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Posted by Secretary General on 5/27/2011 09:13:00 AM with 23 comments

                  Cadre restructuring file is through from expenditure and went to D.O.P&T last evening. We would like to congratulate all the Associations who participated in the 20th April Lunch hour Demonstration and especially comrades of odisha circle without whose effort this co-ordination committee would not have formed, this co-ordination committees fasting at Jantar Mantar on 6th may 2011 for which Secretary General & President  Of Superintendent Association was the chief architect made this possible, certainly we should not forget the unprecedented effort shown by our Chairman C.B.E.C. CR file of CBDT is also pending at DOPT and we expect that these two files shall move together to MOS's office within a short while from now. looking forward for a stronger co-ordination between Superintendent and Inspectors in future.


balu said...

Great News!..

Com.Koushik Roy deserves all the accolades.. But to say that odisha circle and the Superintendents Association supported you to achieve this and forgetting every body else at this juncture may not be correct.. The job at hand is not over yet.. There have been many other people behind the scenes in this..and would you like acknowledge their contribution as well...Hope you do so..

Thanks & regards

SUGORA said...

Good Work.
Solidarity shown by one & all should be appreciated.

The Association efforts has yielded the desired result.

So finally How many Supdt will become AC, & How many Inspectors will become Supdt.


What about In-situ Promotions?

ISHWAR said...

Wonderful news Keep it up Long Live co-ordination of Supdts and Inspectors Some relief for persons who are retiring this year

Nair said...

CBEC Cadre Restructure Cleared by Expenditure - More than 3000 New ACs

MAYBE the first issue that the CBEC Chairman took up immediately after his return from a foreign trip, was the much awaited (by officers) cadre review. He successfully got it cleared by the Expenditure Department and now the file will go the FM, DOPT and Cabinet. As Expenditure had approved the scheme, the other approvals will be a mere formality, which hopefully should not take a long time.

As per the proposal, the Chairman and Members of CBEC will no more be ex-cadre posts; they will be in-cadre! This should dispel any apprehension about any take-over of the Board by the IAS.

There will be 23 new posts of Principal Chief Commissioner in the HAG+ scale. There will be 72 Chief Commissioners compared to the existing 43. The strength of Commissioners is to be increased to 465 from the existing 295. There are 593 Additional Commissioner/Joint Commissioner posts which will swell to 1026.

At present there are 1550 Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner posts and this strength will go up to 4896 bringing in 3346. There is going to be 100 percent increase in the strength of Sr. PS, LDC, Drivers and Sepoy. The strength of the Head Havildar is to be increased to 4117 from 2139.

It's raining posts in CBEC - maybe the cadres will now be happy or are they still going to be frustrated?

cceeoachd said...

Well done Kaushik ,Arun and team AICEIA. Well Done . Concerted efforts are bound to succeed.
This only adds weight to an adage "United we stand".

cceeoachd said...

Well done Koushik, Arun and team AICEIA. Keep goodwork on !

central excise said...

In the news item copied and posted by Shri. Nair, it is mentioned "It's raining posts in CBEC - maybe the cadres will now be happy or are they still going to be frustrated?". Right from Principal Chief Commissioner to Havildars there is increase in posts. What about Inspectors and Superintendents?. If there is no increase in Inspectors and Superintendents posts, then they are going to be frustrated. Now the Inspectors cadre is going to be mules, who have to pull all the work load in Central Excise. The Inspectors and Supdt. Associations are making some cursors objections which I think did not yield any results. If you can stand adverse comments about your workings please publish this comment.

Inspector of C.Ex.
Chennai IV Commissionerate

Jayaseelan said...

Congratulation to the national leadership of AICEIA

Belapur said...

Congrats Kaushik, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

n s dev said...

the restructuring is not a remedy for the problems faced by Group B cadres,though some relief exists.

The following matters have to pursued vigorously

1. In situ scheme

2. notional fixation of pay from 01.01.96.

3. role for all executive officers in EDP system (ACES/ICES)


rajaram said...

