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Shiwalik said...

Hats off to Mr. M. Subramanyam!
His fight is based on the Gurudev’s words “Eklaa chalo re”.
Whether his cause was funded or guided by AICEIA who announced like another feather in their cap?
If one has to fight his case individually then what is the use of any association?
When time is to calling shots in the process of cadre review by demanding like this :-
Insp to Supdt- 8 yrs.
Supdt to AC- 7 yrs.
AC to DC-4yrs.
DC to JC-5yrs. onwards,
Aggrieved staff was provided only false promises/claims in a cascading manner.
When IRS can be Commissioner in 21 yrs then why not Inspector to JC in 24 yrs.
If you have iron chain around your neck like African slaves, only then you will accept this cadre review offer.
If you accept this disgraceful offer, your future generations would certainly bear same words in their hands like Amitabh Bacchan in “DEEWAAR”.
Now it is your will whether you wants your future generations to be as Big “B” or they (future generations) survive like descendants of Maharana Pratap.

sushil said...

Its realy a joke that in the 21 st century also we have to fight for the things which we shall get automatically. I am 1995 bach inspector of Lucknow Central Excise Commissionerate and still after 15 years I have not got ACP. I wrote to Commissioner and Chief Commissioner but no action though my representation was forwarded to CC, Lucknow for consideration. Even after one year it has no result. Is there no other way than a court? Are they not god believing humans ? Are they Rakshas got birth as human IRS From Sushil Kumar

Balaji said...


P.Vigneshwar Raju General Secretary said...

In Hyderabad CAT already we 14 members have filed OA 1051/2010. Same way I request all the members in different states to file OA in their respective states so that pressure mounts on the Board and Dept. of Expdr. Same way I request the AICEIA to help Com.Subramanyam to file a CAVEAT in Supreme Court so that the Dept. can't obtain a unilateral stay without giving notice to the petitioner.If at all any suit is filed in Hon'ble Supreme Court we must see that the said suit of Dept. is not admitted and is dismissed in admission stage.

viji said...

In case the department goes on appeal along with ceveat, the association should implead itself so that the interests of the whole cadre can be taken care of since if it is filed by an individual, then fresh OAs will have to be filed by the entire cadre citing the judgement. Hats off to MR. Subramaniam. Now it is upto the association to get its acts together

JD said...

This judgement is a big leap. But I do not think the AICEIA will walk the extra mile to see that the judgement becomes a reality. The judgement is the effort of the fight of an individual with no support from any federation. So a ceveat in the Supreme Court will also have to be filed by an individual, again with no support from the AICEIA. As usually, the AICEIA will lay dormant. I hope atleast on this issue, someone in the AICEIA wakes up and does something positive. After all we should get something back for the subscription which we pay.

Bhagwan Singh said...

The CBEC ought to automatically enforce the HC order. The Order of the HC is not a new legislation, but just interpretation of the true spirit of the Govt. of India's instructions on the grant of 5400 grade to the Executive Officers of Group B after 4 years of service in 7500 now 4800 grade pay. The view that every individual should file OA in their respective jurisdictional CAT benches does not appear to be true. The Supreme Court has held numerous times that the litigation between the Govt. and employee should be minimal as the govt. should act as a model empliyer.

AICEIA should take up the matter with the CBEC to accept the judgment and issue directions to the CC formations to implement the decision of the HC through out India.

In the alternate, if the AICEA feels so, the individuals can also file representations to their cadre controlling authorities to give them the benefit in view of the HC judgment.

The AICEIA should meanwhile contact Mr. Subramanyam to help, whatever way he requires, to file caveat in the SC so that no ex-parte relief is granted against the HC order.

Jai Hind,

Nair said...

I support the last para of above comment. Now the AICEA should take up the issue in the SC for filing the CAVEAT and Mr Subhrahmaniam should only be instrumental in the issue. I mean, ALL EXPENDITURE should be borne by the Association

rajaguru said...

I am very happy to see the spirit of the officers in every comment displayed above. I am very confident that we will certainly win our case, IF THE ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP ALSO HAS GOT THE SAME SPIRIT. As usual, members are boiling, but association leadership remains cool.

The lukewarm response of AICEIA is evident from the fact that it had bluntly refused to publish a readable format of the cadre restructuring proposal, whereas ministerial officers had taken pains to publish the relevant contents in readable word format.

Unfortunately, AICEIA is not interested in reacting to a situation as the members do. Even the efficient Mr. Vigneshwar Raju gets hurt when we point out the lukewarm approach and adamant attitude of AICEIA. What to do???

monisha said...

will it be applicable for 1997 batch dr who were covered under macp


V said...

This is a highly commendable achievement. AICEIA may relentlessly persuade the Board to implement the order without delay. In case non-compliance contempt petition should be filed at the initiation of the Association. I wish all success in the Association's endeavor.

P.Vigneshwar Raju General Secretary said...

Dear Critics of AICEIA. Iam a simple member of AICEIA as every one in the fraternity. Once I can do little service to the cadre what ever the way I can do without having any sort of responsibility, I expect the same from every member.AICEIA is not some one who is employed for you.AICEIA means all members. Please co-operate with the leadership so that they can do better service. By criticizing our own leaders we are not going to achieve anything. They are not paid from our funds for the service they do. Of course only the expenses of travel and other things are reimbursed.You expect the people from Calcutta and Kerala should run to Delhi and other parts of India throughout the year and expect to update the blog every day and meet all the aspirations of the Members, is not possible as they are also human beings like us. They have their own family like us. Sitting at home it is very easy to criticize. I request all the Members come forward and do some service to the fraternity what ever little they can do. Since last one year I myself opened a blog and giving service to the people. Now I am satisfied that I could manage to avoid a split in the unity of Inspectors at all India level. Once being an ordinary member, I can do all this, why not every one spend a drop their sweat to your own cause. Please give some constructive suggestions to our leaders so that they get some interest & satisfaction to serve the fraternity.

vengat said...

I think the above order wont help new MACP beneficiries. as they have not been granted the scale of SUPDT ( 7500-12000) scale but only gp of 4800. the officers who have been granted ACP are granted the scale of supdt and no fixation benefit on promotion.

surya said...

Dear all,
The comments of Shri Bhagwan Singh are really thought provoking and need to be considered seriously. AS in the past,the Customs Officers have again, like animals ,managed to snatch away the morsels of food from the central excise officers' mouths/plates. Why the Board officials are dancing to the tune of the Customs fraternity and manipulating things in their favour is as clear as day light. First of all the stupid ratio being followed for the promotions to Assistant Commisssioner should be scrapped. The customs officers connving with the Board manipulate things and get into Group A service in relative short span of time and is likely to get 15 to 20 years minimum in the Group A cadre, where as the Central Excise Officer due to the stupid ratio being followed now if at all manage to get promoted will get hardly five years of service in the Group A cadre. No vacany is likely to arise in the near future due to the retirement of the customs officers, where as more than 80% of the retirement vacancy will arise due to the retirement of the central excise officers only. And to add salt to the wound, even these retirement posts will again go to customs officers due tot he stupid ratio/system prevailing now. To put and end to this injustice and also to mitigate the raw deal meted out to the Central Excise faternity in the past, the total length of service in the Group B cadre shouold be treated as the criterion for promotion. Also very senior superintendents should be directly placed in the senior time scale. If the Board is reluctant to oblige, we have to obtain stay of the restructuring process till all our demands are met. We should also press for merger of the customs and excise departments at the lower level also or else completely bifurcate the two departments so that unscrupulous customs officers do not eat away the legitimate rights of the central excise fraternity.

rajaguru said...

Dear Surya,
I am very much impressed with your reaction to the cadre review proposals. Unfortunately, the persons who are required to react and guide remain calm without pronouncing their stand.

Nair said...

I fully support Shri Vigneshwar Raju on his above comments. Need of the hour is not mud slinging; but co-operation and unity of all the members, failing which we are not going to achieve anything. Support the leaders with constructive comments and your opinion. Every one in the department is literate to understand what others have done sofar. At least let us do something now

madhes said...

I salute our comrade mr.subramanian for his commendable effort.The AICEIA should also take care of MACP beneficiris to get the benefit of 5400 GP.If any hindrance as said by comrade vengat then the association should urge the board to call for option to opt ACP or MACP

sureshaha said...

i agree with shiwalik that a single man Shri M. Subramanian fought vigorously and provided the benefit of Rs.5400/- grade pay which not only gives a financial benefit but also travel by flight for offical tours and LTC. I hope there are more than 10000 inspectors are working in the department. Even a special contribution of Rs.10/- per inspector gives an amount of lakh towards reimbursement and reward to our comrade Subramanian. This will create a enthusiam in many other officers who can create wonders which will finally help our community. I hope fedaration should come out openly and reward this person suitably.

Shiwalik said...

As I told in earlier comment on top, time is ripe to reap the harvest but AICEIA is sitting over the bin of worms. Supdt’s Asso. demanded from Insp to Comm in 21 years as compared to IRS becoming Comm in 17 years. JAGO MOHAN PYARE otherwise you have to sit with Mir Jafars & Jaichands.

sello said...

The middle cadre (unlike the Upper and Lower cadres) has for long been given a raw deal in CEX dept. So, if from what i have read is indeed true then the entire association needs to go down on its goddamn knees and salute this gentleman called Mr. Subramaniam, coz his solitary efforts have achieved what the association office bearers should have taken up...(if they had time to spare from their lucrative postings)
Its high time for them to get their asses moving and at least ensuring that the Board implements the order of the Hon'ble High Court.

murali said...

It is reliably learnt that the Dept Counsel has advised the Dept to file an appeal against the High Court's order in the Supreme Court. Cosndering the implications and the attitude of the Dept, we have very little chance of getting our legitimate benefits, even the great God himself wants to give us!