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Shimla Meeting of the CEC : Highlights

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The AICEIA CEC met on 27th and 28th of July, 2013 and deliberated on all important issues concerning the cadre.  To provide more focus issue wise, and make better  and more effective use of available inhouse expertise, proposals to introduce a Committee system were adopted   

Three Committees were constituted for  making a database of relevant literature , judgments, orders and the like, service conditions and provisions , analysing opinions received from various quarters, seeking relevant information under provisions of the RTI Act, and preparation of  drafts of various communications  to be transmitted to the Executive Committee through the Secretary General who will make appropriate consultations with the Executive Committee before a final view is taken on the issues. The Committees  will also present periodic  reports on their work to every meeting of the Central office bearers / Central Executive Committee.
Any suggestions or proposals may be mailed to any member of  the concerned Committees.

Committee to look at Revision of Recruitment Rules,   Methods for removal  of regional disparities in promotions  among Inspectors of different zones, All  India Seniority for Inspectors of Central Excise:
Com Samir K Sinha,  Chairman
Com R C Sharma     
Com Chetan Shah  
Com  N K Chaudhari
Com  Abhishek Chakraborty

Committee on Legal Issues, ACP/MACP issues, Entry level pay distortions, Correction  situations of Seniors drawing less pay than juniors,     Legal Options for attaining Pay parity with comparable GoI Cadres, Offering support to units in legal matters    
Com P V Satyanarayana
Com Sanjay Kumar      
Com  R C Sharma          
Com Chetan Shah        

Committee for  strengthening organisation, enhancing Membership, and mobilization of  members to maximize participation of members in agitational programmes, Strikes , especially those called by Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers.
Com E  Samy
Com A I Abbasi
Com Pradip Bannerjee
Com Prakash Gaidhani

It was also decided that the next meeting of the CEC would be hosted by Mumbai  Circle in the second fortnight of December 2013. All units of the West Zone offered to cooperate with the Mumbai Circle in this regard.

The CEC welcomed the renewal of recognition of the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association by the Ministry for a period of five years.
Minutes of the Patna Convention were presented to  the CEC. Certain  corrections and omissions pointed out by a few units were incorporated, and the same would  be presented for adoption before the next Convention.

Audited Accounts upto 30th June 2013 were also presented, and the same was passed by the CEC. A sum of Rs One Lac has been transferred from the AICEIA General Fund to the Litigation Fund, as reflected therein. It gives me great pleasure to announce that another amount of Rs 1,14,138/-  too has now been transferred to the Legal Fund. We have thus been able to fulfill the promise made at the Patna Convention that amounts used from the Legal Fund for regular operational expenses of the Association would be made good. With this  the Legal Fund has now been replenished by the entire amount  withdrawn therefrom .  We have been able to do this in a short span of seven months only by strictly practicing austerity. This  has also left our funds severely depleted, and it is therefore requested to all Circles/Branches/Units having dues outstanding against the All India body to  immediately settle all dues to ensure that  the organisation’s  activities are not stymied.

It was decided by the Central Executive Committee to go ahead with the filing of an Application for Early Hearing in the Supreme Court and pursuing the case for grant of Rs 5400 Grade Pay to Inspectors 4 years after grant of ACP. The OA filed in Mumbai Bench of the  CAT seeking notional fixation of pay wef  01.01.1996 is also being continuously pursued.  It  was decided in the CEC also to  explore  the judicial route to find redress to many of our pay related problems.  It was also decided to call for more contributions to the AICEIA Legal Fund so that we can engage competent counsel and ensure that our chances of success in these endeavours  do not get not compromised for lack of funds.

The CEC adopted several resolutions including those calling for bringing in All India Seniority for Inspectors with conditions ensuring minimum displacement , that too only on request or promotion  and with assured repatriation to home Zone on arising of vacancies there, Abolition of Control Room duties  for Inspectors, Putting a stop to victimization of Association Office Bearers, Representing to the Board for allowing alternate mechanisms for pay  fixation for Inspectors who joined after 01.01.1996 as available in other departments.

Com Devender Kumar, General Secretary of the Tirupati Branch was elected as the  Joint Secretary(South) in place of Shri C JThomas, who was promoted recently. 

Two amendments to the AICEIA Constitution were proposed – one for  including in the Constitution a list of AICEIA Circles/ Branches, and  another stipulating a new format for Application for Membership of the AICEIA. Both were unanimously adopted, and will be presented for ratification before the next Convention. The new form is appended to this post, and is also being sent as an attachment to an e-mail to all Branch and Circle Secretaries. The same may be used henceforth to enroll new members.

I once again exhort all office bearers at all levels to immediately start working  to reach out to all Inspectors posted to even the remotest locations and attempt to get them involved in the Association’s activities. Enhancement of membership is another area that needs constant attention. We  need to  share organizational responsibility with the youngest of our brethren so that their vigour and vitality is reflected in the Association’s  functioning too.

Some All India office bearers will very shortly undertake a tour of Gujarat  - the proposed itinerary includes meeting members at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara. All West Zone office bearers and Branch office bearers of Gujarat are requested to  be prepared to join the All India team for this programme at short notice. Active and interested  office bearers and  members (present/prospective) of Gujarat  are requested to start mobilizing members and arrange meetings to make these programmes a massive success.

With Fraternal Greetings on this Independence Day Eve,

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General  

Application form for admission as member of
All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA)
(Affiliated to the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and recognized by Ministry Of Finance)
    (To be obtained in quadruplicate)

Applicant’s Name               :           
(In Block letters)
Date of Birth                      :  _____________________________________________________________
Designation in the office     :     Inspector      
Blood Group    :         
Date of entry into Service   :           
in present cadre
Office in which employed   :           

Residential address           :
(with phone number)                

Mobile No.&E-mail id      :

I declare that the particulars furnished above are correct.  I agree to abide by the Constitution, discipline, and directive of the AICEIA.  I may be enrolled as a member of the AICEIA.

Station :
Date     :                                                                                   Signature & Initial

(To be filled in by the Office Bearer of Branch/Circle)

Name of the Branch/Circle in which the                      :  
Applicant is admitted as a primary member                                      

Name of the Branch/Circle (Zone/Commissionerate)  :           

Membership Number                                                    :

Receipt No. issued to the Applicant for having             :
received the admission fee                                           

   Signature of the President / Secretary of Branch/Circle    

(To be filled in by the Secretary General)

It is certified that Shri / Smt. ________________________________________       and Membership No. (………….. Circle) is a member of the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA) from …………….Circle.

              Signature of the Secretary General, AICEIA       

- cut here & submit to DDO -

Letter of Authorization
[Authority: O.M. No. 2/10/80-JCA, dated 31-1-1994]
I, ______________________________________________            (Name and Designation) and Membership No.being
a member of the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA), hereby, authorize deduction of annual subscription of  Rs. 720/- (Rupees Seven Hundred and Twenty only)  every Financial Year in the month of August/September from my salary and authorize its payment to (Name of the Branch/Circle ) AICEIA……………. Circle. This authorization will be valid till the same is withdrawn by me in writing.

                             Signature & Initial