Friday, January 7, 2011


Posted by Secretary General on 1/07/2011 11:17:00 PM with 10 comments

Since  it was decided that the Association would help  Sri.M.Subramanyam in filing CAVEAT in Supreme Court and take up the responsibility of engaging a senior counsel in this regard,  legal fund is utmost necessary. Accordingly, units are requested to contribute to this legal fund generously. Interested non-members are also welcome in this regard. Those members not interested to send any contribution are also welcome to do so. All the Branches/Circles may send their contributions to GS AICEIA through DD or may deposit the same in to association account directly under intimation to through mail .  All the individuals also may deposit or transfer the amount online to the following Association Account.
The account in respect of amounts received for the purpose of legal expenses will be maintained separately and the details of contributors as well as the accounts will be made public in due course.
Name               :AICEIA
A/C No.            : 800171737
Bank name      :Indian Bank
Branch             :Fairlie Place, Calcutta, West Bengal
CBS Code        :00958
ISB No.            :700019023


Nair said...

Thanks a lot. I take the previlege of commenting first. To our surprise, the association has heard the mass. All well wishers are earnestly requested send/contribute some amount (as you wish) for a good cause to a community (Sups/Insps) which suffered a lot since independence in terms of pay, promotion and status. Mind-the comrades cannot do anything without funds. One day salary of you will suffice and go a long way in meeting the requirements. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

The speed and enthusiasm shown by members in last post is not shown here even after 2 days.Everyone wants the things to be done for him by others.Everyone wants to enjoy the fruits of others struggle. Why don't the members respond now at the crucial time. As I said already I had contributed Rs.1000/- into Association Account in spite of filing a OA in Hyderabad CAT with hefty expenditure. please respond and contribute generously for the cause.I think you can contribute atleast 10% of one months extra benefit you would get if 5400 is achieved.

subhu1234 said...

Dear Koushik,

As informed in my appeal made in our blog I am transferring Rs. 1000- through online payment to the Association's "Fairlie Place" Indian Bank Account No. 800171737. [Transaction No: IR 05951014]. Today being Sunday the amount would be credited to Association's account tomorrow 10.1.2011.

Thanks and regards

M. Subramaniam

vengat said...

I have transferred a sum of Rs.2000/- towards the legal fund in the account mentioned in the blog,.i.e 800171737, today the 9-1-2011 at, 15.38 hrs. the transfer reference no. 000191403.

Trichirapalli Branch,

RajConeti said...

Shri P Vigneshwar Raju, online transfer of money or direct depost into the account, will be done by officers only if they are made aware about the procedure to do that. KIndly, also post in you blog as to the procedure to be followed for online transfer or direct deposit. I on my part have transferred Rs. 2000/- through NEFT transfer from ICICI bank and the amount should credited by eventing.


Please confirm invitation of Meeting Called by Chairman, CBEC on 18th Jan. 2011 regarding Cadre Restructuring.

crayon said...

We from the Customs Commissionerate lucknow assure to deposit atleast 10,000/- Rs in Bank Account by Friday

Shishir Sinha

anil said...

My dear Kausik Roy,
We have deposited today(11/01/2011) Rs 5500 in Indian Bank Branch Bank Road Gorakhpur from Customs, And Central Excise Division Gorakhpur.The collection Details below.
1. Shri M. Ansari-500
2. shri R.G.Singh-500
3. Shri Sanjay Shukla-500
4. Shri Kalpnath Ram- 500
5. Shri P.S. Shukla- 500
6. Shri Sushil Srivastav 500
7. Shri Pankaj Mishra 500
8. Shri Anil Kumar Singh 500
9. Shri Santosh Mishra 500
10.Shri C.B.Rai 500
11.Shri Lal Babo Prasad 500

Mr. Roy we have try to some more collection will be deposited earliest.

crayon said...

Dear Com Mr. K Roy
We from Customs (P)Commissionerate, Lucknow have deposited a sum of Rs. 10,000/- in the designated account at the Hazratganj Branch, (Lucknow) of Indian Bank.
The names of officers contributing for this cause are as under-
S/Sri Arvind Modi, Supdt.- 1000
Sunil Tandon, supdt.- 1000
J.K.Chandra, supdt. - 1000
Sushil Srivastava, Insp.- 1000
Shishir Sinha, Insp.- 1000
Suresh Kumar Tewari, Insp.- 1000
Dharmendra Sachan, Insp.- 1000
Chitra Gupt, Insp.- 1000
T.K.G.Chaudhary, Insp.- 1000
Pankaj Mani Tripathi, Insp.- 1000

Ashok said...

Dear Com Mr. K Roy,
Today I have transferred Rs.1000/-. Many comrades from Aurangabad Commissionerate are voluntarily willing to contribute for the cause. Please accept & give us call again. With Best Wishes from Ashok B Solunke & Pritam Naik, 9226857756,9822294165