Monday, October 12, 2009

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Income Tax Employees Federation.

All India Central Excise Inspectors' Association

. All India Customs Preventive Services Federation

Shri P.V.Bhide

Secretary, Revenue

Ministry of Finance,

Govt. of India,

North Block

New Delhi. 110001

Dear Sir,

Sub : Revision of Grade Pay of Inspectors of Incometax, Central Excise

And Customs Departments. Reg:

We solicit your kind reference to the discussion at the meeting chaired by your goodself on23rd July, 2009 on the above subject.

You had been good enough to direct all concerned at the said meeting tha the question of trant of revised grade pay at Rs 4600/- as per the Revised Pay Rules, 2008, Part B and C Section Para ii applicable in the case of Inspectors of Revenue department must be separately considered, divourced from the similar issues pertaining to other categories of personnel. You had also assured the representatives of the Ministerial Staff of Central Excise Department that their case for up-gradation of grade pay would be discussed and sorted out separately.

In the light of the said decision,the organizations representaitng Inspectors in both CBEC and CBDT were invited for a discussion with the Joint Secretary (Per) on 24.8.2009 when certain alternate suggestions were mooted on behalf of the Official side, which however did not meet to address the issue.

We were again asked to attend a meeting today chaired by the Joint Secretary (Per) to discuss the issue further. Having placed our submission in the arlier meeting, we were hopeful of a settlement of this issue in today’s meeting. We are to however, regretfully inform you that the stand taken by the official side in the meeting was contrary to what was decided by you on 23rd July, 2009 as also the position taken by the Department of Expenditure on 24th August, 2009 in as much as they have informed us categorically that the issue of revision of grade pay for Inspectors of the Revenue Department cannot be decided in isolation and they would collect details of all similar cases from all departments of the Government of India so as to consider the repercussions and financial implications before the issue is placed for the consideration of the Hon’ble Finance Minister. They further added that the settlement of the question of revision of grade pay of Inspectors of Revenue Department is likely to be delayed. They also could not indicate even a time frame in which they would be able to take a view in the matter.

We are totally disappointed over this unsavoury development and feel obliged to meet your goodself in view of your earlier decision to consider the case of Inspectors separately. We shall be grateful, if you will kindly indicate the time and date convenient to you so that the representatives of the Federations/Associations, which represent the Inspectors in CBDT/CBEC call call on you.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ashok B. Salunkh Kousik Roy I.B Mishra SecretaryGenral,ITEF Secretary Gerenal, AICEIA SecretaryGeneral,AICPEF


Emraan-hashmi said...

Great work koushik .We need more strong actionS . our demands are genuine and we have enough of Expenditure Deptt.s big brother attitude . These people are hard of hearing . they need some sort of nuclear explosion to wake up

Ex-Sgt.P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Dear Comrades
Good job. When u get appointment please inform them categorically that we are not going to keep quite. Be polite as far as possible if you get good response.

pankaj said...

we have enough meetings; negotiations without action are meningless; the earlier we understand the better;

Mahendira warman said...

Dear office bearers,

Good job. We are just asking to implement the recommendations of the pay commission, nothing else. For implementing they are taking more than one year is not tolerable. Be firm in our stand and inform them we are forced take hardship action because of callous attitude of expenditure ministry.

Bhagwan Singh said...

The attitude of the Ministry is callous. It is a pity that the genuine demands relating to pay commission recommendations are not accepted though the CBEC/CBDT agree with our stand. Our numbers are perhaps the prime factor for not acceptance of our demands relating to removal of pay anomalies, but we must not forget and let others forget that numbers is our strength.

The main reason for almost all our misfortunes is acute stagnation in the CBEC. We must chalk out a concrete programme to get our demand of removal of stagnation accepted by the govt.

The officials sitting in the Ministry are perhaps not in favour of amelioration of lot of revenue officers. They do not want the system to run, but just to creep on; otherwise our genuine demands must have been accepted long ago.

So Mr. Koushik and Co., move ahead. Be polite but firm.

jagdish said...

dear friends, we are going for meetings again and again is not good enough, as the matter has already been delayed for more than one year now. The meetings held earlier could not solve the issue so I think there is no significance going for meetings again n again instead we must go fo some serious strike like step as soon as possible. we the direct recruits after 01.01.2006 have been worst affected by 6cpc other side the entire cadre has been demoted to TA despite recruited as inspector. what the funny things are happening. anyway whatever it is we want the matter to be solved as soon as we can.

vinaykumar said...

I agree with jagdish

Sanjeev said...

In Central Excise Department where promotion from Inspector to Superintendent is much sluggish, GP of 4600 to Inspectors would be a matter of relief at least.

Dharampal said...

expenditure has sought time of 6 months to think over our cause and most probabily expenditure will not pay any arrers in this regard . how come some of those who have joined after 2006 and still getting salary multiplied by 1.86.

sahlamte said...

Not only six months, it'll take atleast 2-3 year if we remained silent.
We the new recruits are totally demoralised by the GP Issue.It is also a question of DIGNITY for the whole Inspector fraternity of Revenue Department.

V said...

It seems that there is no end of discrimination against Inspectors in CBEC, the latest being the denial of stepping up of pay to senior ACP Inspectors on par with the Junior ACP Inspectors who got ACP after the upgradation of pay scales. The CBEC under its letter dated 11-09-09 not only denied the stepping up of pay but also directed the Commissioners to review the cases already granted stepping up of pay to senior ACP Inspectors. Thus even the fundamental right of equality among same cadres are being denied to our cadre. Associations should seriously thinking of initiating legal remedies against such discriminating orders of CBEC.

shanti said...

Now enough time had been passed in negotiation with the government at different levels but did not get any fruitful result. The armed forces has got there higher pay scales by strong representations. Similarly we should also have to fight for our rights up-to favourable results. The GOI has issued gazette on the basis of 6th pay commission reports then how the CBEC can deny to give such legal benefits. One side department is giving ACP in 12 years as per 5th pay commission by giving grade pay of Rs.4600/- as per 6th pay commission. How they are mixing up 2 pay commissions by misinterpreting the provisions. Similarly in the gazette of 6th pay commission it is clearly mentioned that on completion of 4 year regular service in the grade pay of Rs.4800/- the officer will be entitled to get the GP of Rs. 5400/-. But here also the dept. misinterpreted and not ready to give ACP. This is totally un-justice with us and we should fight strongly/ unitedly at national level.

JoinedAfter01012006 said...

The time of showing Politeness is passed