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Return visit to Board

Posted by Secretary General on 8/03/2010 04:40:00 PM with 76 comments
While returning back from Indore we met Member C.Ex, as informed by him everything is running very fast, it was informed to us that HRM is likely to complete the resrtucturing proposal by next week, distribution of GST Commissionerates shall be after the restructuring of the department, we have raised the issue of Chandigarh once again infront of him and intimated him that the Association has decided to go all out against the atrocity shown by some of the authorities in some parts of this country.
Immediately after we met the officials of ADG (HRM)'s office nad understood that this report for restructuring is complete from HRM's side waiting for presentation in the Board, it was again assured that inspectors who joined 12 years back have a fair chance of getting their first promotion by this restructuring, it may not be equal in every zone but HRM prepared the report keeping in mind the acute stagnation of Inspector and Superintendent.
We are trying our level best for creation of a JCA, as discussed with Secy Genl of Minsterial Association we are moving forward for the creation of JCA before completion of restructuring process.
We would like to inform our member that FM has not yet gone through thre restruring proposal, even Revenue Secretary has not yet been intimated about the proposal. we have chalked out no of organisational action programme that will be intimated to you shortly


vivek said...

The BJP run states have decided not to support roll out of GST. Will it affect restructuring.

vengat said...

kindly read the following article in Economic Times delhi edition, 3-8-10 in two or three parts. it relates to cadre resturcting of our department. i feel it will lead to 70 more posts of commissioners.what is in store for us.

vengatarman, trichy branch.
GST Rollout: Re-engineering processes to be a challenge


THE introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) across the country is widely expected to decrease compliance burden for businesses,reduce paper work as well as the direct interface between companies and tax officials.And indeed,it would be if the Centre and states adopt the proposals made by the Central Board of Excise and Customs Group on Implementation of GST recently for common IT platform and common registration.The group in its report of July 12,2010 has suggested complete re-engineering of business processes to make the transition smoother and to scale up the capacity of the department to deal with nearly five-fold increase in the taxpayer base to about 50 lakh.The increase in the taxpayer base would be a result of lowering the threshold to Rs 10 lakh for all business to be covered by the GST from the existing level of Rs 1.5 crore for central excise as well as from reduction of the number of exempt items.
The group has suggested that the registration process of the three components of the GST central GST,state GST and integrated GST be common and online,tax payers be given a single PAN-based registration for all business premises in a state,single return form for all three taxes and filed online through a common portal,crediting of refund amount directly to a claimants bank instead of issuing cheques,dispensing with the current practice of mandatory annual audit of large tax payers and reducing the frequency of filing of returns for small tax payers,among other measures.
Now the re-engineering of business processes before GST is rolled out in April 2011 is critically dependent on two factors creation of a robust IT infrastructure and early completion of the cadre review and its reorganisation to meet the requirements of the new tax regime.There lies the challenge: the completion of the two processes by the deadline is difficult,if not impossible.The group has said that the IT infrastructure needs to be ready three months before the rollout of GST.So if the Centre were to somehow manage all the other imponderables such as constitutional amendment in the next few months to ensure a April 2011 rollout,will the IT infrastructure be ready by January 2011 The National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) has the requisite experience,as it has set up the tax information network not so long ago.But considering a special purpose vehicle for creating a clearing house for GST that would handle online payment of taxes is yet to be created by the NSDL in partnership with the Centre and states,getting that infrastructure in place and tested for stability by March 2011 looks a bit ambitious.

vengat said...

kindly read the following article in Economic Times delhi edition, 3-8-10 in two or three parts. it relates to cadre resturcting of our department. i feel it will lead to 70 more posts of commissioners.what is in store for us.

vengatarman, trichy branch.
GST Rollout: Re-engineering processes to be a challenge is the name of the article. the above article continues.

"Similarly,the completion of the cadre review and reorganisation of the excise and service tax commissionerates country-wide as GST commissionerates along with separate commissionerates for audit and antievasion would take time,and rushing the process through without much thought can prove disastrous for the tax department as lesson learnt from many mergers of companies would illustrate.For instance,the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines continues to suffer from many unresolved human resources management problems.
And the changes proposed by the CBEC group on GST implementation is wide-ranging the existing 27 zone for central excise and service tax,organised as 93 central excise commissionerates,seven service tax commissionerates and four large tax payers units are to be reorganised as 150 GST commissionerates,45 audit commissionerates and 20 anti-evasion commissionerates.The idea is that each commissionerate handle about 35,000-50,000 tax payers.Further,the GST commissionerates may be organised as a one,two or three tier structure or a mixed model of three,depending on the density of taxpayers in the jurisdiction of each commissionerate.Within each GST commissionates,work is to be divided along functional lines to encourage specialisation rather than on territorial basis as is the norm now.The reorganisation would without doubt help the tax payers,as among the changes proposed include allowing companies with multiple premises within a state to choose the commissionerate with which it would prefer to file returns.
Other matters that need to be sorted out include identifying premises for setting up the GST offices,setting up common facilitation centres,familiarising the staff with the framework of the new tax.
For the moment,even the framework of GST is not finalised.Perhaps it will be done this week when the empowered committee meets again in Delhi.But there are too many differences to narrow,including the issue of the reducing fiscal autonomy of states."

rajaguru said...

I fail to understand why we cannot form trade union as in the case of Income Tax. It was earlier stated that Trade union concept is not applicable for Central Excise as the Executive officers are required to be in Uniform. Now, the Central Information Commissioner had categorically stated that there are no written instructions for the uniform (Please see www.supasskar.in for details). Under these circumstances, I feel that we can form Trade union to fight our case better.

rajaguru said...

Creation of JCA with ministerial officers will not be beneficial to the interests of Executive officers. It will weaken our case.

BL said...

You are observing that our AICEIA not applying mind
properly to achieve the goal even at the crucial stage of finalisation of restructuring process & implementation of the GST as our Comrades are creating JCA with the
Ministerial Association instead of Superintendent Association.

A high powered committee of the AICEIA consisting capable & willing reprenstatives from North, South,East, West & Central Zone should be deployed in Delhi till finalisation of restructuring proceedings & allocation of GST Commissionerates for regulare persuation to the issues of common interest & to watch the hidden game of IRS lobby in the North Block.

At the last but not least I appeal & request all the AICEIA Circule Secretaries that Convention of the AICEIA may be held only in 'Delhi' to make the same a great sucess looking into the comming scenario.
With regards,

B.L.Meena, Inspr
Jaipur (Rajasthan)

balu said...

