Thursday, October 25, 2012


Posted by Secretary General on 10/25/2012 06:04:00 PM with No comments
Meetings under the Joint Consultative Machinery or Grievance Redressal Mechanism are being held in most Commissionerates.  It is suggested that  in those Zones/Commissionerates where such meeetings are not being held regularly, the matter may be taken up with the Commissioners/Chief Commissioners by the AICEIA Branches/Circles, preferably in co-ordination with other Associations. Points should be sponsored for discussion in such meetings after careful consideration, and necessary follow-up too should be done on the various decisions/ assurances that are made/ given in the course of the meetings. 

As regards crucial issues, it is felt that we need not wait for JCM or any other forum to take them up before appropriate authorities. Such an instance came to light  in Mumbai recently. One of our offices at Dharavi was in a dilapidated condition, and posed serious risk of injury to personnel working there. This was pointed out specifically to the jurisdictional Commissioner by the AICEIA Mumbai Circle General Secretary Com Shishir K Agnihotri and President Com Chandra Bhushan during the course of a meeting. However, as usually happens, no action was taken on it. Ultimately an accident occurred - a portion of the roof of that building fell on an Inspector, and he suffered some serious injuries, which fortunately were not were not critical. Thereafter, the said office bearers of AICEIA Mumbai Circle  took up the matter strongly again with the jurisdictional Commissioner and  Chief Commissioner, who visited the spot, and necessary directions have since been issued for repairing the building forthwith. The point that is being sought to be made here is that we often have to work in hazardous conditions, sometimes facing threat to life and limb. We need to be proactive about this, and we must repeatedly submit written complaints regarding such conditions, and non-availability of essential amenities in our workplaces, not waiting for any mishap to happen.

Secretary  General