Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letter to R.S. from J.A.C.

Posted by Secretary General on 12/08/2010 04:54:00 PM with 8 comments


Anonymous said...

Mr Kousik Roy, please wake up.
You have signed the letter and dated it 08.10.12
We are still in 2010. Or does this reflect the careless attitude of the AICEIA?

N. BALRAJ said...

Very nice of you. What a GREAT GESTURE in showing care and kind attitude towards AICEIA ? (This) Is (this) the right way of motivating the leaders.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

What is wrong in date Com.Balraj ? I do not find any thing wrong.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

There is no charm in the blog after removing the photographs of our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Well well....after my first comment on the wrong dates, where Mr Roy had put date as 08.10.12 below his signature, the same has now been digitally modified. But it is a poor work done (please see it carefully). If the need was to cover up the error, it should have been done properly. Do not do shabby jobs every where. And i like the way Mr Raju innocently asks what is wrong with the date. Perhaps the hawkeye is missing. I am deliberately pointing this not to demean anyone but because when we write a letter to a top person on behalf of an entire cadre, we have to be careful with every word and figure. It reflects our attitude. Even an unintentional error like this will make us a laughing stock and these babus in the board wait for every such opportunity to let us down.
But please carry on doing the good work and build pressure on the Board to listen to us.

Desikadasan said...

I hope the CBEC do justice in cadre restructuring.

By the way, I would like to suggest that the next convention (due next month) may be conducted after the restructuring, so that the new elected team may not get disturbed during the tenure.

S. Venkatesan
Trichy Branch

vengat said...

I fuly agree with Venktesan so, that the present set of officers do not have any excuse that they could have got every thing. Hence, I request that convention be held after cadre restructure. this will enable office bearers to concenrate on that job

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Last chance to vail encashment of EL for 10 days on LTC before 31.12.2010 for details see