Dear Mr. Rajaguru,

Can you explain the logic behind creating a Trade Union.. Have you read through the Recognition of Service Association Rules... If not please go through that and you will come to know that there can be only associations and no trade unions as we are not an industrial body..

Secondly, you have in one of your comment, stated that the formation of JCA with Ministerial Association will weaken our case. Whereas Mr.Meena has said that the Inspectors Association should form JCA with superintendent Association.

As per the information available, superintendent Association have also been invited by the the Ministerial Association to form the proposed JCA, for which a positive response have been received from them as well.

I hope this may dispel your fears, if any.. But before parting i would only request you to kindly inform as to what point or demand of Inspectors or Superintendent would be weakened by including the Ministerial Officers association. According to me any benefit that the Inspectors and Superintendents are likely to get would in all likelihood flow back to the Ministerial Officers directly, without any doubt. Then where is the question of weakening your case..

Would you be worried if any Ministerial Officer is getting a benefit.. If so kindly let everyone know as to what would be that benefit on which you would be worried.

With regards,

rajaguru said...

Whether you are prepared to accept or not, Executive officers intended for technical functions and tax collection are in the strong position than that of the Ministerial officers. There is a valid point in our argument that we are stagnating in the same grade for decades together. We can win the heart of the Finance Minister with these arguments as the spade work in this direction had already commenced. This is not the position in respect of Ministerial Officers. The Ministerial officers may make the demands such as pay parity for the DOS and AO with that of inspectors and superintendents, Creation of more posts in the grade of CAO or new post as Principal chief Accounts officer and so on. I am certainly not against their fight for the demands. Let them fight their case and we, the executive Officers look after our own business. If we join with them, it will dilute the bargaining power and the focus would be lost. Unity is advisable only among the identical forces. Ultimately, the Executive officers will get the bad name that we had achieved the benefits due to their support.

Anonymous said...

As a man sows, so he shall reap.............................................................

balu said...

Dear Mr.Rajaguru,

From your comment, one gets a feeling that, whether or not you get any benefit out of the proposed JCA, you would prefer not to join the Ministerial Officers.. I do not want to join issues with you on this anymore, as it is difficult to convince people with such a opinion..

But be prepared to the following scenario..

1. there will be only 5 to 10 ministerial staff per commissionerate after the present cadre restructuring and you may have to wait for months together to get your Salary certificate, pay arrears, CEA, TA CLAIMS, LTC claims etc., and other similar benefits... Because, there will not be enough officers to attend to this work after the cadre restructuring, as there is a proposal of abolishing of posts.. One can easily assume, which level of posts it is going to be.. Certainly not in the grade of Inspectors or superintendents. And most certainly not from the Group 'D' (because without them our officers will not know who is who in their office?)..

So it is clear that there is going to be reduction in the middle level.. which is the Ministerial..

May be you should ask with your colleagues, who are not as lucky as you to have got all the benefits, because there are unlucky officers who have and are already facing one or more difficulty on this count of no ministerial officers..

2. May be after the restructuring they may outsource ministerial work.. and in such a scenario, be prepared to fight for your correct pay and allowances and relevant benefits, everytime.

3. Wait for years and months together to get your pensionary benefits, because no entry would be kept updated in your Service book, without which these cannot be settled.

If you are going to accept this reality then it is better your proposal for not forming a JCA with Ministerial officers would be a very very good idea..

God save this department and ever increasing tribe of officers with this nature attitude.... "whether i go ahead or not, i would not let others go ahead of me"..

In any case, i wish Good luck to you, so that you don't face a situation like the above during your period of service!


surya said...

Dear rajaguru,
i fully agree with you. The greatest strength of the executive officers in cbec is the statistics regarding our stagnation and the ill treatment meted out to us. If the statistics are projected before the proper/competent authority, I am sure justice would be have to rendered to us. Saddling our woes with a cadre which have not been subjected to such ill treatment will defenitely weaken our case as the statistics will be diluted.

This is my personal opinion and let the majority decide.

Bhagwan Singh said...

Dear Roy & co




swapan said...

I am fully agree with rajaguru.I think our cadre i.e.Inspector of Central Excise is the poorest cadre among all categories of employee in central government service.We are struggling for our justified demands over the decads.For promotion I am waiting for the period till my son be matured after marriage.I have joined in this department as a Inspector in the year 1992.Now I find many Inspectors those were Sepoys in that time.I am working with them.I am not zelous about their good luck.But I feel depressed.Now when we are thinking about the rays of hope, what is the justification of JCA with ministerial association.We have nothing to loose.

rajaguru said...

For the Independence Day Celebrations, instructions have been issued by the Department requiring the participation of the Executive officers compulsorily in uniform. After the pronouncement of the verdict in January, 2010 by the Central Information Commission to the effect that there are no written guidelines or instructions for prescription of uniform, it is not clear how the Department can force the Executive officers to be in uniform without any legal basis. Associations of Inspectors and superintendents should spell out their stand on the subject matter and guide the cadre in this regard.

NK said...

State sales tax deptt is headed by an IAS officer in almost all the states.Now, on implementation of GST regime, why should not our deptt be headed by IAS officers who would certainly be impartial in organisational matters.

Sreedhar said...

Dear friends,
The GST regime is not yet finalised by the empowered committee and the draft constitutional amendment has been rejected by the states. Then there is no point in pondering over it now. What we need at this hour is to pursue the ongoing cadre restructuring exercise and ensure that it is in the best interests of our cadre. Certainly AICEIA central committee is closely monitoring the progress. On our part, we the members are to show our solidarity to the association and send signals to the CBEC bosses that we are ready for any sort of action to achieve our goals and this time they cannot fool us as was done in the earlier editions of restructuring. Pl utilize your contacts in the Delhi so that our voices are echoed in the North Block.
SEC Member, Kerala Circle.

Sreedhar said...

Dear All,
Pl see below the reply received from DG/HRD on Cadre restructuring. Now you can understand what is the mind of CBEC bosses regarding B,C & D group employees. Though it is a bit lengthy to be published in a blog, pl excuse me as its contents are very important for us.

Q. i. Kindly inform the likely date of implementation of the cadre restructuring process. Also please inform whether this restructuring is in anticipation of implementation of GST or otherwise?
Reply:- It is not possible to indicate the likely date for implementation of Cadre Restructuring plan, since the proposal in this regard has to be necessarily examined by various Departments/ Ministries before it is sent for consideration and approval to the Union Cabinet and the time that different departments would take in examination of the proposal, cannot be quantified by the Department of Central Excise & Customs. Further the existing and anticipated workload in the existing Indirect Taxes Scenario would be the basis for formulation of the proposal of Cadre Restructuring/ Reorganisation of the Field formations under CBEC.
Q.ii. The number of proposals/presentations that have been submitted to the Board on the cadre restructuring during the past 6 months may please be provided. Also please inform the number of occasions in which the issue of restructuring was discussed in the Board Meeting.
Q. iii. Kindly provide me the copies of such proposals/presentations made to the Board till date, in hard copies or soft copies.
Reply:- No proposals have been submitted to the Board/Ministry in the matter of cadre restructuring. Whatever presentation have been made before the Board were related to the reports of three Cadre Restructuring Study Groups. The said reports of the three Study Groups are available on http://www.dghrdcbec.gov.in/. Process of formulation of Cadre Restructuring proposal involves continous consultation/discussions with the Senior Functionaries of the Government and other stakeholders. Hence, it is not possible to quantify as to how many times the issue of cadre restructuring has been discussed.
Q. iv.Kindly provide the copies of the minutes of all such Board Meetings in which either a presentation was made or the issue was discussed.
Reply:- During the presentations, no minutes as such were recorded. However, the Board discussed some issues arising out of the recommendations of the three Study Groups and those raised by various recognized staff associations. The Minutes of this Board meeting are enclosed.
Q. v.Kindly provide the copies of the reports of the committees, if any which were constituted for the purpose, other than those reports that have been placed on the website (www.dghrdcbec.gov.in) on cadre restructuring.

Reply:- There is no report on cadre restructuring, other than those submitted by the three Study Groups.

Q. vi. Kindly inform if any new posts are likely to be created or existing posts are being upgraded or abolished. If so details of the same may be provided.
Q. vii. Kindly inform the number of new commissionerates that are likely to be created in the ongoing cadre restructuring process, with details of the same.
Reply:- Cadre Restructuring proposal is still at drafting stage. No decision on any issue, other than those contained in the enclosed Board Meeting (Minutes for meeting on 12.05.2010), has been arrived at.

rajaguru said...

The reply to RTI query is delivered normally at the end of 30 days from the date of the query. It is not clear when the aforesaid reply was made. The above reply may not be reflecting the latest position. Let us be optimistic based on the latest developments on the subject matter and not be carried away by the skepticism expressed in the website of Ministerial officers Association.

Please also see my earlier post on the relevance of Uniform. The members/leaders of the Association may spell out their view point whether we can refuse to wear the uniform in the light of clarification issued by the Central Information Commission in January, 2010 to the effect that there are no written guidelines/instructions to require the executive officers in uniform.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...
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P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

How the promotions issued in CCA Chandigarh. It is understood that only after consultation with Board the promotion orders are issued. For copies of Orders issued to six Inspectors in Chandigarh-I please visit http://hyderabadcustoms.blogspot.com. I request all the Unit/Branch representatives to approach your CCAs to issue promotions on the line of Chandigarh CCA.

balu said...

Dear Mr. Rajaguru,

I am unable to understand the following from your comments..:-

1. On what basis are you saying that the things have got brighter and you are sounding confident, when everybody else, including the leaders of your association feel that nothing positive is being done in the cadre restructuring to any of the cadres other than Group 'A'.

2. Who said that you should not be optimistic? I had in my earlier comment also referred to the letter written by the Secretary General of Supdt., Association (dated 27.07.10.. which is recent), stating the position expressed in the Ministerial Association blog. can you please let everyone know as to whether that is also wrong..?

3. Regarding uniform, as long as you are drawing uniform allowance and accepting it, you will have to obey it.. CIC cannot and has not told that there shall be no uniform, if there are no orders. It has only ordered that the Board should issue necessary instructions on the matter. In the light of the above, nothing can be done by anybody, to say that they will not wear uniform and attend the parade...

4. Last but not the least, why are you trying to bash everyone in each of your comments, including that of your leaders.. why don't people like you come out in the open and lead an association... so that things can be settled easily according to your opinions.

with regards

balu said...

Placed below is an article from Tax India Online..

GST is Dead??????

THE GST has again run into rough whether – States, especially the BJP ruled ones are out to make a political issue out of the GST Law and strangely they get support from the communists and even some Congress States apart from UP. Gujarat Finance Minister Saurabh Patel said, “In the present form it [constitutional amendment Bill] will not come in the Monsoon session. The Centre should allow the States to be empowered. If they don't allow this, GST is dead.”

It is not that the States are worried about losing Revenue – they are worried about losing the power – the power to harass, the power to collect donations, the power to arm-twist the trade – and they will all show the poor Indian as their excuse for opposing the GST. Unfortunately the hapless tax payer has no say in all this exercise – after all the rape victim is never consulted.

I think we the Officers of this department are also like the common man referred above, in the cadre restructuring.. where we are never asked or consulted on what is to be done..

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...
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P.Vigneshwar Raju said...




murali said...

if promotion can be given to six Chandigarh officers on 01.07.2010, why was the DPC proposed to be held on 24.03.2010 by the CC, Chennai, postponed? Due to the postponement of the DPC the officers of the Chennai Zone lost their seniority as regards the chandigrah officers. I assume that the subject promotion orders would have been issued only after obtaining clearance from the Board. The aiceia may request the cases of the officers whose promotion has been delayed, may get their promotion with effect from 24.03.2010. My friend, Mr.Paul has an interesting new regarding the reservation issue. Pl post the same in the blog.

madhu said...

dear friends, i have been going through the comments offered by our friends regarding cadre restructuring and promotion of inspectors for long... now i feel the restructuring is not going to happen nor the GST come true in 2011. Let us not speak of our promotion chances....this issue has been on air since March 2010..almost four months have elapsed...nothing has happened... so many fridays have come and gone..nothing is happening...now who is to bell the cat...the board, the association....or the honourable court....itself....can someone give a comment.....as i have also put in almost 20 years of service in inspr cadre with no respite.....regards....madhu..

Desikadasan said...

// NK said...

State sales tax deptt is headed by an IAS officer in almost all the states.Now, on implementation of GST regime, why should not our deptt be headed by IAS officers who would certainly be impartial in organisational matters.//

Already our Department is headed by IAS officer only whether it is Revenue Secretary or Expenditure Secretary.

For your information our claim for 6500 from 1996 is prevented by Expenditure Secretary only who is an IAS officer.

By proposing for IAS heading CBEC, we will only attract the wrath of IRS officers which will further deteriorate the interests of our cadre.

pvd said...


