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Posted by Secretary General on 11/19/2010 12:52:00 AM with 7 comments
Secretary General OF AICEIA visited Guwahati on 17.11.2010 on the invitation of the Inspectors association of all the seven North Eastern States. Com.Bikash Kar Presided over the Meeting. Representatives of  Guwahati,Shillong,Agartala, Silchar were present along with the general Secretary Sri S.Nandy.. The representatives of Diburgarh have extended their support over phone. North East General Secretary Com.S.Nandi started the meeting. The delegates have cordially welcomed the Secretary General. The Members have  unanimously decided to support the AICEIA and promised to send the required subscription and DDO certificates to the Apex Body. The delegates have also requested the Secretary General to take steps for removing the regional disparities in promotion and  to remove stagnation in the cadre. All the representatives have unconditionally agreed to standby with AICEIA and extend their full support for the activities taken up by AICEIA. The Secretary General has conveyed his heart felt feelings for their warm welcome and assured them that the AICEIA will take care of the views of  all the Branches/Units supported and attached to it. The Secretary General also requested all the units to be united for any cause and to support any decision taken by AICEIA in the interest of the Members.. 

Comradely yours



P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Congrats Comrades for your relentless effort to serve the cadre. I hope with the same enthusiasm you will continue the efforts to derive maximum benefits out of cadre restructuring to the fraternity. I request the Inspectors in other parts of India who are still not members of AICEIA to further strengthen the hands of AICEIA by joining the organization.

Sudhir Tiwari said...

I endorse the views of Shri Raju and extend my congratulations & warm wishes to our National Executive ably led by Shri Roy. Shri Raju also deserves special mention for being an inspiration in the way he has been managing the Hyderabad Blog and doing commendable work for the Cadre.

I would also take this opportunity to commend all the individuals who have in some or the other way, whether directly or indirectly, contributed to our cause.

Although this is just the beginning and we have many a miles to go, yet I feel that it is the sincerity of the effort that counts.

Unknown said...

There is only one group in the world-ie. Executive officers of Central Excise (Inspr+Supdt) who do not have self esteem. They will attend to protocol work. They will wear uniform even if it is not officially prescribed (as could be seen from the order of Central Information Commissioner). They will do the works such as adjudication and review which are not expected to be done by them. They will salute to a junior most officer from Customs.

That is the culture of Central Excise Executive Officers. This time, we will wake up and prove our self respect.

surya said...

Dear all,
The comments of Shri Bhagwan Singh are really thought provoking and need to be considered seriously. AS in the past,the Customs Officers have again, like animals ,managed to snatch away the morsels of food from the central excise officers' mouths/plates. Why the Board officials are dancing to the tune of the Customs fraternity and manipulating things in their favour is as clear as day light. First of all the stupid ratio being followed for the promotions to Assistant Commisssioner should be scrapped. The customs officers connving with the Board manipulate things and get into Group A service in relative short span of time and is likely to get 15 to 20 years minimum in the Group A cadre, where as the Central Excise Officer due to the stupid ratio being followed now if at all manage to get promoted will get hardly five years of service in the Group A cadre. No vacany is likely to arise in the near future due to the retirement of the customs officers, where as more than 80% of the retirement vacancy will arise due to the retirement of the central excise officers only. And to add salt to the wound, even these retirement posts will again go to customs officers due tot he stupid ratio/system prevailing now. To put and end to this injustice and also to mitigate the raw deal meted out to the Central Excise faternity in the past, the total length of service in the Group B cadre shouold be treated as the criterion for promotion. Also very senior superintendents should be directly placed in the senior time scale. If the Board is reluctant to oblige, we have to obtain stay of the restructuring process till all our demands are met. We should also press for merger of the customs and excise departments at the lower level also or else completely bifurcate the two departments so that unscrupulous customs officers do not eat away the legitimate rights of the central excise fraternity.

Unknown said...

Dear Surya,
I am very much impressed with your reaction to the cadre review proposals. Unfortunately, the persons who are required to react and guide remain calm without pronouncing their stand.

Unknown said...

Dear all,
It's really heartening to see that at least some of our colleagues are feeling the need of self-esteem & pride in the service which we r doing. It's already too late & even if we don't awake at this very very critical juncture, then our future generations would never ever forgive us. Our cadre has been rotting due to various reasons, but we all know who the real culprit is, it's V ALL ONLY who pride ourselves in being uniformed Officers & know only to do subservient service. See how the Cadre Restructuring proposals are going, it's just eyewash in the name of stagnation in the Group "B" level, whereas it's the other way round..V should see as our collective responsibility to see that this current restructuring proposal should not be implemented without giving us our legitimate rights,i.e., getting minimum three promotions...I know there would be lot of desperate Officers who r on the verge of promotion wanting to see this proposal through...but ve would be fooling ourselves, if v allow this proposal to go through...Pl. have faith in the collective strength,v can definitely achieve our goals provided v stand united.
P Jaikishan Menon
Inspector, Coimbatore
(1992 batch)

Unknown said...

Dear Jaikishan Menon,
I appreciate you for the spirit to protect the self esteem of the cadre. Every one of us talk about promotion and stagnation. Is it the real problem? Our critics will simply defeat us by saying that it takes several years to get promotion in various other Departments. Our Board will try to silence us by throwing a few hundred posts. Will we be satisfied with that??

We cannot create an impact with the plea for getting promotion. Instead, we should project the injustice meted out to the cadre, which will have the striking impact. You belong to 1992 batch and you may become Superintendent now consequent on the cadre restructuring. But, the Examiner of 2002 batch, junior by 10 years will become your AC and as an uniformed officer, you will have to salute that invader. That's the real and serious problem.

Let us project this anomaly instead of crying for promotion. If we want to create an impact, we should use the right strategy.

Everyone of us feel sad about the injustice meted out to the cadre. But, there is no concrete proposal to fight against the injustice. What are we going to do? Black badge? Work to rule? Mass casual leave? Advertisements in the media? Mass casual leave? Seeking redressal before the Courts?? Boycotting the functions organised by the Dept? Resignation from the unofficial and honorary functions such as recreation club, canteen, public relations etc.? Refusal to attend the protocol work? Refusal to wear the uniform? Refusal to attend social gathering with the senior officers??? Any other strategy????????