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Chandigarh Circle won the battle

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(Comprising: Central Excise Commissionerates of Chandigarh-I, Chandigarh-II, Ludhiana, Customs Preventive Commissionerate, Amritsar, Customs and Central Excise Commissionerate, J&K)
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(Affiliated to the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers)
{Recognized by Ministry of Finance vide F.No.B.12017/1/2004-Ad.IV A dated 31.12.07 & 14.1.08}
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Ref. No. AICEIA Chd. Circle/55/2010/ Dated: 28/08/2010


Sh. Kaushik Roy,
The Secretary General,
All India Central Excise Inspector’s Association,
15/1, Strand Road, Custom House,

Respected Sir,

Sub: Administrative decisions taken by the Chief Commissioner/ Commissioners against the Government Policies in this Zone – reg.

Please refer to this Circle communication Ref. No. AICEIA Chd. Circle/41/2010 dated 21.06.2010, addressed to the Hon’ble Member (CX), CBEC New Delhi with a copy to your good office.
The Chandigarh Circle feels its pleasure while informing that after the kind intervention of the Hon’ble Member as well as our All India Leadership, the Administration at Chandigarh Zone has given an opportunity to this Circle to discuss the issues raised. On coming to know that the issues raised have not been presented properly, the Chief Commissioner has passed directions to the Commissioners under his charge to give a serious look to the deviations from the agreed upon norms, inclusive of those deviations where relaxations were obtained, and take immediate corrective steps to ensure a transparent administration. On 10.08.2010, the Chief Commissioner has given a patient hearing assuring all the grievances of the Association to be resolved within 15 days. Thereafter, a Committee of Commissioners/Additional Commissioners was formed and we were given a hearing again on 19.08.2010 in which the issues raised were discussed in detail. The Committee of Commissioners/Additional Commissioners has assured immediate remedial action in respect of the deviations from the agreed upon norms and strict implementation of government directives. In the entire process of attending to the issues raised, the Chief Commissioner as well as the Committee of Commissioners/Additional Commissioners has gone beyond the call of the Association and we feel highly obliged while welcoming steps taken in this regard. However, much remains in action to maintain the spirits.
This all has been possible due to the futuristic approach of the Hon’ble Member (CX) as well as the Secretary General who have come to the rescue of saving honours as well as identity of the Zones/Circles under their charge. This Circle especially acknowledges the efforts put in by you as Secretary General, All India Central Excise Inspector’s Association, Kolkata, who stood by this Circle in this hour of crisis when the matters were presented to the Hon’ble Member (CX), CBEC, New Delhi. Your actions, surely, administrate the propriety of All India Leadership and the suggestion over discussions with the administration at Chandigarh Zone has supplemented your farsightedness. It has been a matter of pride for us as Chandigarh Circle is enjoying the blessings of All India body under the able leadership of Sh. Arun Zacharia, the President and Sh. Ajay Kundu, the Working President.
In view of the recent developments at the level of Administration at Chandigarh Zone, we request your goodself to put on hold the implementation of resolution arrived at the Central Executive Committee Meeting of AICEIA, Kolkata, held at Indore (M.P.). We are re-assured that all the administrative decisions taken against the Government policies shall be reversed. We shall be submitting the outcome of actions taken by the Administration, very shortly. In the meantime, you may like to inform the Hon’ble Member (CX), CBEC, New Delhi, appropriately.
Assuring the best on behalf of Chandigarh Circle.
Yours faithfully


Copy to:

1. Sh. Arun Zacharia, President/Sh. Ajay Kundu, Working President, All India Central Excise Inspector’s Association, Kolkata for information please.
2. Sh. Malkit Singh, General Secretary, Sh. S. K. Bansal, Vice President: Sh. R. S. Sethi, Joint Secretary; Sh. Mukesh Anand, Treasurer and Sh. Kulwinder Kumar & Sh. Resham Singh Sidhu, Special Invitees AICEIA, Chd. Circle, Chandigarh.
3. The Notice Board, Commissionerate Headquarters of Chandigarh/Ludhiana/Amritsar and J&K.


Bhagwan Singh said...

My dear friends,

Well begin is half done. The decisions of the Chandigarh CC to do away with the violations of the agreed upon policies of the Deparmtment/ Govt are laudatory and we should thank one and all for this.

Hope that the necessary corrective measures at the Commissionerate level within the zone will expeditiously follow and this shall further raise the morale of all those who stand for propriety and honour and intend betterment of the department as a whole.

Jai Hind,

Bhagwan Singh
Branch Secy AICEIA Ludhiana Branch
Chandigarh Zone.