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...
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P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

FOR DETAILS OF CALCUTTA HIGH COURT CASE VISIT http://hyderabadcustoms.blogspot.com

rajaguru said...

Dear Shri. Desikadasan,
I understand that the favourable verdict pronounced by CAT, Jabalpur for higher pay scale (pioneering verdict similar to that of Cuttack order)was defeated by an IRS officer and not IAS officer. Expenditure Department would normally attempt to stall the outflow of funds as they are expected to minimise the expenditure of the government in a prudent manner. IAS officers are basically magnanimous in nature. IAS officers gracefully accept the leadership of promotee officers and do not attempt to prevent them from reaching the top level.

madhu said...

dear friends, as you all know one more friday has gone by; nothing has happened. At the outset, i must congratulate hyderabad customs for having the uptodate informtion that they are imparting to others...thanks a lot...now v, the affected lot are again waiting for the next friday thinking that some good thing would happen...sorry to state now v are in the receiving end...the other party now is dictating terms to us..if things go in their way i.e. they stick to their stand that roster is to be taken from 1995 and report submitted, it would take another three to four months...by the time out colleagues would have retired without accomplishing their last wish.... i must stress, constitutional amendment is indeed the need of the hour for equality in terms of financial back ground, other wise the disgraced lot now waiting in dark for accomplishing their last wishes in the department before retirement,would would retire disgracefully and who would face their wrath...i wish and hope of late the concerned would give it a serious thought and see that chaos are corrected and also get some piece of the cake..regards

culprit said...

Recipe for removing stagnation.

How to remove stagnation in inps. supdt cadre ?


This what have happended with the issue of or rather ordeal of Kolkatta HC case. Promotion to all INspectors through out India has come to a screecing halt and nothing is happening.

Our office bearers/comrades at Kolkatta should take up cudgels by adopting every method to see that this imbroglio is cleared by the HC as soon as possible.

All officers/inspectors who are ritiring or are on verge of promotion are passing through agonising period.

Plight of officers who have been waiting for their first promotion for almost 17/20 years is difficult to describe in words.

Even the LDC (without any illwill) to whom they used to assign work have caught up with them. Many a time are compelled to perform the task which they once used to assign to lower rung staff, and the same the then three rung down officer enjoying superior position.

So lowest rung officers have started walking shoulder to shoulder, the officers who were Asst. Comm. have reached the Commissioner, but Inspector is still the inspector. Poor rabit !!!
This is an Anamoly of highest form.

There are instance whent 9 years inspector belonging to SC/ST cadre have become superintendent !!!
This also adds to frustation of the gen. candidates.

Time has come perhaps we should adopt "Gandhigiri" method of highst form before the portal of Kolkatta high Hourt to draw attention to our miserable condition in the department.

This than lets us pray Amighty that wisdom dawns upon the judges handling the case

sanju said...

this is the best and Only chance for Inspectors to fight for their rights..i m of the opinion that We must give a Call for strike and non-cooperation against GST...in any case what does it benefit Us ? when service tax came what it beneifitted us..nothing...so THIS is the RIGHt TIME to extract the pound of Flesh..all of us should go for noncooperation against GST...WE deserve much better conditions than what we have..ITS NOW OR NEVER FOR INSPECTORS AND SUPDTS...STRIKE IT NOW WHEN THE IRON IS HOT.....PLZZ..

sanju said...

this is the best and Only chance for Inspectors to fight for their rights..i m of the opinion that We must give a Call for strike and non-cooperation against GST...in any case what does it benefit Us ? when service tax came what it beneifitted us..nothing...so THIS is the RIGHt TIME to extract the pound of Flesh..all of us should go for noncooperation against GST...WE deserve much better conditions than what we have..ITS NOW OR NEVER FOR INSPECTORS AND SUPDTS...STRIKE IT NOW WHEN THE IRON IS HOT.....PLZZ..

surya said...

During the hearing on 30.6.2010 when the Addl Solicitor General requested for lifting of stay, the counsel for samiran roy & co pleaded that the seniority list prior to 2002 have not been submitted and if the stay is lifted submission of the said list would be delayed by the board. When during the hearing on 6.8.2010, when the list from 1997 onwards were submitted m/s. samiran roy & co wants list from 1995 onwards. This highlights the mischievous and hidden agenda of samiran roy & others to delay the promotions of the inspectors for unknown reasons. When the Additional General pleaded that CBEC can only follow dopt instructions to give effect to Hon'ble Supreme Court Decision in Sabharwal case from 1997 onwards, and therefore the list from 1995 onwards cannot be casted, m/s. samiran roy & others at this stage pleaded that they want to consult their clients on this issue and the case was again postponed to next week.

The agenda of m/s samiran roy and others is highly mischievous. When all over india Central Govt. Departments and public sector undertakings are following dopt instructions and giving reservation benefits as per the Hon'ble Apex Court's decision from 1997 onwards how can CBEC alone take a contrary stand. And why should one department alone that too only the low level executive cadre alone should be put to unnecessary agony and humilation to serve the vested and parochial intersts of m/s. samiran roy & others. If samiran roy & others want to get reservation benefits from 1995 onwards they have to file a case against dopt and not continue to whine for continuation of stay in promotions of inspectors in the Central Excise Department of CBEC. It is also ironical to note that the Custom houses all over India functioning under the same CBEC had already issued promotion orders of similar cadre on 30.6.2010 itself.

The act of playing delaying tactics with the promotional prospects of inpectors and superintendents are purely for mischievious and sadistic reasons and this nonsense should be put to an end immediately.

We hope and pray that the Additional Solicitor General would highlight the real facts before the Hon'ble Court and expose the hidden agenda of m/s. samiran roy & others and get the stay lifted immediately, thereby sparing further embrassment/agony to the inspector fraternity including the reserved category inspectors who are also due for promotions.

rajaguru said...

Please read Tamil Murasu evening daily dated 6.8.2010 Page 4 wherein it has been reported that 19 promotee officers were conferred IAS. Interestingly, out of the 19 officers, three persons had commenced their career as Typists and attained IAS status within 25 years of their service. Congratulations to those three officers who reached the top level position. Salute to the association leaders of Revenue Department of the Tamil Nadu state. Appreciation should also go to the direct recruit IAS officers who are magnanimous to allow the promotee officers to grow. How great it would have been had the IRS officers also been vested with the same amount of magnanimity?

rajaguru said...

