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Unknown said...

Good news. The questions which arise at this stage are as follows:
1.The current ratio for the Supdt of CE, Supdt of Customs and Appraisers is 67%, 11% and 22% as against the actual numerical strength of 82%, 11% and 7%. Will we get as per the actual numerical strength?
2.Currenly, the ratio is adopted based on the vacancy. It should be converted into post based. Will it happen?
3.Appraisers were, hitherto enjoying 22% as against the eligibility of 7%. Will the past injustice will be undone?
4.Will the customs Appraisers again manipulate to account for the Customs posts (manned by Excisemen) under customs category, as done in the past?
5.Are we willing to salute the junior most Customs officers?
6.What are we planning to do to get rid of the slavery?

N. BALRAJ said...

Can some one from
Delhi appraise the outcome of the Ratio case in SC today.

Unknown said...

mr.rajaguru sir, can you show your identity, because,we see every day your commends but could not identify you.i hope that you are one of the well wisher of our cadre pl.come forward

Unknown said...

Dear Shri. Madhes,
I am K.Rajendran, Superintendent of Central Excise, Coimbatore recruited as Inspector in 1982 and promoted as Superintendent in 1997. My phone: 098422-55755 and email id:

I participate in this area for discussion as the career interests, the manner of treatment by the Department, the work nature and culture in respect of the cadres of Inspr and Supdts are identical. Further, Insprs and supdts mutually depend on each other for the purpose of execution of work and for getting our legitimate rights. THANKS.

Anonymous said...

It has been learnt from a very reliable source that since the Govt was represented by a new lawyer (the previous lawyer refused to appear due to lack of information from the Board), the case has been adjourned for a week and the hearing has been fixed for 13.12.2010.

JD, Mumbai

Dushyant said...

Following is the order given by SC on 6th December 2010,
"Let these matters stand over to next Monday i.e.13th December, 2010 to enable the Union of India tocomply with the directions contained in the order of 22nd November, 2010."

MEHTA said...

please let we know the directions of hon'ble SC contained in order dated 22.11.10

Unknown said...

What is the outcome of the appeal scheduled to be held on monday? can any body update on the matter please.

Unknown said...

rajaguru sir,

thank u for ur identity,we thank for ur zeal and enthusiasm towards our cadres on all the aspects

Dushyant said...

On 13/12/2010 Honble SC gave following order:-

Issue notice in Writ Petition (Civil)No. 385/2010.
Dasti service, in addition, is permitted.
Let it be recorded that Mr. B.K.Prasad, learned counsel, accepts notice in the Writ Petition on behalf of the respondents.
Since the respondents are being represented in Civil Appeal No. 1198/2005, which is being taken up along with the Writ Petition, service of notice on the respondents in the Writ Petition is dispensed with. Let both the matters be listed on Wednesday (15th December,2010) on the top of the list to enable Mr. Bhat, learned senior counsel appearing for the Union of India and its authorities, to take instructions with regard to the submissions made relating to disposal of both the matters with a direction to the Union of India to take a final decision on the proposal to amend and/or alter the ratio relating to promotions to the post of Assistant Commissioner (Customs and Excise). Mr. Bhat may also take instructions with regard to the prayer for interim relief made as to whether promotions, in the meantime,should be stayed or whether promotions made, if any,would be subject to the result of the Writ Petition or subject to the decision taken by the Union of India.
Mr. Ganguli, learned senior counsel appearing for the appellants in Civil Appeal No.1198/2005 has produced before us a communication dated 25th November, 2010,addressed by the Deputy Director and CPIO,Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, addressed to Mr.Satyapal Dudeja, Superintendent of Customs (P),in which indication has been given that the matter is under consideration.
The appellants are directed to place the said letter on record by way of an affidavit.

Unknown said...

It is learnt that some superintendents will be promoted to the post of AC within a few days. How is this possible when the issue of ratio of allocation of posts is subjudice?

manish said...

dear rajendran sir, kindly update us regarding civil appeal no 1198/2005