N. BALRAJ said...

Balleh ! Balleh ! Good Gesture ! Let this culture develope in our Assn.

Bhagwan Singh said...

Dear Balraj Ji,

When v are convinced of the righteousness of our cause and realise that we have to rise above personal and parochial and short term objectives, nobody except HIM (GOD) can stop us from achieving our rightful desires; the times have changed; so should change the mindset of all of us, especially those at the helmp of affairs.

What we need is to help ourselves and none-else. If we help ourselves, we are sure to achieve success, for God helps those who help themselves.

Jai Hind,

Bhagwan Singh

cceeoachd said...

The collective efforts put in by the Chandigarh circle and the Central body of AICEIA in getting the policies implemented In Chandigarh Zone demonstrate that sincerity, selflessness,united , concerted and goal oriented efforts of a dedicated team of office bearers and the resolve of the constituents always bear fruit. This struggle of the Association during last few month in getting the policies implemented was harrowing, the ruler and the selected ruled , on whom the administrative largesses were bestowed, joined hands to choke the struggle and browbeat(coerce) the office bearers into silence .The selfseekers cobbled to launch signature compains to disown their own representatives. As is said and beleived "The truth always prevail over bundle of lies".In the instant case the evil designs of irrational elements in administration and the cadre fell flat.
All this reinforces faith in the the administrative system of the country-- though there may be evil doers at galore yet saner elements exist to save the country from going to ruins.Hats off to the leaders-Manoj Nayyar, Malkit,Koushik,Arun,Kundu, Satyemev Jayate.Jai Hind !Jai Bharat ! Customs and Central Excise Zindabad.

Y said...

Let it not be called a victory or loss. The organization is like a joint family where different situations emerge and different members perceive things differently. The family sit and discuss, the elders yield to the genuine view point of youngsters and chide them for their not so genuine demands . Sometime their could be fights, acrimony, stalemate but all this is immaterial so long as the family sit ,discuss, arrive at consensus and the situation is diffused. In the instant case an amicable solution has been found – indicator of a progressive family. For this solutions both elder and youngsters need to be complimented. The family has emerged stronger. Three cheers for the family!

rajaguru said...

Mr Y is correct. The family of IRS Officers enjoyed all the benefits of cadre restructuring all along by ensuring stop-growth of the Inspectors. The family of Customs Appraisers enjoyed promotions in Central Excise by accounting the Customs posts in the coastal area and land Customs to their benefit at the cost of the Central Excise officers. The family of senior officers squeezed us with unofficial instructions viz. (i) protocol, (ii) control room duty,(iii)uniform, for which no written guidelines are available as per the verdict of the central information Commissioner, (iv) drafting of Order-in-original for the senior officers etc. The family of Executive officers continue to suffer in the Department without proper infrastructure, natural growth, congenial environment etc.

Yet, CBEC is a great family, according to Mr. Y!

Bhagwan Singh said...

Dear Friends,

Family means F-airness, a-mity, m-utual trust, i-mmediate redressal of genuine grievances of the members, l-oyalty to each other and y-earning for peace and progress of all.

it is regretted that many of the members of the family of CBEC fail to adhere to the above principles of FAMILY.

If family means F-ree for all, a-rrogance, materialism ( greed), insensitivity towards the concerns of fellow brothers/sisters, loot ( plunder at the cost of colleagues and nation) and Y-ama ( elders behaving like YAMRAJ ), then the term FAMILY is liable for hatred. However, keeping in view the prevalent situation in our Departments ( with due deference to the saner/sober/sincere/gentle men of my departments who deserve salutes), we should not denigrate the term FAMILY.

In fact, like a large civil society, in the department also, we function in a situation of mutual contract state; where all have to obey certain rules and regulations and the interest of individual has to be either complementary with the general interest, or if it is contradictory/conflicting, it has to yield to the general interest. Most of the people function within the conditions of such mutual contract; it is only handful of persons who consider themselves above law, who break the contract and create trouble for the fellow.

If my above comments hurt anybody, I apologize -but it is my personal view and I hold dear to my heart.

The anonymous comments should be given little weightage. Only if one discloses his identity, should it carry some weight; because a coward can never achieve anything.

Jai Hind,


Kanwar Pal said...

Bravo! Bhagwan Singh.

With such convincing arguments, I request you to write to all national daily newspapers in the editor's mail to highlight the issues pertaining to Inspectors.

It will be much better to address the whole Nation than to argue with a non-entity making useless hue and cry in the crowd and feeling ashamed to disclose his true identity.

K.P. Singh

Gurwinder Singh said...

"If the policy isn't hurting,it isn't working"
---John Major

(The Tribune,September 2,2010)