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National Executive meeting of the Confederation

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Conf/ 16 /2010

Dated: 12th August, 2010

Dear Comrades,

The National Executive of the Confederation met today as scheduled; discussed the steps to be taken to ensure large participation of Central Government employees in the impending strike action of 7thSeptember, 2010 organised by the joint platform of Central Trade Unions and Federations of employees and took the following decisions.

(1) To organise joint conventions at all State Capitals and other important places under the auspices of the State Units of Confederation, AISGEF and AIDEF. The tentative dates on which the conventions will take place at different places are indicated in the joint communication, copy of which is enclosed;

(2) The charter of demands on which the Strike will be organised is enclosed. (The suggestions made by the participants and accepted at the meeting arte incorporated)

(3) The Confederation will serve the strike notice on 12th inst. And all affiliates and their units are requested to serve the strike notices on their respective of Heads of Department/Office by 20th inst. (Copy of the strike notice will be placed at the Website on 13th.)

(4) The affiliates may add as an annexure described as Part II demands which are department specific and which are pending settlement for a long time.

(5) The State Committees and affiliates will chalk out campaign programme to cover the districts and other regions.

(6) The Confederation CHQ will prepare campaign material in the form of brief note on each of the demands in the charter and place the same on its website.

(7) Demonstrations will be organised at all State Capitals and other regional centres jointly by all participating affiliates on 6th September, 2010 and the members advised to participate in the joint rally organised on the same day by the Central Trade Unions.

(8) The Confederation and its affiliates will participate in the March to Parliament programmes organised by the Central Trade Unions after the strike in pursuance of the acceptance of the demands by the Government.

(9) Confederation will take independent initiative in organising campaign and action programmes in pursuance of the common issues of the Central Government employees after the strike action.

(10)The Confederation CHQ will ensure that the Dharna programme decided upon earlier to protest against the vindictive actions in the IA & AD Department is staged in those State Capitals, which could not be organised on 5th. The National leaders will go over to such State Capitals along with the National leaders of the All India audit and Accounts Association.

(11)The affiliates will make the subscription dues pertaining to the F.Y. 2009-10 immediately.

(12)The Nationals Council of the Confederation will be held at Mumbai in December, 2010.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

for latest position of Calcutta High Court Case visit

rajaguru said...

Dear Shri. P.V. Raju,

you are the right person. I will be thankful, if you can revive the matter contained in the case OA No. 180/06 for actual pay fixation from 1986 instead of notional fixation from 1996.

I am prepared to donate a sum of Rs. 10,000/- for the purpose of filing a case before the CAT, Hyderabad similar to that of the case filed in CAT, Cuttack. Now, we will specifically request the CAT to decide the issue instead of passing the ball to the Government. We will certainly win the case.

Bhagwan Singh said...

My dear Comrades,

Heartiest congratulations on 63rd Independnce Day.

On August 15, 1947 ended a chapter- of slavery and opened a new chapter. We got political freedom, but substantial freedom is still to be achieved, because freedom is not absolute and is continuous mission- freedom which all social, economic and political.

Our cadre is also struggling hard to achieve freedom - freedom from satgnation, freedom from nepotism and favourtism, freedom from autocratic and dictatorial authorities.

So be united to achieve freedom. In unit lies the strength.



RAJAN said...

As I have come to know about the Case WP.CT 261/2008, regarding the implementation of the Supreme Court Judgement of R.K.SABHARWAL Case- The judgement clearly states that if a Reserved category candidate competes and qualifies as General candidate and exercise an option only then he or she will be treated as General Candidate and his/ her position will be given to another Reserved candidate and He/She can hence forth be treated as only General Candidate and CAN NEVER CLAIM THE BENEFITS OF RESERVE CATEGORY IN HIS/ HER SERVICE LIFE. How is it going to be followed if this Judgement is made operational from 10.02.1995. Please Comment and Clarify as it seems that not only Us but the Department is also in dark on these very PERTINENT AND CAREER AFFECTING POINTS.

rajaguru said...

As per the version of Shri. Rajan, the R.K.SABHARWAL Case may affect the SC/ST officers. Will anybody clarify? Qill the Association speak out?

RAM said...

Dear Rajaguru

Every one has having their own interpretation.

Had they interepretated the CBEC's circular dated 15/17-7-2009, issued to all CCAs issued aftermath of Pushparani Vs UOI case, instructing to eliminate the merit SC ST candidates and if required to conduct review DPC within 3 months?

When the CCAs working under the CBEC were dare enough not to follow its own boss's order, how can you expect to follow the DOPT's order?

Now on 10.8.2010, DOPT has issued a OM amending its own OM even a contempt notice was served on them and the UOI.

CAT chennai has directed for the merit elimination during some time in 2007 and the Hon.HC of Madras has dismissed the appeal by the DEpartment during 2009. It took more than a year to issue a OM that to after a contempt case was files by Shri.Kalugachamoorthy in the CAT Chennai.

Justice delayed is also denied only. We are not insisting for anything new. We are fighting with the department only to implement the judicial pronouncements by the apex bodies (read Supreme Court) and not the CAT's order etc.

Why the CCAs are not or reluctant in implementing the DOPT's and Supreme Court's orders?

Whether the CCAs are more supereiors than the DOPT or the Hon.Supreme Court?

