Monday, October 19, 2009

Board's recent communication

Posted by Secretary General on 10/19/2009 05:38:00 PM with 4 comments

In response to our post card campaign Board had recently sent a communication to us. This for your information.


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

This response of Board is not a surprise. It is a routine reply given every time. We must continue our agitation with more intensive programmes. We shall not keep quite with this type of letters.

ThornUnderWater said...

The Board's stance is a pathetic apology for the failure on its part to make the Expenditure Dept see reason and act regarding the issue of grade pay. It is clear from the outcome of the last meeting held on 07/10/2009 that the latter is unwilling to address the issue in the near future. In this letter, it seems that the Board has missed(willingly or unwillingly) the Expenditure Dept's refusal to stipulate a time limit.
We can not be expected to wait for a bus that will never actually come. Agitation has to be continued and intensified till they are really willing to settle the issue fairly once and for all.

subhash said...

This response of the board is not going to solve our problems. This is a short of dilatory tactic. We should not stop our agitation programme and must go for a indefinite strike till our main demand on gr 4600 is fulfilled. gr 4600 not a demand but the recommendation of 6th PC. I think we should not go for further negotiation but go for strike. Negotiation without action is meaningless. that's why expentiture ministry is not taking us seriously.

chokka@blr said...

If the DOPT and the Dept of Expenditure can change grade pays of Gr.'A' Officers in days and weeks time, then what is preventing them from doing it for other cadres.

Secondly,no worthwile reason is forthcoming from these people to deny this genuine demand..

Wish you all good luck and hats off to the federation people