12470 13860
6900 12834 12840 14280
7100 13206 13210 14280
7300 13578 13580 14710
7500 13950 13950 14710
7700 14322 14330 15160
7900 14694 14700 15160
8100 15066 15070 15620
8300 15438 15440 15620
8500 15810 15810 16090
8700 16182 16190 16190
8900 16554 16560 16560
9100 16926 16930 16930
9300 17298 17300 17300
9500 17670 17670 17670
9700 18042 18050 18050
9900 18414 18420 18420

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Comrade K.P.Rao garu,
I am not interested to spread any thing which is against the interest of the cadre. You just see the overwhelming response of the Hyderabad Inspectors, who are against the split and against the office bearers of Hyderabad unit who have supported the split without even a small circular to the members.
Sir I respect your service and achievements in your life as well as the service you have rendered to the cadre. I am also an Ex-Serviceman served in Air Force, If there are any short comings on the part of AICEIA, to rectify them we all will come forward. Let us not become fools before the Administration.

The gentleman who wanted four people instead of two for negotiations, My advice to him is to make 10 associations instead of 2, as 20 people can sit for negotiations with govt with 20 different ideas.

With Regards

udai said...

Instead of fighting whether the grant pay of Rs.4600/- to the Inspectors are with the efforts of AICEA, I would like the AICEA or any other association to fight tooth and nail and implement the payscale from 1996 instead of 2004, as per the directions of the Cuttack CAT. This is a golden opportunity and the efforts put in will show who is in the drivers seat. Since the said issue is unique to our cadre, the efforts will put rest to all the bickerings.I request you to immediately call a General Body Meeting and decide the future course of action to get the payscale implemented from 1996.I think instead of routine we will have to all the recourses available including financial drain to set the matter right once and for all.So please I request u all to rise to the occassion.
Long live the association.

Unknown said...

The confusion still remains after granting Rs.4600/- to Inspectors mainly,

i) Whether the pay as on 1.1.06 will be fixed as (old basic pay as on 1.1.06) multiplied by 1.86 or Rs.7450 multiplied by 1.86 with bunching benefit.

ii) If fixation is as (old basic pay as on 1.1.06) multiplied by 1.86 formula, then how to rectify the anomaly of officers who were in service before 1.1.06 with basic pay of Rs.6500 and 6700 respectively whose pay will be Rs.12090 & Rs.12470 which will be less than the initial pay of a new entrant on 1.1.06 (i.e, Rs.12540).

In this regard, kind attention is invited to a clarification issued by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangethan on 17.12.2008 in similar case of upgraded scales where it says that;
A TGT drawing Basic Pay of Rs.6900 in the pre-revised scale of Rs.5500-175-9000 as on 1.1.06 will be allowed pay of Rs.12840 in PB-2 as per fitment table (S-10). However a Grade Pay of Rs.4600 as applicable to upgraded scale (Grade-III) of Rs.7450-11500 will be allowed. There is no provision to re-fix the pay of Rs.6900 in the upgraded pay of Rs.7450-11500 on 01.01.2006.

Hence our pay in the pay band will remain the same but grade pay will be Rs.4600/- instead of Rs.4200/-

However, since the initial pay of the scale for Grade pay of Rs.4600/- is Rs.12540/-, hope the scale of Inspectors may start at Rs.12540/- itself for whose basic pay in the old scale was Rs.6500 as on 1.1.06 to avoid juniors drawing more pay than the seniors. In such case, the fitment table will be

Pre-revised scale- (S-12), Revised Pay Band + Grade Pay
6500-200-10500 PB-2 Rs.9300-34800+4600
Revised Pay
Columns: Pre-revised Basic Pay, Pre-revised Basic Pay X 1.86, Pay in the Pay Band, Grade Pay, Revised Basic Pay
6500 12090 12540 4600 17140
6700 12470 12540 4600 17140
6900 12840 12920 4600 17520
7100 13210 13210 4600 17810
7300 13580 13580 4600 18180
7500 13950 13950 4600 18550
7700 14330 14330 4600 18930
7900 14700 14700 4600 19300
8100 15070 15070 4600 19670
8300 15440 15440 4600 20040
8500 15810 15810 4600 20410
8700 16190 16190 4600 20790
8900 16560 16560 4600 21160
9100 16930 16930 4600 21530
9300 17300 17300 4600 21900
9500 17670 17670 4600 22270
9700 18050 18050 4600 22650
9900 18420 18420 4600 23020
10100 18790 18790 4600 23390
10300 19160 19160 4600 23760
10500 19530 19530 4600 24130

In such case, the initial pay for old pay of Rs.6500 and Rs.6700 will be same, one bunching benifit will be available for old pay of Rs.6900, there will not be any change in the pay in the pay band for the rest.

Please clarify if you have more information in this regard.

Kuldeep Singh said...

Dear Jayaseelan,
I agree with you totally. I had also given the same formula in my comment dated 18.11.09 at 5:27PM (In response to the AICEIA's Congratulatory note on achieving 4600 GP dated 13.11.09).
Now this 4600 is a 20 days old news and as suggested by Mr. Uday, it is the time to fight for the scale from 01.01.96. I request all concerned to take up the matter and continue the fighting tempo.

Unknown said...

Dear Kuldeep and Jayaseelan, you have not gone through my comment,dated 02.12.2009, please print it and read it carefully, it is in all aspect perfect, and comply with the CCS (RP) rules 2008. what Jayaseelan has given it is very much less, than what the Govt. is ready to give.

Sanjit Modak said...

Has any Commissionerate fixed the revised pay yet? No doubut it is going to be big issue in coming days as becaue we cannot fix the pay of inspectors who have joined on or after 1.1.06 at Rs. 6500/- (pre-revised) and if we cannot then how the seniors who were drawing pay like 6700/-, 6900/- or 7100/- will be drawing less pay ? Is is not wiser to ask clarification from the government under RTI Act?

Balaji said...

Dear Times please explain as to how your workings match with the illustration 4A given in the revised pay rules 2008. I think your workings don't match with it. Correct me if I am wrong.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

ACP 1997 or MACP 2008 both speak about only direct recruits, but the promotes in the cadre of Inspectors are also equally suffered with direct Inspectors in a long wait for promotion to Supdt. Even though the LDCs or UDCs have got promotion its just peanuts. The Association Should demand for a promotion or ACP if an officer completes ten years of service in a particular rank/post. Thus the aim of MACP will meet the requirements of all the employees. This issue should be taken up with the Anomaly Committee and the Govt. immediately. I request all the Tax Assistants also to post their comments on the matter.

ok pathak said...

sir, we all are very happy. when the order of implementation of grade pay 4600 is likely to come from CBEC, any idea?

Vikas_A said...

Dear Koushikji,

We need some updates regarding the ongoing cadre restructuring and to be more precise about the estimated no. of vacancies arising in Superintendent cadre and the expected time period it is going to take.

Vikas Asthana

G Venky said...

It is heard from Superintendents association that talks on the notional fixation of pay from 01.01.1996 was held on 30.11.2009 at the Board office (Outcome of the CAT order of Cuttack). Kindly update on the same.

Unknown said...

Dear Balaji,
My calculation certainly and cent percent goes with the illustration 4A, please check and ask specific then I can answer. In fact the example given by me are nothing but replica of illustration 4A.

92batch said...

Dear AICEIA office bearers,

Every body in the cadre wants to know

1. What are the recommendations of the High Power Committee?

2. What is the proposed structure of Organised Group B service or the idea of IITS (Indian Indirect Taxation Service)?

3. What is the out come of meeting dated 30 November 2009?

4. What is the present position reg. Grade pay of Rs 5400 to ACP recepient Inspectors?

5. What is the present position reg. Pay anomaly of 1992 batch Inspectors?

6. What are the future plans of the Association?

Further, a bit of introspection.

In my long career of around 18 years as Inspector, I have never witnessed such zeal, enlightenment and sustained struggle of Inspector cadre as a whole. We extend full support to our Leadership and hope that with our combined efforts, we can make history.

Our goals are modest and achievable. We have build up pressure on the government and have given sufficient time to the concerned to think and Act.

We cannot accept the matters to linger on any longer. A fresh programme by the Association is must now to keep the momentum and to mobilise the cadre for a bigger struggle.

Unknown said...

I have some question to ask -
(1) Reg. Grade Pay of Inspectors, what will be the Basic Pay for pre-1/1/2006 Inspectors drawing old basic of Rs.6500 and Rs.6700 as on 1/1/2006?
(2) Has any Commissionerate made the Pay Fixation order in Rs.4600/-grade pay?
(3) Are we getting the scale of Rs.7450/- or just Rs.4600/- benefit + 3% incremental?
(4) Will anomaly exist among direct recruit Inspectors & pre-1/1/2006 Inspector?

vengat said...

dear prasidth
that benefit may be forthcoming for officers drawing less than 6900 as on 1-1-06. further, there is no such thing as 7450 scale. if you see the revised pay rules and section of the pay rules it is clear, that officers pay will be fixed by multiplying with 1.86 and if it falls short than the pay for officers with grade pay of 4,600/- in the pay band on intial appointment, then bunching benefit will be given as per the illustration of 4-A. In the case of officers of 4,600/- grade pay, the pay in pay band will be 12540/-. the same has been made clear by department of expenditure in O.M. dated 13-10-08 from F.NO.1/1/2008 in para 3.

Unknown said...

Thanks Vengat for your reply.
I would be grateful if any of our comrades inform whether their pay has been fixed as per Department of expenditure's O.M. dated 13-10-08 from F.NO.1/1/2008.