Shri Nair, it seems that you have copied and pasted a portion of DDT dated 27.05.2011 of i correct.

radha said...

congrats for the work done. what are the present proposals? whether details are available

Pratyush said...

congratulation Mr Roy.

Pratyush said...

Can any body tell what is so important if the file has moved from expenditure to DOPT. What is going to happen. How many posts of Supdt are going to be created.. Inspectors who have been rotting in the department since 1992 as an inspector, what's going to happenn with him, after waiting for 19 long years what they will become, Superintendent, thereafter in further 12 to 15 years most of them are going to retire can they expecct a promotion in that period. I dont think so, what do you think. So what is so hulllaboo about. What is so special that has been brought due to some special effort of the association, restructuring is a timely process, last time it happened in 2002 before that it was 1992 this time it was to take place in 2012, So what is special abt association. File of CBDT in this regard is already in DOPT, so even if there had been no fasting it was to happen.. So stop being fool and befooling others. = NEERAJ KUMAR

Kuldeep Singh said...

Dev has rightly said that a lot is yet to be done. I personally feel that in the present Cadre restructuring nothing positive has been achieved by any of the staff Associations whether Supdt or the Inspectors.(There has been no increase in the originally proposed posts. The ratio issue is still pending decision.) The other issues of GP 5400 to ACP Insprs not resolved. Notional fixation no where. So please be united and fight for the real causes and do not celebrate the procedural advancement of the already delayed file movements. Long Live Unity and Long Live AICEIA.

RAJASISH said...

What will be North East Inspectors fate this time .Inspectors are serving this department since 1986 without a singlepromotion

Shiwalik said...

Bravo! we have won half battle
CBEC clarified PB2 and PB3 band for MACP benefit. Thanks to efforts by AICEIA.
we hope the same will be repeated in cadre review.

Rakesh said...

Its been a good news for all the officers, who has for so long waited for their promotion and got stagnated in the same cadre. However, the association should strictly raise the issue of ICT, for most of the newly recruited inspectors of 2006 batch got posted too far from their hometown. Even though they were selected on ALL INDIA basis, they have been confined to a particular zone and this injustice should not continue for long. After all, we have not done any crime for which we are kept apart form our family for indefinite period of time. AICEIA, being the sole representative of the inspector cadre, must come forward and do the needful so that we can go to our hometown and be with our family besides working for the department in a fruitful way.


Tax India online says that Cadre restructuring file has got the sign of FM. Let unite our efforts to achieve our goal.

Pratyush said...

"restructuring file is through from expenditure and went to D.O.P&T last evening"
This was the post on 27.05.2011.
Now F.M. cleared Cadre Restructuring file this evening, Now the post of 01.06.2011 says "file is lying with Member (P&V) for preparation of cabinet note, after which it will go to DOP&T and the other formation for clearance"
Does it mean that the file was earlier with DOPT and again from Member (P & V)after preparation of cabinet note it will go to DOPT.
Please help me understand. How many times it needs to go to DOPT.

Manohar said...

Quite interesting to see a mixed blend of comments & emotions being spoken out. We only get excited by the movement of file from one platform to another which is a routine practice. What needs to be seen is that whether a large section of the cadre of Inspectors & Supdts is going to be benefited by this proposal? The answer has to be in negative. We (the ever neglected cadre) will continue to be stagnated for decades and our counterparts in Customs or even for that matter the Lucky C. Ex. Zones (Hyderabad, Delhi, Gujarat etc)are going to derive the maximum benefit out of these proposals. Anyways, our struggle and our progression remains at snail's pace. I think the in-situ scheme which would have given a little respite to the stagnated cadre has gone into cold storage. The issues of pay parity & notional pay fixation have been kept hanging for decades together. What else can we do other than keeping our hopes alive in anticipation of better things happening to the cadre.

vittalvallabh0207 said...

What about Grade pay of Rs.5400 to ACP inspectors? Whether appeal is filed in Supreme Court? What action association has taken as it has collected funds?

ramesh said...

everyone else except inspectors of central excise, superintendents of central excise, preventive officers of customs and superintendents of customs (Prev) would be happy because these four cadres have been given the shabby treatment, as usual. it is high time we stood up.