Friday, February 17, 2012

Posted by Secretary General on 2/17/2012 09:35:00 AM with 2 comments
Congratulation to Janab Abbasiji for spreading the Association in whole of U.P. and Uttarakhand, for the first time in the history of our Association a meeting followed by a demonstration took place in lucknow, a lucknow JAC was formed all the associations participated in the meeting under the leadership of Com. Abbasi, we from the team AICEIA like to thank Abbasi Sahab once again and would like to request all the leaders to form JCA in their branch, circle level to successfully observe different agitational programmes. It is observed that in different parts of this country DG(HRD) and other Board officials are visiting and they are inviting different Associations with a ploy to discuss about infrastructure and welfare of the respective zones; we request our rank and  file not to meet these officials and insist other organisations not to participate in any meeting convened by Board/ministry officials, unless Government resolves the CR dispute by calling all the constituent organisations together, this is a decision of the JAC in New DElhi on 9th Feb. 2012..


Santosh Kumar said...

Hila k rakh diya hai sir. great.

BL Meena said...

Dear Comrade Roy

Please recall/refer resolution passed by members of AICEIA Rajasthan Cicle wherein the Association has been dissolved.

You were also requested to issue necessary guidlines in the matter for election of new office bearers.

Mr Abhay Singh, Joint Secy (NZ) AICEIA (also member of Rajasthan Circle) has also not called General Body meeting for necessary action or even to constitute an empowered committee to look after the work till election of new office bearers.

In such circumstances members of Rajasthan Circle want to know that who will lead the agitiationa programmes in Rajasthan in absence of authorised representatives.

Please issue necessary guidlines to Mr Abhay Singh so that the agitiational programmes can be followed sucessfully also in Rajasthan.

With regards,

B L Meena, Inspector
An active member of AICEIA