Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FM cleared Cadre Restructuring file

Posted by Secretary General on 6/01/2011 10:08:00 PM with 12 comments
F.M. cleared Cadre Restructuring file this evening, Now the file is lying with Member (P&V) for preparation of cabinet note, after which it will go to different formations for clearance

                              From New Delhi 1st June, 2011..



Vinod Kumar V V said...

Dear members

As everybody is anxiously monitoring every development of CR, 2010,yet members are getting confusing reports with regard to movement of file. In this regard it is pertinent to note that DOPT has recently issued consolidated guidelines for the procedure for cadre review. Here is the flowchart of movement of every cadre review file-
1. The review should be first carried out by the cadre controlling authority preferably in consultation with staff associations.
2. The proposal should be prepared in the form of a note for committee of Secretaries.
3. DOPT would obtain the approval of Secretary (P) and then refer it to DOE for approval of Secretary (Expenditure)
4. The note would then be placed before the Cadre Review Committee by DOPT. Composition of the Committee - Cabinet Secretary, Secretary (Finance), Secretary (DOPT), Secretary (Exp)and Chairman (CBEC)
5. Based on the recommendation of CRC, the proposal would be submitted for MOS (Per. & PG)for approval.
6. It would then be referred for the Department of Expenditure for Finance Ministers approval.
7. The cadre controlling authority would then take approval of the Cabinet. Note for cabinet should be ideally prepared within a month of CRC approval.

Now going through the reports we are getting, we can assume that now the only obstacle is cabinet approval. We can hope that our Board would prepare note for cabinet within one month. But was there any news that CRC has approved the proposal.

vinodkumar v v

udai said...

Unless and until the allocation of posts of supdts. between Central Excise & Customs, is decided by the Supreme Court, the restructuring exercise will not give any advantage to central excise inspectors. It should be ensured that the restructuring is not implemented till the ratio issue is decided or board should implement it.Now is the time to implement it, otherwise it will only be a eyewash..

Pratyush said...

Thanx Vinod for giving such a relevant information. I hope the office bearers will certainly let us know if the CRC has approved the proposal. Thanx again =

Y said...

A step long awaited !A step which shall ultimately help in mitigating the sufferings of the most stagnated cadre ! A step which strengthens our belief in adages like "Hard Work pays", "united we stand" .
Arise,Awake and stop not till the goal is achieved !
But let us not be complacent , we have many other issues that need re-dressal. "Miles to go before we sleep ! Best wishes !

Subashini said...

From the indications so far received, there is no revision in Supdt. to AC promotion ratio or no increase in no. of Inspectors or Supdt. So we have to be ready for Legal recourse as soon as Cadre restructure is finalised and came out. We should be ready to file writ with Supreme Court. Immediately other members will say "Don't u want your fellow Inspectors and Supdts. to get immediate promotions?". Of course, I want every one to be promoted, because I am one of the junior most Inspector and I will move forward in seneiority only when my senior gets promoted. My view is that, if we get stay for CR, Top brass who are going to get promotions in CR will come for negotiations as they will not get their promotions before they retire. And, if we let this chance to slip, there is not going to be another chance for another ten years. Please don't accept this farce cadre restructuring.

Kuldeep Singh said...

What Subashini is saying is extremely right. The so called 3300+ posts of AC will be reduced to merely 2200 by the current ration of 6:1:2. Even after the CR Supdts of 1997 will still be waiting their promotion. Which other Cadre in CBEC will remain waiting for their promotion after putting in more than 5 times the qualifying service of 3 years-none other that Supdts. Even before the CR there is not a single DC waiting to be JC or a JC waiting to be Addl. It is the right and only time to fight and atleast get the proportionate 85% posts of the 3300+ posts. So it is requested that all should unite and put the pressure now or it will be TOO LATE.

jack said...

You, are right subhashini, everyone knows the most beneficiary is Appraiser cadre.A man who became central excise inspector in the year 1975, still waits for AC prmotion. A man who born on 1975 became EO on 2000 ,AO on 2007 will get his AC promoion and may be his boss too.what we are going to do? is it not sad,is it not disgrace? please think and act.

Subashini said...

Ther is no point in talking about Appraisers or anybody. We have to get our promotions. What are we going to?. What is the next course of action?. This should not be just another agitation programme. It should be different and should create impact.

Sanjay said...

I feel the entire restructuring exercise is absolutely fruitless unless it simulteneously addresses the issue of base cadre seniority among the Examiners, Preventive Officers & the disparity in promotions in the different zones of Central Excise. The West Zone has & will continue to suffer the most as the Inspectors of 89 batch are still waiting to be promoted, whereas, in other zones, General Category Inspectors of 94 batch are getting promoted as Superintendent. This'll continue to give them an unfair advantage over the West Zone officers, who despite being senior in the same cadre will have to face the ignominy of working as subordinates to their juniors when these juniors become ACs. The AICEIA unfortunately seems to have forgotten their comrades in the West Zone when it comes to parity in promotions across India. I have completed 19 years of service as Inspector and never once do I remember the Association having taken up this issue. As of now, it takes a minimum of 21 years for a West Zone Inspector to become Superintendent. With the likely allotment of about 700 more posts of Superintendents in the restructuring to West Zone, only about 550 posts of Superintendents will be available in the General Category. This will barely cover the 92 batch. So in effect, the period for promotion will be reduced merely by a year. If the Association would care to feel the pulse of its constituents, a majority of them are dejected and disappointed. This is my first comment on this blog and I am open to corrections if any.

ramesh said...

the best way put should be to consider the seniority of the feeding cadre i.e., inspectors/examiners/preventive officers for the direct recruits and ensure that all of them recruited in a year should get promoted and then the vacancies should go to the next batch. why the eligibility for promotion is 8 years for preventive officers when it is just 3 years for examiners?

Raktim said...

After cadre restructuring will it be compulsory to be posted in anywhere in india for Superintendent? bt as of now superintendent are being posted at the region where they first got appointment.i am very much anxious to know that.please share information regarding the matter.

ashok said...

Yes. You are right Ramesh. Why the eligibility for promotion is 8 years for Preventive Officers/Central Excise Inspectors when it is just 3 years for Examiners ?