Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Circular- 08/09

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Right after completion of our 2nd phase of agitation we got an appointment with member (P&V) that we have intimated to you all through our Circular 07/09.

Immediately after the meeting Board had issued one letter to the Pr.CCA’s office requesting them to modify there letter and to instruct the PAO’s not to deduct salary on the basis of the Deputy Controller of Account’s letter. A copy of the letter we have already published in our blogger (

The meeting convened by the Joint Secretary (Per), Dept. of Expenditure turned out to be a delaying tactic. The Expenditure intimated that they require more time to analyse the issue vis-a-vis the demands from other cadres and they wants to take a holistic view of the matter and after that it would be placed before the Finance Minister. We pressed for fixing a time frame but the expenditure was non-committal. After this meeting, we had an informal meeting with ITEF and Customs Preventive Federation and decided to seek a joint meeting with the Revenue Secretary.

On 12th of October All the three organizations under the revenue department sent a joint letter to Revenue Secretary seeking his intervention in this matter. Further these three organizations decided to sit in a joint meeting in Delhi at the earliest.

In the mean time Office bearers while contacted over phone have opined positively in favour of industrial action, some of them suggested for indefinite Strike action, hence, AICEIA has taken a decision to go for token strike in the last week of November along with other organizations of Revenue Department, AICEIA is trying its level best to garner Superintendent Associations support and participation in the token strike.

A detailed campaign programme chalked out and placed under neath:

Date Place Name of office bearers to be involved

26.10.2009 Lucknow Kousik Roy & Sanjoy Singh

27.10.2009 Patna -Do-

28.10.2009 Bhubaneswar Shibaji Nayek & Pramod Dhal

28.10.2009 Madurai N. Balraj & Venkatkrishnan

29.10.2009 Raipur Sanath Panda & H.K.Ghoshal

02.11.2009 Bhopal -Do-

03.11.2009 Indore -Do-

03.11.2009 Salem N. Balraj & Venkatkrishnan

04.11.2009 Coimbatoor N. Balraj & Venkatkrishnan

04.11.2009 Vapi & Daman A.S.Kundu & V.K. Tyagi

05.11.2009 Guwahati Kousik Roy & Sanjoy Singh, Deep Thatal

06.11.2009 Surat A.S.Kundu & V.K. Tyagi

09.11.2009 Delhi Kousik Roy, A.S.Kundu, L.Meena

10.11.2009 Chandigarh Kousik Roy, A.S.Kundu, L.Meena

11.11.2009 Jaipur Kousik Roy, A.S.Kundu, L.Meena

12.11.2009 Ahmedabad Kousik Roy, A.S.Kundu & V.K. Tyagi

12.11.2009 Chennai Arun Zachariah.P, N. Balraj & Venkatkrishnan

14.11.2009 Karnataka Kousik Roy, Arun Zachariah.P & Shankar Rao

16.11.2009 Mumbai Kousik Roy, Arun Zachariah.P & A.S.Kundu

In addition to that we are holding discussion with the organizations of A.P. to organise a meeting, Mr. Arun Zachariah shall take care of the campaign in Kerala, Sri Sanjoy Singh & A.Satish shall take care of campaign in West Bengal and in A.P. Sri A.S.Kundu and Shankar Rao shall campaign in Goa.

All the unit office bearers are once again requested to submit their remaining D.D.O certificates immediately.

Yours fraternally,

( Kousik Roy)


The president

All Office Bearers of AICEIA

(for wide circulation of inputs to

the Members of all Circles/Branches)


subhash said...

This time we should not fall into the trap of dilatory tactics adopted by the expenditure ministry. We should go for strike only than they will understand the seriousness of this issue of GP 4600. They will understand that we are not only talking but we can go upto any extend to get GP 4600 as it is the matter of our dignity. We should not go for any negotiation before this strike as again it will be wastage of time. Negotiation without action is meaningless. Therefore, go for strike, then come to negotiation table, give a time limit and make sure that demands are achieved within that time limit otherwise go for indefinite strike till the demand is achieved.
Long live association.. All the best..

sahlamte said...

Dear Comrades all over India,
Get ready for the action so that we can achieve 100% success.
If we are UNITED there is nothing on earth which we'll not be able to do.


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

4600 is not a demand. Why they require more time to analyse the issue vis-a-vis the demands from other cadres to take a holistic view of the matter. after they want to place before the Finance Minister. What a fun. It was clearely stated in the resolution to give 4600 with consultation of DOPT, then why again Finance Minister it is not a fresh demand. It is an accepted and implemented recommendation of pay comm. Only the DOPT has to give clearance not the Ministry or Govt.

jagdish said...

Dear friends,
what the rubish and the hell Dept of Expenditure think about our grade pay issue. once it is conceded that there is a functional difference between STA and Inspectors, they must resolve the matter at the earliest. one side they accept the difference, other side they think to take all similar issues together. it may take too long. why dont they solve the problem wherever it is noticed and whenever noticed. why should we wait for other similar issues its not our problem instead relates to them only. then why have we been suffering for last 1 year.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

I think that our Association is not able to put the demands strongly before the Administration.

We, the Direct Recruit Inspectors who joined on or after 01.01.2006 are worst affected by this Pay Commission.

We are ready for STRIKE.

There must be a STRIKE because we have a valid cause behind this.

Dear Association Office Bearers,,
I dont understand the cause behind delaying the matter.


So, kindly inform us about the decision alongwith date (preferably in the month of Nov'09) of "INDEFINITE STRIKE".


pankaj said...

if the associatio can't pursue the matter with board, we should file case in CAT; acc to notification either we should be merged with STA or we should be upgraded to 7450

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

But the Question is

Billi (CAT) k gale mein Ghanti (Case file) kaun baandhega ??

ravindra said...

our office beare will not do this we, being most sufferor, have to do this pl. keep in touch. come on orkut or give e-mail id so that we may take next cours of action.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

How to find you in Orkut ??

ravindra said...

you may contact me on Orkut under the name "ravindra.anand"