Please read Tamil Murasu evening daily dated 6.8.2010 Page 4 wherein it has been reported that 19 promotee officers were conferred IAS. Interestingly, out of the 19 officers, three persons had commenced their career as Typists and attained IAS status within 25 years of their service. Congratulations to those three officers who reached the top level position. Salute to the association leaders of Revenue Department of the Tamil Nadu state. Appreciation should also go to the direct recruit IAS officers who are magnanimous to allow the promotee officers to grow. How great it would have been had the IRS officers also been vested with the same amount of magnanimity?

JD said...

It is really disheartning to read comments on this site where the weakness of the cadre and desperation is exposed.

I have just heard that on Friday 6th August, all the officers in Pune i.e Supdts, Inspectors, Ministerial stormed in the cabin of the Chief Commissioner to protest against the dictatorship behaviour of the Commissioner of Pune-I Commissionerate Mr Ayyam Perumal. This man has been harassing all the staff and issued studip and ridiculous circulars. The joint action by all the staff forced the Chief Commissioner to review all the decisions taken by the dictator Commissioner. He assured the staff that all corrective measures will be taken.

This is lesson for all of us. If we jointly take an aggressive stand against the minority Group-A officers, we will win hands down. It is time to take the bull by the horn and the staff at Pune have proved this.

Do not tolerate humiliation and insults thrown on you by the Group-A. Retaliate jointly.

Meerut guys, get up. Two of your colleague officers have been suspended for no fault of theirs.

Collect information of wrong doings by the Group-A people, collect information on the corrupt practices of the Group-A and then pass it on the the Board and the
CVC. Put them in the docks.

For all these years these Group-A idiots have harassed everyone. They have not bothered about the welfare of the staff. Now it is pay-back time.

Wake up and act. Jointly. JAI HIND.

BL said...

Dear friends
I'm very much agree wtih comments dated 07.08.2010 passed by Mr Sanju.

All of us watching activities of Mr Roy & Co. and so many comments by innocent the Association members on the blog since from a long time, but it is a bitter truth that Mr Roy & Co. don,t bothered about our comments. If itis wrong, why they are silent even at crucial stage of cadre restructuring ?

Having hidden agenda Mr Roy & Co. appears busy in playing their game of poltics by 'divide & rule' in the Circle units. The convention of our Association due in December 2010 & as per my suggestion dated 04.08.2010 above, the same may be held only in 'DELHI', but it is gathered that they are planning for another place of their choice to achieve their personal goal.

Our elected office bearers specifically Mr Roy showing artificial activiness only on the occasions of the CEC meeting and doing nothing except to show his adament attitue ignoring suggestions/demands of innocent Association members.In support of my comments material facts are as under:-
1. During JAIPUR CEC acute stagnation was realised & decided to initiate effectively and timely programme of action to remove the regional disparity in promotion, but the activities of Mr Roy and ATR (Action Taken Report) placed in the house of INDORE CEC is before you, which is a big zero (O) for our cadre.
2. In the JAIPUR CEC, the issue of fixation at 7450 wef. 01.01.2006 was discussed in detail and I submitted real facts & meaningful submissions against the false & useless efforts intimated in the house by Mr Roy. At the end he was with no words except his old adament attitude and finally promised to obtain clarification form the Board on top priority for implementation of 7450. It is for all of us that nothing has been done in this regard except posting a message on 30.07.2010 just before the INDORE CEC.

3. Similarly as per commitment in Jaipur CEC meeting just a clarification was also to be obtained for implementation of MACP for promotee Inspectors, but the same is still awaited. This shows that Mr Roy is a master mind to manage support of a particular group of Inspectors against his negativity in the CEC meetings.

4. It is a bitter truth that there is a regulare decrease in membership of most of the Circle units, which is resulting in weakness of our Association and for this situation only & only our office bearers are responsible as they are not truely devoted for creative/possitive efforts in common interest of the Association members.

Dear Comrades - Mr Roy & Co. is not guilty but we all are also equal responsible for present pity condition of our cadre becoz we are habitual to tolerate injustice by the Board and lazyness of our office bearers.

It is very much right time to rise our voice collectively & repeatedly so that we can bound our office bearers to initiate "do-or-die" action just before the cadre restructuring & implementation of GST.

Please be united for a big struggle just to realise & safeguard our 'SELF-RESPECT', which is a basic need for each society.
With fond hope of positive action.

B.L. Meena, Inspr (097846-57055)
An active member

RAM said...

Dear Surya ji,

Of course they are mischievious.

You are kind enough to admit that there is a case for Samiran Roy and his team from 1997.

Please clarify to me that now CBEC has accorded Second and third MACP to our seniors and issued orders some time during the last week of July,2010. Whether the officers are eligible for MACP from 2008 onwards or August,2010 only?

DOPT had erred my Dear friend. Without considering the fact of Sabarwal case, DOPT issued an order.

Till last friday, you were aganist 1997 order. Now you are admitting that all the departments in CEntral Government are giving the benefit from 1997 and why Samiran Roy team insist for from 1995 and telling that it is mischievious and with hidden agenda?

We should have single tongue and one word and we should not often change our stand.

or otherwise just decline the DOPT order and fight for that.

We are not begging any mercy from any one and just insist to implement the orders of DOPT/ Supreme Court's order in its letter and spirit and dont change the stand and hatred your colleagues.


RAM said...

Regarding the Samiran Roy case, ICESTEA that

Matter is of great concern and ICESTEA is ready to takeon the CCAs for their failure to conduct DPCs and promote officers, if they are right and if they are wrong for the mischief done to the cadre by not maintaining the Rules of Reservation. Why should the Inspector suffer for the lack of knowledge of ICCE officers as Heads of Office.

Why cant the AICEIA can take the same stand ? It is whose fault in not implementing the DOPT's order? IT is the respective CCAs mistake. Had they properly implemented the DOPT's order then and there, why Samiran Roys arises?

Already lot of my friends have admitted the fact of not implementing DOPT's order from 1997. Let we unite and call for the CCAs to prepare the roster from 1997 or 1995 and the solve the problem.

NO body is going to loose anything.

As already decided in the Indore CEC, let our units GS meet and request the respecive CCAs to settle the problem. It is the only way in our sight. There is no use in throwing muds or anything of Samiran & others.

With regards

RAM said...

Regarding the Samiran Roy case, ICESTEA that

Matter is of great concern and ICESTEA is ready to takeon the CCAs for their failure to conduct DPCs and promote officers, if they are right and if they are wrong for the mischief done to the cadre by not maintaining the Rules of Reservation. Why should the Inspector suffer for the lack of knowledge of ICCE officers as Heads of Office.

Why cant the AICEIA can take the same stand ? It is whose fault in not implementing the DOPT's order? IT is the respective CCAs mistake. Had they properly implemented the DOPT's order then and there, why Samiran Roys arises?

Already lot of my friends have admitted the fact of not implementing DOPT's order from 1997. Let we unite and call for the CCAs to prepare the roster from 1997 or 1995 and the solve the problem.

NO body is going to loose anything.

As already decided in the Indore CEC, let our units GS meet and request the respecive CCAs to settle the problem. It is the only way in our sight. There is no use in throwing muds or anything on Samiran & others.

With regards

Laksman said...

My dear friends,
After our struggle of 13 years, now u accept 1997. So u played mischief for the past 13 years. You hv denied our legitimate rights for the past 13 years. we patienrntly waited for 13 years. Can't u wait for 3 months?

balu said...

Dear Lakshman,

It is nobody's argument that you should not get your legitimate benefit.

It is not the case in all CCAs that the sabharwal case judgement and attached DOPT order is not implemented.. Many of the CCAs have implemented that long back, and I personally feel that those in these zones are the ones who are losing because of no fault of theirs.. Because, when it is implemented and still their promotion is delayed one has to definitely feel sorry and agitated..

The order of Chandigarh commissionerate and that of other customs formation (as reported in the comments hereinabove), makes things more worse.

Further, the Board is the Main culprit in not making sure that the orders of Supreme Court and DOPT instructions are implemented without fail..

So never justify the delay of 3 months or even one day, when it is not going to benefit anybody.. The delay is not going to benefit you, by any stretch of imagination..

That is what everyone is worried about..


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

ALL ARE REQUESTED TO GO THROUGH http://hyderabadcustoms.blogspot.com for 5400 grade pay issue.

Regarding WPCT 261/2008 issue how it is fair to stop the promotions of the officers where the roster is maintained correctly. In any case if the court directs the seniority has to be fixed and all the benefits are given then, why to stop promotions.

Dear Ram
What is ICESTEA who is going to entertain them for negotiations? Just by collection few thankless people like from Hyderabad can't make an association and can't get any recognition. So do not bother about ICESTEA.

RAM said...

So Mr.Balu, the 3 months time is more than that of 13 years?

Be judicious and wise in analysing the issues. It is not that i am going to be benefitted or not. Let us think for happening of a good thing.

Your arguement is like that what ever happened to others, we should get every thing. days are not so far that the same may be happened to us also.

Now only all my friends in the blog accept the fact of not implementing the DOPT's order from 1997.

There is no question of culprit. It is not the Board. It is the officers like dministrative Officers, Superintendents posted in CF Section (like in Chennai CCA), are the real culprits. They are acting against the interest of SC/ST officers always. They should be penalised.

They should be penalised under PCR Act. Once the Samiran Roy case attains the finality, the action will be initiated against such officers who dealt with the Establishment matters and responsible for preparing and maintaining rosters will be charged under PCR Act.

The Details are being gathered. The matter will not be left as such.

RAM said...

It could be seen the Board's letter dated 10.3.2010 in F.No.C-18012/6/2009-AdIIB, asking all CCAs to supply the relevant data covering with regard to own-merit selectees from 10.2.1995 and hence the claim of Samiran & others is not new or pre-empted by them with miscehievious thought.

It is the fault of the CCAs. So plaese go through relevant records or documents before putting your comments.

My dear Surya

if you require any details or data regarding the issue you are advised to contact me and i will supply all the relevant data. Without knowing the facts or ABCD of the issue, dont blabber anything in the site, proving your ignorance.

With regards and an invitation to request for the details for enlightening yourself (Mr.Surya).

balu said...

Dear Ram,

I am noway justifying the delay of 13 years in not implementing the DOPT order. If it has not been implemented so far, then it is the fault of everyone.. But the order to implement it came in 2002..(correct me if i am wrong). So one should have been watchful to get this implemented..

I am not saying that anybody should be denied the benefit and certainly do not intend to equate the 13 years delay to 3 months.. I want to stress only the crucial point i.e., the stay has put spanners into the promotion of officers, in whose zone the order has already been implemented.. If any CCA has not implemented, it i would extend my full support to go against those Officers responsible for not doing so..

So, my interpretation and point was that the appellants in this case have got a stay in r/o all CCAs which is what i am particularly worried about.

Because extending the stay to all the CCAs is what costing everyone very dearly.. Now you may see this another anomaly unfolding..

The stay of the Kolkatta HC was directed to be implemented by all CCAS..However the Commissioner, Chandigarh has not heeded to the stay order and promoted 6 officers to the grade of Superintendent.. Now tell me who will bell the cat.. How on earth can one CCA alone go against an order of the HIGH COURT.

Will you please bring this to the notice of the Board and also the High Court for appropriate action. This disparity/anomaly is what hurts everyone..i.e, not all the CCAs follow the directions/ instructions of Board on the matter, which is the cause for present situation.

I in no way wanted to demean or bring down the benefits available to anyone, who deserves it. If my comment has given such a meaning, i would like to apologise to those, who felt so..


madhu said...

Dear friends, u people are blabbering for long and throwing mud to each other without any use... as i have already posted my comments...there are people who have put in more than 20 years of service as inspector and one of my friends who have put in 27 years of service in inspr cadre and still waiting for a promotion....what wrong has he done...has he manipulated the rota quota ..the action of samiran has put the entire general candidates plight in the dark for no fault of them. And rather he should have fought for correction in the regions where the rota quota system is violated... and what benefit does he enjoy by putting in dark the last wishes of the general candidates...while fighting for one's right one should also see that someone else's right is also not taken away..it is high time the regions where there is no violation should promote the insprs immediately. Now the pathetic condition is that the general candidates are at the mercy of this samiran who is dictating terms ... time is not far there is going to be a back lash for this type of attitudes from within the cadre... regards mas

RAM said...

Do you maen to say that only because of the act of Samiran Roy, one of our Inspector is yet to got his promotion? It is the blunder of Board and not becuase of Samiran roy.

Whether you are aware of the fact that well before or during 1999 itself, CAT Delhi had issued an order on the merit elimination.

No body either inthe board office or CCA Delhi was kind enough to bother about the judgement. (it is leant that no appeal was also filed by the department)

You can obtain the order from your delhi friends.

Both Board and the CCAs are equally responsible for the mess created and not Samiran Roy.

from 7.2.1995, there are lot of judgements from Hon.SC, HC and CAT directing for merit elimination.

But the disheartening fact is that no CCA or the Board or DOPT was bothered to implement the same.

It is the plight of the SC officers. Further we are also not rise upto this level not aloneto the reason reservation.

Recently you would have come to knowledge that VP of Sterlite Industries was arrested for evasion of 750 Crores duty. The mastermind behind the unearth of the evasion was a SC Superintendent. We are not second to any body in work.

With regards

RAM said...

Do you aware of the fact that no PBR is still being maintained in the Chennai CCA? It was specifically mentioned by the DG Inspection, Hyderabad during the course ofthe Inspection of Chennai CCA. What remedial action was taken by the Board or the DG Inspection?

Even now Chennai CCA is submitting false reports to CCA KOlkatta. We are having evidences and we are preparing to file suit under PCR act.

more than 40 posts reserved for SCs are being occupied by general candidates. more than 75 posts reserved for OBC, in the direct recruitment is also occupied by general candidates.

What is remedy for all the above mess?

Do you mean to say that everything done by the CCA was correct?

Samiran Roy case is only cause and the DEpartmet obly to be blamed and not the samiran roy.

Better atleast now correct all the evil things done by the Board and CCAs.

Every action will have its own reaction - some times you have done evil things to SC and now you are getting or reaping what you have sowed.

balu said...

Dear Ram,

I think your anger is misdirected..

The Anger of everyone should be directed at

(i) The Board Officers &

(ii) Those CCAs who have not adhered to the Board's and DOPT's orders on PBR.

You have mentioned that the DG, inspection did point out in the course of inspection, that the PBR has not been maintained. Can you let everyone know as to when did that happen?

Can you please tell as to what were everyone (The DG, Inspection, Board, CCA concerned & of course the affected candidates) doing after coming to know of this particular lapse?

All these are responsible equally... It is these people who are to be blamed. If anyone is pointing out at Samiran Roy, for the mess, to some extent, yes he should also take the blame..

Because the order came in 2002, and he and his friends have remained silent till date. Now they have gone and got a stay against other CCAs as well, whic is what angers others...Please feel for others as well..


RAM said...

He has not filed the case during June,2010 and filed against ordering of promotion to others. He sought relief.

He filed the case very early some 6 months to 1 year before. Our Hon.Board take this much of time that Hon.Court till stayed the promotion process initated by the CCAs.

Then it is whose fault? Had he obtained stay after the DPC was completed, i would also have joined the issue along with you.


manoj said...

for god's sake please stop these verbal acrimony. even if u become superintendent in present scenario, does it make any change really substantial to your working conditions? or only ornamental?.. you have got to be retire as superintendent only.

gyanprakash said...

everyone is talking about stay order. there are some other issued which may also be discussed like 7450 scale, recruitment rules, restructuring etc.

YAARO said...

Dear Ram,
Why double game. It is well known that the reserved category officers have a SC/ST Association which is fighting the case for Samiran Roy & others. We the other category officers are not privileged to have such a backing and we have to fight things for our own. Even for airing our views in a blog just to give us some mental relief you people even want to disturb it. Can you refute that the SC/ST Association is always fighting for early promotion, securing prime postings for reserved category officers during AGT and for various unjust causes which the superior officers are mum. Unless the other category officers group as "Non SC/ST Association" in the likes of Railways we are going to be repeatedly humiliated by the reserved category officers. I also have a question how the SC/ST Association is being allowed by Commissioners/CC's to participate in the AGT process and as far as I could gather I think the SC/ST Association could address only their welfare measures and have no locus for AGT matters but unfortunately in certain Commissionerates this is being allowed to happen. Beware of the imminent danger of their asking for early promotion, prime postings and even reservation in postings in Range formations, Anti-Evasion etc. if this trend continues.

RAM said...

My dear Yaaro,

first disclose your idendity.

Do you feel other Associations are also fighting for their posting in AGT? In Tamilnadu dont you aware of the existence BC/MBC (of course other than SC ST officers are members, including some perverted bramins)officers Association is there and they also stake claim of equal share in the posting?

Dont bluff. immeinent danger oftheir asking in prime postings like postings in Range and Anti-evasion means do you mean to say that only out of reservation we are here? do mind your words.

YOu would hear that recently the Tuticorin Central Excise has unearthed an evasion of over 750 crores and arrested their VP. Do you know the officer who unearthed? it is Dhanapalan Supdt, who is also the President of SC ST Association. IN south, the entire anti-evasion unit is run by the SC ST officers. YOu can call for the details under RTI and peruse.

WE are not second to any body.

Dont throw your inner feelings in the blog

balu said...

Hare Ram!

That's all I can say.. By now, I can easily say that your comments are more and more becoming derogatory...

Instead of making comments on merits, why are you calling everyone by names..which is prohibited... Please control yourself..

And never say that only SC/ST officers can work and others cannot work or the vice-versa..

You and of course everyone including me are employed by the Government after assessing each and everyone's individual capacities (forget the procedure and other rules involved in it..)..

So, to undermine the individual capabilities of any person, is therefore wrong and should not occur..

You are also not understanding the feelings caused by the stay.... in a constructive manner.. You are taking offence on whoever is speaking/commenting against the Stay order, without of course looking at the larger picture..It is high time that we all put an end to this ugly mud throwing...Please

with regards

RAM said...

It is not my intention to defame or use derogatory words and till now not used such words.

It is only YAARO who alleged as what is the role of SC ST association in AGT. Is it correct? Ask him to put forth any point on its merits.

I know my limitation and i am refuting the charges raised or put forth by others and i am not telling any thing on my own. You can very well see my posts in the blog then decide to blame me or not.

It is not me Mr.Balu who is not understanding the mess but it is my friends, who are not understanding the prob. If you expect me not to place any reply to the post of others be open.

With regards

YAARO said...

Dear friends,
As Mr. Ram has disclosed that the SC/ST officers are controlling the anti-evasion branches in south, the cat is out of the bag. So they require prime postings even during their short tenure as Inspectors & Superintendents and also secure early promotion. It is well known that we the other officers do the work part in technical and adjudication and other statistics section for the smooth running of work while officers pointed out by Mr. Ram take control over prime postings. He is not refuting the SC/ST Association behind these ugly happenings and is also trying to justify it. Our AICEIA should also write to the Commissioners/Chief Commissioners not to take the demands for SC/ST Association in transfer and postings matters and only AICEIA is organised association in this regard.

RAM said...

Dear Yaaro dont bluff.

I am saying that we are equally strong in work. Dont put your inner feelings against the SC ST in the blog. It shows your hatred towards SC officers.

I am telling that we are equally strong in work and fighting for plum posting. We used to establish ourselves whereever we are posted.

