Saturday, February 11, 2012

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 We wrote a letter to Board on 7th instant seeking an appointment to discuss on the following points 

1.    Progress Of Cadre Restructuring.
2.    Minimum Fixation After Correction Of Grade Pay From Rs. 4200/- To Rs. 4600/- Should Be Implemented Forthwith.
3.    Clarifications On The Inter Commissionerate Transfer As Requested By The Association Should Be Issued Immediately.
4.    Implementation Of Judgment Dt.17.1.2012 Of The CAT Bombay Bench For Notional Fixation Of Revised Pay Scale From 01.01.1996.
5.    To Resolve The Ratio Issue For Promotion To The Grade Of Assistant Commissioner.
6.    Inspectors Of 2002 Batch Should Be Promoted In This Restructuring Across The Country.
7.    Base Cadre Seniority To Be Taken As The Criteria For The Promotions To Gr.A Posts In The CBEC.
8.    Regional Disparities In The Grade Of Inspector To Superintendent Promotion Should Be Wiped Off In The Ensuing Cadre Restructuring.
9.    Superintendent’s Grade Pay Should Start From 5400/- Grade Pay.
10. All Vacancies In The Inspector Grade Should Be Filled Up Immediately.

It was Further Intimated to the Board that A Lunch Hour Demonstration Slated To Be Held Through Out The Country On 8th Of February On The Above Issues.
After this, on 8th February, 2012 at about Twelve 'o' clock I have received a phone call from  O.S.D. It was requested through that call to stop the instant agitation programme slated to be held on 8th Feb. and Mem(P&V) shall meet the Association representatives on 10th February at 12.00 'o' clock. The faxed letter is reproduced below:

We have discussed about all the points covered in our letter for appointment, In the meeting apartfrom Mem(P&V), J.S.(ADMN.), DG HRD & ADG HRM , Director AD-IIA, Deputy Secretary AD-IIIB were also present. From the Association Secretary General, Joint Secretary North( Sri Abhay Singh), Organising Secretary ( Jitedra Saini) attended the meeting
  • For CR it was replied that the file has been sent back to DOP&T
  • for removal of stagnation & regional disparity it was understood that Board is yet to arrive at a solution,
  • Succumbing to our pressure Director AD-IIA forwarded the file on the subject matter of 'Juniors drawing more pay than their Seniors' to  Mem(P&V) through J.S.(Admn); and member(P&V) assured the delegation that the notification would be issued by next week.
  • On ICT it appeared that Board is quite rigid on this point that the relaxation of probationary period could not be granted to officers who has not completed it, JS(Admn) opined that relaxation if possible could be granted to all, Member assured us that the issue would  once again be discussed in the full Board meeting.
  • Board assured us to fill up all the vaccant posts and 
  • For 5400/- grade pay issue, base cadre seniority and retrospective effect of the revised ratio Board opined that these matters are sub-judice.
The resolution adopted in the meeting of JAC in CBEC at New Delhi on 09.02.2012 is appended below, this resolution was submitted to every formation inclusive of Cabinet Secretary and addressed to Finance Minister: