Wednesday, January 12, 2011


1. Shri.P.Vigneshwar Raju                    
2. Shri.Tapan Roy                                
3. Shri.M.Subramanyam                      
4. Shri.Vengatraman                             
5. Shri.Raj Coneti                                
6. Shri M. Ansari-                                
7. shri R.G.Singh-                                

8. Shri Sanjay Shukla-                        
9. Shri Kalpnath Ram-                        
10. Shri P.S. Shukla-                            
11. Shri Sushil Srivastav                     
12. Shri Pankaj Mishra                      
13. Shri Anil Kumar Singh                 
14. Shri Santosh Mishra                    
15.Shri C.B.Rai                                   

16.Shri Lal Babo Prasad                    


crayon said...

We from Customs preventive Commissionerate Lucknow have deposited a sum of Rs. 10,000/- today in the Indian Bank, Hazratganj Branch, Lucknow.
The names of officers contributing to the cause are as under
Shri Arvind Modi Supdt- 1000
Shri Sunil Tandon Supdt- 1000
Shri J.K.Chandra Supdt- 1000
Shri Sushil Srivastava Insp - 1000
Shri Shishir Sinha Insp 1000
Shri Suresh Kumar Tewari Insp 1000
Shri Dharmendra Sachan Insp 1000
Shri Chitra Gupt Insp 1000
Shri T.K.G. Chaudhary Insp 1000
Shri Pankaj Mani Tripathi Insp 1000

anil said...

Thanks for Lucknow Customs commissionerate to cordial coperation and we are request all Inspectors/Superintendents to contribute the same. we are also to say shri Kausik Roy and shri raju " tum sangharsh karo ham tumahre sath hai" Good luck.

Manoj said...

We from Customs Ludhiana have deposited a sum of Rs. 4,000/- today in the Indian Bank, Kalsi Nagar , Ludhiana.
The names of officers contributing to the cause are as under
Shri Sukhwant Singh Insp- 1000
Shri Mulkh Raj, Insp- 1000
Shri Raj Kumar, Insp- 1000
Shri Manoj Sharma,Insp - 1000

pavan kumar reddy said...

We from Hyderabad Branch of AICEIA have collected Rs.25,000 so far and the same along with some more contributions expected in the next few days will be paid in cash or by cheque during the CEC meeting in New Delhi on 5-2-2011.

The following is the list of members, all Inspectors, who have contributed so far.

1.B.Pavan Kumar Reddy 5,000
2. C.C.Gopi 5,000
3.KRK Surendra Babu 2,000
4.N.Srinivas Prabhu 2,000
5.Ch.Srinivas 2,000
6.B.S.V.Somanath 2,000
7.M.Srinkanth Reddy 2,000
8.C.Venkat Kondayya 2,000
9.C.Mallikarjun Reddy 1,000
10. C.Janaki Rama Rao 1,000
11. N.Venkat Reddy 1,000

Gen.Secretary, Hyderabad.

pavan kumar reddy said...

Check our website "" for details of Hyderabad Branch AICEIA.

BPK Reddy,
Hyderabad AICEIA Branch

crayon said...

Three cheers for these officers from Hyderabad, If there is a will there is a way too.

We too from lucknow customs and central excise are with you for this cause, in fact we are mobilising our colleauges here in Lucknow for more and more collections and till now have collected an amount of Rs. 20,000 and will be deposited in the Indian Bank as early as possible

Shishir Sinha, Inspector

Vinod Kumar V V said...

Earlier also we collected fund from members but we did not upload their names in the site. I think it is not at all proper to publish names who have contributed money in view of RSA rules.


satyanarayana said...

The Guntur Branch of AICEIA would contribute RS.10,000/- towards legal fund being raised and would hand over the amount during the CEC meeting to be held at New Delhi on 05.02.2011. With best wishes,

Sanjeeb said...

We the following Intelligence Officers of Central Economic Intelligence Bureau,New Delhi have deposited a sum of Rs. 12,000/- today in the Indian Bank, Delhi Branch.
The names of officers contributing to the cause are as under:-

Shri Diwaker Joshi((1993 Batch Inspector of Kanpur Commissionerate)- Rs.2000
Shri Sanjeeb Kumar Mishra (1994 Batch Inspector of Shillong Commissionerate)- Rs.2000
Shri Abinash Kumar Sinha (1994 Batch Inspector of Shillong Commissionerate)- Rs.2000
Shri Sandeep Thapliyal (1995 Batch Inspector of Noida Commissionerate)- Rs.2000
Shri Arvind Kumar Sharma(1995 Batch Inspector of Banglore Commissionerate)- Rs.2000
Shri K.V.Bhasker(1996 Batch Inspector of Chennai Commissionerate)- Rs.1000
Smt. Monica Pandey (2003 Batch Inspector of Noida Commissionerate)- Rs.1000

Nair said...

Association should disclose the names of Officers who have remitted the amount directly into Association's account