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Welfare Measures, Other Developments

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News received from Com Sanjay Srinivasan, VP(West Zone) AICEIA is that next hearing in Mumbai CAT on our OA our seeking notional fixation of pay wef 01.01.1996 has been fixed for 29.10.2013.

A meeting of all members of Hyderabad Unit of AICEIA will be held on Monday, 19th August, 2013 . All India  and South Zone office bearers of the AICEIA will also participate in the same. All members in Hyderabad and nearby stations and office bearers of all formations in AP are requested to attend the same. For details, General Secretary of Hyderabad Unit Com B L N Varma  09866303385 may please be contacted.

AICEIA has submitted its views on the CBEC's proposal to launch a Health Insurance Scheme for all employees. Same are reproduced hereunder

Directorate General of Human Resource Development
Customs & Central Excise
Infrastructure & Welfare Wing
                                                      C-4, IRCON Building            
District Centre, Saket
New Delhi-110 017
All Staff Welfare Associations                                                    26th JULY, 2013
(Recognized under CBEC)
Sub:    Proposal of  “HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME  for CBEC Employees” – Reg.
                                    As you are aware a new scheme for HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME for CBEC Employees is under consideration by the DGHRD. All the Associations are requested to actively participate in drafting of the proposed HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME such that the scheme is sustainable and its benefits can percolate to all cadres effectively.   The draft of the proposed scheme is enclosed. You are requested to through the proposed modalities of the draft Scheme and give suggestions on the following points:

(a)    Should the CBEC employees (proposed beneficiaries) also contribute a portion of the premium for the proposed Health Insurance cover?

(b)   What should be the estimated contribution? It is felt that 20% of the premium should be the contribution from the employee and the rest 80% of the premium would be paid from the Welfare Fund. Approximately 20% of the estimated premium will be Rs. 500/-per annum which can be deducted yearly from the salary of the Departmental employee. Income tax benefit may also be available on the premium paid for the proposed Scheme.

(c)    At present, the CGHS beneficiaries pays Rs. 600/- to Rs. 6000/- per year for the CGHS Scheme benefits as a  contribution of Rs. 50/- to Rs. 500/- per month, (depending upon the Grade Pay of  a CGHS beneficiary) is deducted from   his/her salary. With a meager payment of Rs. 500/- per annum, additional medical benefits worth Rs. 2 lakh will be available to the employee and his family under the proposed Scheme. The CGHS Scheme will continue and contribution of premium will also be deducted from the salary of the employee.

(d)   Each Association may like to estimate as to how many employees are willing to participate with the above broad parameters? You may estimate the numbers for the respective cadre the concerned Associations is representing through an informal survey and commit to enroll a minimum number from each Cadre .this will enable this office to estimate the size and spread of the scheme.
  Any other suggestions in any of the proposed components of the Scheme can be given by email/fax latest by 16.08.2013.
                                                       With Regards,
                                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,
Meenu S.  Kumar

Addtnl. Director, (I&W); DGHRD

It is learnt that the meeting of the Committee of Secretaries to examine the CBEC's CR proposals may be held by this month-end. The CBEC's proposals endorsed by the FM and  the truncated proposals approved by DOP&T, both would be placed before the Committee of Secretaries.

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General


unnikrishnan said...

Good that the request to extend the proposed scheme to retired persons as well. needless to state the Welfare Fund is the contribution from those who served the dept in yester years,that too in extreme adverse conditions.
The scheme may be made contributory for retd persons by one time remittance of a lumpsum amount as adopted for CGHS cards.