We have to show our prsence only by our works. Others are having their god fathers and propoganda secretaries. But we have to establish or get reconition only by our work.

With out working nobody will recognise.

Who is taking control? do you mean to say that by posting one Inspector in Anti-evasion wing will result in domination? what the hell others are doing? dont bluff and post derogatory remarks.

shyam said...

dear mr surya(the enlighten) and mr yaro
it is very heartening to note that you blaming samiron roy and company for the stay, you cannot or ready to wait for merely few months, then just imagine how the sc/st officers waited for long 13 years or more for getting justice from government. One thing must be clear that as in Saberbal case the date of delivering justice was february 1995 and the sc/st's officers plight is due from that day only not a single day in advance and not a single day late. Is it not a fact that 11 zones are abiding by the saberwal case judgement, only 5 zones including calcutta misinterpreted dopt's order and did everything to deprive sc/st officers plight. Are fools are sitting in 11 zones who correctly interpreted and followed the dopt's order. It should be made crystal clear that the revised roaster is required to be prepared from 10.2.1995 only. The case is pending from that date.

shyam said...

i want to put this simple question if 11 zones can follow the dopt's order correctly why can't the others including calcutta

rajesh said...

dear all
it has been gathered that dopt has issued instruction in 1997 to follow the guidelines as laid down in saberwal case, the effective date of which was 10.2.1995. Though the case was disposed off in 1995, it took 2 years to publish the instruction, who will be benefitted is anybody's guess. I also admit what mr shyam has said that if 11 zones could follow suit why cant kolkata and others, who deflect purposefully, misinterpreting the circular with a ulterior motives. it is also not understood why the underprivileged class will have to run from pillar to post to get the constitutional rights meted out to them. What mr Ram has pointed out earliar that a huge huge evasion of duty have been unearthed by some reserved officer. It is not a sporadic case, these sort of things are very prevalent in other places too though of less magnitude. Mr Ram's intension was to show that the reserved officers could also work in tandem. And to my greatest surprise i see some of my fellow brethren complaining of intervening in transfer posting of reserved officers,,, assuming but not admitting if one asks for reservation of posts in sensitive arenas for the downtrodden, much hue and cry is being raised but my dear dearest friends you people are very much aware that our general association always poke its nose in the transfer posting and took it as their birthright to promote people who work for the interest of the organisation and they boast of it, but if a reserved organisation does so is simply unfair, derogatory,and filthy. Our general association does not pay heed to the tears of its fellow colleagues which is why they had to fight from cat to high court to supreme court to seek justice(which is still not given) but hopefully this time justice will be delivered. Can anyone imagine what pain it took to see the people sitting in the chairs meant for reserved categories are not filled up by them, those are being filled up by general candidates. If vice versa happens do my fellow brethen could bear this for this long (say more than 13 years). In the website of CBEC it shows that more than 50 officers of reserved category will be uplifted from their present position at kolkata, if it is so, then if injunction is vacated who will be getting the promotion, the reserved category or the unreserved category. If the anomaly is to be removed then the next 55 to 75 reserved category inspector must be promoted to with proper fitments in the revised roaster from 10.2.1995. Our beloved association is giving thrust in vacating the injunction so that the reserved category inspectors get their due in time. My personal request to Mr. Secretary to personally look into this matter and take initiatives so that the injunction is lifted and the reserved category inspectors get promotion in due course. LONG LIVE OUR ASSOCIATION

rajesh said...

i sincerely hope that tomorrow the case will be resolved and the reserved category officers will be rewarded with their legitimate dues.

rajesh said...

i would like to know what if such number of vacancies are not available .

shyam said...

dear mr rajesh
i do have full faith in our association and am quite sure that at least this time they will come forward and stand by our side for our cause and vacate the stay so that the sc/st inspectors get promotions very soon

Laksman said...

Thank u frnz. Now u understand the plight of the SC/St brothers.

RAM said...

Well said Mr Shyam and Rajesh.

All of you may aware of the fact that DOPT has issued an OM No.36012/45/2005-Estt (Res) dated 10.8.2010 giving effect from 2.7.1997 that as decided by the Tribunal and High Court of Madras in the case filed by S.Kalugachalamoorthy and others Vs UOI, Sc/ST candidates appointed by promotion on their own merit and seniority and not owing to reservation or relaxation of qualifications will be adjusted against unreserved points of reservation roster, irrespective ofthe fact whether the promotion is made by selection method or non-selection method.

For your Information, Hon.High Court of Madras has dismissed the Department's appeal against the Tribunal's order sometime during early 2009 whereas it took this much of time to issue the above order, that to only after contempt proceedings were initiated against the DOPT, Chairman etc.

As admitted my other brothers that 11 CCAs had given effect to the DOPT's order from 2.7.1997 and why not by the remaining including CHennai CCA, Kolkatta CCA etc . What prevented them implementing the said OM.

It is not the question of curtailing benefits to others. All are having their equal rights but not at the cost of others. Chennai CCA has reported that 62 SC officers promoted on their own merit and when it is a fact, it can be concluded that 62 general officers have occupied the post meant for SC officers. Is it correct?

When we are demanding for filling the said posts by SC officers, why others should cry?

No SC officer (with relaxed standards or qualification) is occupying the posts meant for others.

Do analyse as we are claiming that we are also lawyers auditors etc.

Further it is also to be stated that the Inspectors Association is not giving due representation to SC/ ST officers as the central office bearers. They were just given as Joint Secretary-III level only and not as AGS or VP or GC or president.

whether they are not capable? This is also a form of untouchability by the Association.

Laksman said...

Can the President answer to Ram's questions?

rajesh said...

lets hope the justice is delivered today and association helps in rebuilding the revised roasters without any prejudice

rajesh said...

one more thing i would like to mention that if justice is not delivered in our favor then what will happen to 11 zones ......????????? so i request my fellow colleagues from those 11 zones to meticulously watch the movement....

rajesh said...


the age old testament is always being a bitter taste for us

even god does not help the weak....

how true these testaments are

shyam said...

dear rajesh.
please do not loose hope, i have full faith in my association, i mean general association, once the verdict is given and if at all it comes to be in our favor, i am quite sure rather believe the associaion members will take up the matter and expedite the same in no time,

rajesh said...

do you people have noticed the recent circular issued by board on 10.8.2010 wherein it has been stated to give effect from 1997 of saberwal case...why this dilly dallying when we should get it from 1995..even the people sitting in the board feeling pain in their heart to deliver what is being justified by supreme court