Again every body is having every right to interprete but not to mis-interprete.

I request you all to understand the fact and factual position, at least now. Time has not over and nobody has lost their ground of battle.

Just make a practical critical analysis of the issue but not by emotion as we are analysing finding solutions to lot of problem during the course of our work.

We are dare enough to find the mistakes committed by the assessees within 30 to 60 mins in their factories. We all are working the in tachnical section,legal section, Adjudication Section, Anti-evasion wing, audit etc where the Inspectors and Superintendents are the real work force.

Hence, analyse the case of Samiran Roy or SC ST officers judiciously.

With regard

Bharat said...

Our legitimate demands which are delayed/discarded by the CBEC and Central Govt. without any justification,assining any valid judicious reasons and parity with the Income Tax Deptt., NCB and other such institutions within the same deptt. of Revenue and with the CBI and other such institutions, organizations under the Central Govt. is clearly treating equals differently, treating equals on different parameters which is not permissible under our supreme law THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA. It should be advertised in all big national dailes and electronic media also. Why should not we call Guinese Book record keepers and Limca Book Record keepers for creating a very big record many ahead of any other cadre in Central Govt. for stagnation in the Inspector Cadre. It should be done very urgently to attract attention of Central Govt. and quick action in this regard. How are u feeling other comrades on above issues?
Its time now to celebrate Independence day of our Inspectors Cadre? Freedom from ....

Anonymous said...


rajaguru said...

What is the use of writing blogs? we should file a case for all the issues before the CAT. This job should be done by the Association or by anybody having residence in the city where CAT is located. If anybody undertakes the job, I am prepared to contribute Rs. 10,000/- for each such filing of vthe case.

RAM said...

The SG and the President of AICEIA must be aware of the fact that CBDT, vide its OM F.No.12020/08/2009-Ad.IX dated 11.8.2010, which is also functioning under the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance - like our CBEC, has extend the benefit of reimbusrsement of Mobile Phone Charges to all of its employees (51000) in the (Income Tax) Department and also sanctioned laptops to all ITOs (of course on returanable basis- though the unions insisted for it on non-returnable basis.)

It could be seen from the minutes of the Quarterly Review meeting with the representatives of ITGOA and ITEF under the chairmanship of Chairam CBDT.

When CBDT is extending these facilities to its members, why can't we, working in the same Department of Revenue (of course shame to tell), also demand for the same - providing of Laptops and reimbursement of mobile charges and also to convene or conduct a review meeting at the agreed interval?

We can fight for our cadre cuase also along with for promotion etc?

the details are avaialble at irsofficersonline/officialcommuniqueitem.

With regards

RAM said...

Ministry of Railways has issued an order dated 9.8.2010, revising the pay scale of teachers and HMs of middle school level.

Post Grade Present
Scale(Rs.) Revised Scale(Rs.)
Music Teacher
etc./Librarian Basic Grade
Senior Grade
Selection Grade 4500 - 7000
5500 - 9000
6500 - 10500 9300 - 34800 + 4200 PB-2
9300 - 34800 + 4600 PB-2
9300 - 34800 + 4800 PB-2

(ii) Miscellaneous categoreis of Teachers such as drawing Teahcer, Music Teachers etc. / Librarian whose pay structure was at par with Trained Graduate Teachers before 01.01.2006.

Post Grade Present
Scale(Rs.) Revised Scale(Rs.)
Drawing / PET /
Home Science /
Yoga Music
Teacher etc. /
Librarian Basic Grade
Senior Grade
Selection Grade 5500 - 9000
6500 - 10500
7500 - 12000 9300 - 34800 + 4600 PB-2
9300 - 34800 + 4800 PB-2
15600 - 39100 + 5400 PB-3

(iii) The pay scale of Head Master working in Primary Schools and Middle Schools are as under:-

Post Grade Present
Scale(Rs.) Revised Scale(Rs.)
Head Master
working in
Primary Schools.
Basic Grade
Senior Grade
Selection Grade 5500 - 9000
6500 - 10500
7500 - 12000 9300 - 34800 + 4600 PB-2
9300 - 34800 + 4800 PB-2
15600 - 39100 + 5400 PB-3
Head Master
working in
Middle Schools.
Basic Grade
Senior Grade
Selection Grade 6500 - 10500
7500 - 12000
8000 - 13500 9300 - 34800 + 4800 PB-2
15600 - 39100 + 5400 PB-3
15600 - 39100 + 6600 PB-3

From the above it could be seen that for esrtwhile pay scale of 5500, 6500 and 7500 was granted with grade pay of 4,600.00, 4800 and 5400.

Whereas for our scale of 7450, we have been given with 4600 and 7500 with 4800 as GP.

Why such anamoly and disparity?

Bharat said...

Dear Ram and other comrades, unitedly we can do more than the cited once but we are divide and some other cadres are taking benefit of the same. Colonial time's DIVIDE AND RULE is still being made applicable to us by some other cadres. Do u know colonial rule DOGS AND INDIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED is still applicable as Inspectors and Superintendents are not allowed to enjoy facilities better to say their legitimate rights and promotions at par with other cadres. COMRADES now it is call of the hour to be united leaving all our differences at side, for the betterment and sake of our cadre opf Insp. and Supdt.

于庭吳 said...

Judge not a book by its cover.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .